• Published 2nd Mar 2015
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SUPER SIRENS!! - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Showdown between the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings! And then some other crud.

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Punch the Sky

High Noon.

In front of the school stood the group known as the Rainbooms, along with Princess Twilight Sparkle. They stood opposite from the reason for their gathering; the Dazzlings, who had left Sunset Shimmer a note instructing her to meet them here with everything they had. And so they stood, instruments primed and ready to rock. Literally!

However, the trio that had lost their singing voices seemed somewhat less inclined to do battle, specifically Aria and Adagio, who looked quizzically at Sonata, who bore a fiendish grin.

"Alright," began Adagio, "we're here, they're here, we're powerless, they're not, mind letting us know what this is all about?"

"Just so we're clear," announced Aria to the Rainbooms, "this was Sonata's idea."

Twilight nodded once. "Don't worry, I don't think there'll be any real conflict here."

"No," cried out Sonata, striking a dramatic pose as she pointed at Twilight, her mouth movement not matching her words, "you are wrong, for today victory and glory shall go to us, whom you have faced only once before!"

The seven standing across from the three had various reactions from perplexed stares to amused chortles.

"You laugh now," Sonata went on in the same manner, standing on one foot and extending her arms to the sky, "but just you wait, for now, you will face us at our full power!"

And with that, she adapted a fighting pose, legs apart, fists clenched, and started screaming at the top of her lungs, veins standing up on her forehead.


Now all of the Rainbooms were confused.


As were the other two Dazzlings, who smiled sheepishly. Adagio grabbed hold of Sonata's shoulder while facing those across from her, trying not to let her embarrassment show. "Haha, one second please?" She turned to the screaming siren. "What the hell are you doing?!"


"That doesn't answer the question."

Aria facepalmed. "Wait, I think I get what this is about."


"Do tell?"


"Yes, please," suggested Twilight, not sure how much longer they could all put up with the noise.

Aria shrugged a bit. "Well, let me talk to her. Sonata?"


Aria kept her voice calm and patient. "Look, I get how you feel, but our power is gone and nothing is going to bring it back."


She sighed. "C'mon, don't make me do the doting mom thing with you," she thumbed over her shoulder to Adagio, "that's her shtick."

Adagio flushed crimson as she looked back and forth between her companions and the Rainbooms, some of whom were giving her funny looks. "I-it's a lie! She's making it up!!"

From the looks on their faces, they weren't buying it.


Aria ignored this, instead patting a still-screaming Sonata on the shoulder. "I know it's hard, but we're never gonna be what we were again, and it's time to let go of-" In that instant, Aria noticed little rocks floating off the ground, Sonata's eyes burning with energy, and her hair turning bright yellow. She stepped back.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Leaping into the air, Sonata landed with two ponytails, shining like gold, twice as thick, and long enough to brush against the ground, a fierce aura burning all around her. "SUUUPER SIREEEEEEN!!"

Aria and Adagio stared in numb disbelief.

The Rainbooms, however, took formation, Twilight extending an arm skywards!

"Rainbooms, assemble!" She began to glow with violet light, her clothes transforming into a tight, shiny, purple jumpsuit decorated with rainbow lines and a helmet with a black visor. "Purple Rainboom!"

Sunset Shimmer followed her example, glowing red and magically donning a similar outfit. "Red Rainboom!"

She was followed by Rainbow. "Blue Rainboom!"

Then Fluttershy. "Yellow Rainboom!"

Then Applejack. "Orange Rainboom!"

Then Rarity. "White Rainboom!"

And Pinkie. "Pink Rainboom!"

When all had transformed and struck combat poses not unlike Sonata's, (Aria and Adagio were still staring at the spectacle in shock) the battle began, Sonata leaping off the ground to perform a flying jump-kick at Purple Rainboom, deflected by a similar kick from Orange Rainboom, backed up by a flying pincer attack by Yellow and White Rainbooms, but Sonata spun in the air to deliver swift, powerful kicks to each, sending them hurtling backward.

Sonata grinned maliciously, still doing the wrong-mouth-movement thing. "Today you fall, Rainbooms, for you cannot match our power!!"

"Wrong," cried Blue Rainboom, who had been standing back to charge up a ball of blue energy, "the strength of our friendship will overtake you!" And she released it, sending a massive bolt of blue lightning at the blue siren, but Sonata fell backwards, performing a hand-spring and kicking the blast away before it could damage her.

"SONATA!!" shouted Adagio, more or less snapping out of her daze, "You stop kicking lightning right this instant! You'll sprain something!"

"Toldja you mothered her."

"Ohh, shut up." She glanced at Aria appraisingly, speaking in gentle tones despite the violence unfolding before them. "Though come to think of it, are you doing alright? Are you getting enough to eat?"

"You need help."

Red Rainboom performed a series of low sweep-kicks to knock Sonata off her feet in tandem with Pink Rainboom kicking high to intercept her when she jumped, but Sonata was faster than both of them, back-flipping to dodge the lightning-quick strikes before grabbing hold of each Rainboom's leg, slamming them into eachother, and throwing them at their squad mates.

"Damn," cursed Purple Rainboom, "she's too powerful, summon the Mega-corn!"

The others gathered to her, touching their wrists together in a cone. "Friendship! Is! Magic!"

A blinding, rainbow light emitted from the seven standing together, forming a massive, crystal alicorn mech.

"Purple Rainboom, go!"

"Red Rainboom, go!"

"Blue Rainboom, go!"

"Yellow Rainboom, go!"

"Orange Rainboom, go!"

"White Rainboom go!"

"Pink Rainboom go!"

The Mega-corn drew a massive, glowing laser-sword from the horn on it's head, striking a pose.

Sonata's eyes narrowed. "So, it has come to this!!" She spent a few seconds to make more poses before cartwheeling over to Aria. "I cannot fight the battle alone!" A few more poses. "I need your help!" She put a hand on Aria's chest. "THE POWER IS YOURS!!"

"Quit feeling me up, you little-" Aria stopped, feeling a surge of energy in her chest, radiating throughout her body. Once more, tiny rocks floated off the ground, whether they were there before or not, Aria beginning to glow with Sonata's same powerful aura.


There was a flash of golden light, Aria touching down with bright yellow hair in four long ponytails! She beamed, both with delight and with a big, honking laser-blast from her palms, directed at the Mega-corn. It shielded itself in the Wings of Friendship, retaliating with the Alicorn's Horn to scorch the ground where Aria and Sonata stood, but the two of them had already leapt upwards, performing flying kicks like the one Sonata had opened the battle with.

Adagio was off to the side, having an aneurysm. "What the fu-" No, I shouldn't use that kind of language around the girls.

The Mega-corn deflected their fast, stone-shattering blows from all sides, but couldn't land a hit on either of the two Super Sirens. The battle was a stand-still. The action slowed down as both sides realized there would be no decisive end this way, Aria and Sonata both stopping by Adagio, reaching for her chest, and shouting together.


Each put a hand on a different breast, Adagio's jaw dropping. She was just about to scold them for this when she felt a surge of energy more potent than when they were on stage at the Battle of the Bands. Glancing backward, she saw her hair turning yellow. "W-wait!! Stop, you idio-"


None lived.


Author's Note:

It always comes back to Adagio's hair, doesn't it? Never Sonata's goofy sneaker-boots or Aria's tight pants, usually Adagio's hair.