• Published 2nd Mar 2015
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SUPER SIRENS!! - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Showdown between the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings! And then some other crud.

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It Started Because Her Hair Smelled Like Honey

In the back of her mind, Adagio liked to think of herself as a high and mighty empress of some sort. There was no sense in this little fantasy since the Rainbooms brought her and the others into the fold as...

What are we now? People who made a weird movie together one time?

The Rainbooms reached out to them, things happened, and they had all gotten pretty friendly, that was life now. As such, she really was better off without imagining herself to be too regal to do things herself, especially since she actually liked doing some of those things, but the doorbell had kind of stayed her guilty pleasure. Specifically, letting Aria or Sonata answer it for her, on her behalf, even, had been her guilty pleasure, but as neither of them were home right now, it was up to her.

On their doorstep stood Sunset Shimmer, holding a brush in one hand, a brown bag of uncertain contents in the other, and a deep scowl on her face, bags of the dark and splotchy kind under her narrowed eyes.

"Oh, hello Sunse-"

"Bend. Over."

Dead silent, Adagio blinked twice. Losing a considerable amount of malice, Sunset shook her head and frowned.

"N-no, wait, I meant, um... I was trying to think of what to say, but, I don't know how to tell someone I want to braid their hair in a way that makes it clear it's not optional even though it really kind of is and if anything it's just for my peace of mind so can I braid your hair please?" She closed with a large intake of breath.

Following an awkward pause, Adagio idly ran a hand through her unbraided locks. "I've never really done anything with it, but... why the sudden interest in styling?"

Sunset smiled hopefully. "I could tell you over the course of however long this takes. Please?"

Weighing possible pros and cons of the idea, Adagio quickly found herself leaning toward the choice that might have fewer people recognize her only by her voluminous fluff. Most of CHS still remembered that stupid movie and 'Death-Pomf' had to be her least favorite nickname.


A short while later, the two sat in pajamas on Adagio's bed, as was standard procedure for girly hair-braiding, with Sunset sitting behind Adagio as she, her brush, and her bag of scrunchies got to work.

"A weird dream?"

"Is it that hard to believe?"

"Oh, just the opposite. Seems like there are a lot of those lately."


"Nothing. So, how did this dream of yours convince you that braiding my hair was the best way to achieve a good night's sleep?"

"Well..." The springs of the bed quietly creaked as Sunset shifted. "It's, I've, the dream was, um... Do have any big phobias? Like, ones that can make you do some slightly silly things, just to feel a little better?"

A mighty queen had no fears, but she really wasn't one of those. Even before they were banished to this world, the M.O. was more 'let enthralled servants fawn over us until they've exhausted themselves, them move on to next group,' which wasn't very royal of her either. That in mind, sharing her fear was easier. "Sharks. Cannot stand them."

"Heh, I can imagine. Does living here make that any easier?"

"When it's not raining." She felt Sunset stop braiding, so she turned to see her staring in confusion. "They call phobias 'irrational fears,' so I feel perfectly justified in being paranoid that somehow, sharks will use rainwater to breathe the day they get their freakish, ever-breaking-and-regrowing jaws on jetpacks, personal, miniature helicopters (they'd have to be careful not to get the Japanese treatment on their dorsal fins with the way they wore them, of course), or any other manner of propulsion device by which they could exit the sea and roam over dry land."

Sunset surprised herself a little with her next question. "Wouldn't breathing rainwater be an entirely different kettle of fish -no pun intended- to saline water?"

"I repeat, irrational fear." She turned forward again to let Sunset continue in abating her own, whatever the reasoning. "Besides, I suspect that even if they thought it was toxic to them, they'd take the chance just to feed on as many unsuspecting targets as possible, just to be able to taste freshly-liquefied babies trickling through their teeth as they tore through windows to snatch them out of their cribs."

"...Right. I had a dream about Canterlot High getting overrun with an apocalyptic swarm of bees."

"Do tell?"

