• Published 7th Apr 2015
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Daughter of the Moon - CartoonNerd12

The sequel to The Midnight Dance and Sweet Pea. The sisters set out to break their cousin, Cadence's curse.

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Chapter 1

In the enchanted land of the Breezies, a young pink Breezie mare with tri-color flowing hair was going about her garden when another Breezie came up to her.

"Oh, good morning, Sea Breeze!" she greeted him.

Sea Breeze replied, "And to you, Cadence."

"How are your wife and the little one doing?"

"They are fine. How about you?"

"I'm fine too, Sea Breeze, since I have you to thank for taking me in when I first came here."

"Of course, it was my sworn duty to watch you during our time with us."

"I'm sure my mother will commemorate you for doing such a good job. That is… if I ever see her again…" she gave a sad sigh.

Her mother was Princess Luna, raiser of the moon and defender of the night… Cadence wasn't always a Breezie; she could remember a time she was an alicorn like her mother and her aunt Celestia. She remembered growing up with her cousins, Fluttershy and Rarity, and when she old enough, she was able to look after the rest of her cousins. She grew particularly close to her youngest cousin, Twilight Sparkle.

There were days she missed being the normal height of ponies compared to being the small size of a Breezie. It was hard for her to adjust with her new form and size when she was cursed. All she could remember about being cursed was a pair of glowing eyes… Once she was hexed, her mother sent her to live with the other Breezies for her own safety and protection. She was wise to do so, since living life as a Breezie in Equestria would have been far too dangerous for her.

It pained both mother and daughter to be separated from each other, but they knew it was for the best…

Sea Breeze snapped her out of her thoughts when he said, "I am sure you will be reunited with your mother soon enough…"

Cadence gave a small smile, "Nothing would make me happier…" She then wondered of how her mother was doing without her…

Princess Luna watched from the castle windows of Canterlot as her nieces, who were living in the Everfree Forest, were with their husbands and playing with their children in the gardens. Fluttershy and Discord, with Applejack and Spike, were playing peek-a-boo with their baby girls, Screw Ball and Apple Jewel. Rainbow Dash and Soarin' were playing with Whirl Wind in the clouds. Rarity and Fancy Pants were giving their son, Dignity, some etiquette lessons. Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich were playing hide-and-seek with their daughter, Cotton Candy. For Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry and their son, Fire Spark, they weren't there with the other parents and children.

Twilight had to give a report to her father, King Sombra, while Flash was entertaining Fire Spark in the library, which was the family's favorite place to be. Luna kept watching the parents having fun with their children and it made her think of old memories of her and her own daughter, Cadence, playing.

"Luna?" asked a gentle voice.

She turned to see her older sister, "Oh, Celestia…"

"Are you alright?"

"Just… thinking… old dreams…"

"Luna… It really is unfair…"


"No, it really is. Here I am with my husband, my children, and even my grandchildren… and there you are still waiting for the day for your daughter to return…"

"Sister, you know the pain I am feeling… I am not asking for things to turn my way… You had your heartbreaks: your husband being cursed, your elder daughters being taken, and your youngest daughters nearly dying… Believe me when I say that you've had it far worse than I have… My daughter is safe and shall remain so until I find a way for her to return…"

Celestia sighed, "That is true… Still, it must be hard to never see her…"

"It is… but I remember the happy days of when she was here…"

Celestia solemnly nodded.

Suddenly, trumpets blared, announcing some pony's arrival.

A guard came in and bowed before the royal sisters, "Your Highnesses."

"Yes?" they both said.

"Captain Shining Armor has returned."

"Very good," said Celestia. "Send him in."

"At once." The guard trotted out.

Moments later, a white unicorn stallion, with a blue mane and eyes while wearing purple armor, walked in with five other guards behind him. He bowed his head to the Queen and Princess.

"Shining Armor," said Luna, "What news of Equestria do you bring?"

He spoke, "All is well, Your Highnesses. We have discovered much during our absence from Canterlot."

"What was it like?" questioned Celestia.


Behind him, the guards started singing, "Oh, oh… Fortune favors the brave! Oh, oh… Fortune favors the brave!"