"It was a nightmare (literally, come to think of it), they were popping up everywhere with all the exits blocked, with the swarm closing in no matter where I turned, attacking everyone while I ran away screaming like a little girl. My dream-friends actually tried to protect me, and got picked off by the stinging horrors one by one for it. Well, except Fluttershy, who covered herself in mud to keep them off (I wanted to follow her example, but by then, it was too late to go outside), but she somehow got drafted into directing traffic for smaller swarms as they moved through a four-way intersection in the hallway."

"Silly girl. She could have just left a big, yellow honey-comb stop-sign and they'd have probably worked it out for themselves."

"Right? Not her fault, though, I credit her in my head as being nice to a fault and this was my dream, so..."

"And they never caught you as you witnessed all of this?"

"Well, in my head, it makes perfect sense that you could hide from bugs by squeezing into a locker, even while watching them fly around all buzzy and terrifying through the hole-slit things in the door."

"Mm. How did it end?"

"Well, that's what brings us to braiding (which is coming along pretty nicely, if I may say so myself!). You, Aria, and Sonata were hiding out in an old part of the library when the swarm came in, those two got flattened under a falling bookshelf (they were okay), and you and me ran to Principal Celestia's Emergency Lock-down room (which I don't think the school really has, but it suddenly existed for dream purposes I guess), but they wouldn't open the door to let us in. The swarm caught us, but it turned out they were looking for you the whole time, which dream-you explained was because they'd lived in your hair before and while it was the warmest, coziest home they'd ever had and Aria and Sonata (I told you they were okay) said that they knew you kind of liked being Mommy to the swarm deep down, it annoyed you when they made honeycombs in your hair and made buzzing noises all the time. To say nothing of their propensity to track pollen, get into arguments more irritating than Aria and Sonata's, or just swarm random people for bumping into you."


"Yea. The dream kept going like that for a while, but it got me thinking about the possibility of bees hiding in your hair and I haven't slept right for the past couple nights," Sunset audibly pepped up, "but this morning, it hit me that they couldn't squeeze in if your hair was all done up in tight braids, so I'll never have to worry about brushing past you in a hallway or something and having horrible, stinging pain descend on me for the perceived threat! Isn't that great?"

Adagio chuckled. "Ohh, my dear, sweet, Sunset..." She looked over her shoulder to give Sunset a sad, pitying smile. "Don't you think I've tried that already?" For once, she took no satisfaction in seeing someone go very, very pale, though the jaw-dropping and eyes widening was still a little funny. "Even if it could stay braided forever, the tension of keeping my hair so tight that they couldn't find any space at all would probably damage my scalp in the long run. Besides, you missed the details of the honeycombs attracting other bugs when made in the outer curls, the incident that came after I walked past a flower shop, and tickling me by crawling around under my clothes. The final straw was when I caught them in my underpants, their way of making sure no one would 'pollinate' me." She may not have been a queen, but she was a grown woman and would decide that for herself, thank you very much!

Sunset had no thoughts to offer on this for the first several minutes, but Adagio patiently waited as she admired her new braids. "...You're... You're, totally punking me with this, aren't you?"

Smiling pleasantly, Adagio giggled. "No, but don't worry; with the help of a traveling beekeeper, I haven't seen them in months."


"Indeed. Now if only we could do something about sharks with jetpacks..."

Author's Note:

Because of a strict aversion to anything even vaguely pornographic in my university's rules regarding campus computers and because Fimfic does have it's own sprawling lemon (is that the right term...?) orchard, I couldn't log on to this site without risk of not being able to do so again for a very long time. It would be difficult to explain the situation when some of those lemons are mailed directly to me on account of another story of mine.

But I did have access to a Notepad! Just not my notes for other stories, even the stuff I don't keep on Fimfic, because I couldn't use my own computer at all. Should be okay now, though. I think.

So yes, I once had the idea of Adagio having pet bees in her hair. There was going to be a whole story, starting with Adagio just coming home with bees in her hair after taking a nap on a park bench or something, the sirens' daily life with Adagio's new 'children,' possibly with a conflict of Aria and Sonata getting jealous of the swarm hogging Dagi's love and vice versa, but I felt like this here was enough of that. At best, I might someday be inclined to have the bees find Mummy Hive-Hair again and have the central characters respond to it.