Shining Armor sang, "We have swept to glory, Equestria's mastery expands from the Nile's northern delta, to the dry, dry southern sands! The more we find, the more we see, the more we come to learn! The more that we explore, the more we shall return!"

"Oh, oh… Fortune favors the brave!"

"It's all worked out, my road is clear… The lines of latitude extend way beyond my wildest dreams… Toward some great triumphant end… We seize the day, we turned the tide, we touched the stars, we mocked the grave, we moved into uncharted lands!"

"Fortune favors the brave!"

"The more we find, the more we see, the more we come to learn, the more that we explore, the more we shall return! Nothing is an accident… We are free to have it all… We are what we want to be… It's in ourselves to rise or fall… This is easy to believe when distant places call to me, it's harder from the palace yard… Fortune favors the free!"

"Oh, oh…"

"Fortune favors the young!"

"Oh, oh…"

"Fortune favors the brave!"

"My goodness. You certainly had quite the adventure." said Celestia.

Luna said, "I'm sure your wife or marefriend is impressed by your explorations."

"That might be true, if I was married or dating someone."

"Impossible," pointed Luna. "A brave and good-looking stallion such as yourself is not with a special some pony?"

Shining rubbed his neck, "Yeah, it may be hard to believe… but there is someone I would like to be my very special some pony…" He could see her in the royal garden, admiring the roses. At that time, he was a young colt watching the royal guard because it was always his dream to be a guard for the royal family, but that fateful day, he met the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria… Her lavender eyes, her smooth pink coat, her tri-color hair… He was mesmerized with all of it…

Princess Cadence was sniffing the flowers, unaware of the colt staring at her.

A purple unicorn filly came bouncing towards her then, shouting, "Cadence! Cadence!"

The young alicorn turned towards her and giggled.

"Do the rhyme! Do the rhyme!"

She giggled again, "Okay."

They started the chant, "Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!" They laughed.

Shining couldn't help but admire the scene, not only was the mare a beauty, but she also had a kind and loving heart. The filly was a cutie.

"Will you come play with me?" the filly begged.

"Of course."

"Yay!" she bounced again, "We can play dolls and go on the playground, read stories…" She kept listing off the things to do as she bounced back to the castle.

Cadence was about to follow when she spotted a unicorn colt hiding behind a tree. Shining Armor panicked and ducked, hoping she didn't see him, but that didn't work when the mare he had been watching came up to him.

"Who are you?" she asked.

Seeing her up this close made him tongue-tied and he sputtered, "I'm… I'm, uh…"

"You don't have a name?"

That snapped him out of it, "I have a name!"

She giggled, "Then what is it, pray tell?"

"I'm…" he blushed, "I'm Shining Armor…"

"Shining Armor…" she softly said and she extended her hoof, "I'm Cadence."

"Cadence…" he took her hoof and kissed it. It caused her to blush.

They ended up staring at each other until they heard a tiny giggle. They looked down to see Twilight staring up at them.

In a loud squeal, Twilight bounced and shouted out, "Cadence has a boyfriend! Cadence has a boyfriend!"

"WHAT?!" Cadence blushed furiously and Shining Armor was beet red, too.

Twilight giggled and ran off.

Cadence faced Shining, "I… I, uh… I have to go!" She ran to catch the young filly and he heard her shouting, "Twilight, you get back here!"

Shining was staring off into space and remembering that wonderful moment until he heard the Princess of the Night clear her throat. He stood back into attention and saluted, "With your permission, Your Highnesses, I would like to stay in Canterlot for a while, since it's been so long since I've left."

"I think that's a reasonable request. Wouldn't you agree, Luna?"

"Quite so." Luna nodded.

"Very well, Captain. You may resume your duties tomorrow. For now, take this day to relax and catch up on what you have missed here."

He saluted again, "I look forward to it!"

Celestia and Luna smiled as he gave a final bow before turning to go.

Shining Armor was walking down the hallways, seeing if the places he was once posted on guard duty were still the same. He turned the corner when he suddenly bumped into some pony. He started, "Oh, pardon me…"

The mare said, "No, no, it was my fault."

Once they got a better look at each other, Shining gasped, "Twilight?"

Twilight also gasped, "Shining Armor?! Wow! When did you get back?" she smiled.

"Just today, and- what are those?!" pointing to her back.

"What? You mean these?" she opened her wings and blushed, "I've had them for quite some time now…"

"Something tells me I've missed a lot…"

She giggled, "More than you'll ever know…"

They kept conversing as an orange, blue-haired pegasus saw them and watched with worry.

Shining and Twilight walked up the stairs as he said, "So it's true, then? You're actually married? I mean, I heard about the wedding, but I guess I had to see for myself…"

"I wanted to send you an invitation, but Mother told me you were somewhere near the boarders of Equestria, so you wouldn't have been able to make it."

"It's true. So, tell me more about the other husbands. Did Fluttershy seriously marry Discord?"

"She did. But he's not the same creature you met before you left. Discord has done many good things for the kingdom ever since his marriage to Fluttershy and they have a child now."

"Wow… Never thought the spirit of chaos would actually settle down to raise a family."

She giggled, "Neither did Discord…"

"And Spike? Did he get to marry Rarity like he always wanted?"

"Surprisingly, no. He ended up marrying Applejack."

"Seriously?! Wow, I really have missed a lot… And… what about your husband? What's his name?"

"Oh, it's-"

"Flash Sentry."

They turned to see Flash.

"Flash, how's Fire?" Twilight questioned.

"He's fine, honey," he slightly chuckled. "He curdled up to a good book when I left him. Like mother, like son…" he beamed.

Twilight amusingly shook her head, "Honey, I want you to meet Shining Armor."

Flash stiffened, "Not Shining Armor! Captain of the Royal Guard Shining Armor?"

Shining slowly said, "Yeah… why would that…"

"Oh, Flash was a new member of the royal guard when I met him."

"Sir!" Flash saluted, "I've heard so much about you during my training. You are a legend."

Shining chuckled, "I'm sure whatever you heard was all exaggerated. I haven't done that much."

Twilight pointed, "You mean besides graduating at the top of your class and becoming the youngest captain in Royal Guard history?"

"Okay, other than that… I really haven't done anything else." He saw Flash was still saluting, "You can stop saluting now, Sir Sentry, or is it 'Prince Flash Sentry' I should call you?"

"Oh…" Flash went pink, "Um… Just Flash is fine."

"Flash doesn't use his royal title that much," explained Twilight, "nor do any of the other guys, except Discord."

Flash snickered, "Yeah, he uses his princely status whenever he can."

They laughed until Twilight said to Shining, "You know the other girls will want to see you, so why don't you join us for dinner?"

"Dinner?" Flash said in concern.

Shining thought about it and nodded, "I would be honored, Your Highness." he bowed.

Twilight rolled her eyes and playfully nudged him, "Cut with the 'Highness' stuff already. When we first met, you didn't know I was the princess."

"He didn't?!" Flash gestured with wide eyes.

Twilight nodded, "Yes. Very much like you, you had no idea who I was because I covered the fact that I was royalty. Shiny here, however, didn't know at all until later."

Shiny? Flash thought with worry.

Twilight pointed, "Why don't you go get Fire and get ready for dinner while I take Shining Armor to see the rest of the family."


Twilight kissed his cheek, "Thanks, honey… I'll see you later." She led Shining Armor while Flash looked on with unease.

Cadence the Breezie was still talking with Sea Breeze when he said, "The reason I came to see you was not just to see how you were, but to tell you that the time to gather more pollen has come. I was wondering if you would like to join us this year."

Cadence gasped and was overjoyed with the fact she may see her home again, even if it was for a short while. She replied, "Oh, yes! Yes! I would like that very much! Thank you!" She hugged Sea Breeze, who gave out a gawk.

"Then you must prepare yourself, for we leave tomorrow."

"I will! Thank you!"

He smiled at her before he went.

Author's Note:

The song featured was Fortune Favors the Brave from Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida. Updates will be slower in this one then the last two stories for the following reasons: One, I'm entering my last month of school so things might get hectic later on. Two, same can be said for my editor who has to focus on their studies this time around, so if anyone is interested taking on the job as editor for this story, please PM me. And finally, with Season Five being out, I would like to see how things change and see if new ideas come up. Hopefully I'll be able to release the next chapter soon enough.