• Published 2nd Mar 2015
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SUPER SIRENS!! - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Showdown between the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings! And then some other crud.

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Roll Credits

As the credits to the film that just ended rolled by, all ten of them, students and staff alike sat giggling and chatting amongst eachother in the auditorium where it had been shown. Most agreed that it was perhaps the silliest, stupidest entry to CHS's indie film festival, though an entry by three freshmen doing a flag routine while dressed like glam rockers certainly turned a few heads.

"Well," the ten-girl group overheard from a few sources around them, "I guess those siren girls really have turned things around."

"Yea, don't think they'd play along with that... whatever that was if they hadn't calmed down."

"Does anyone even remember what they did before?"

"No. We sure are easily influenced by flashy lights and shiny objects!"

"Yup, who pays any attention to long, heart-felt, honest attempts at redemption anywa-OW!"

Sunset, who had muttered the last few lines to herself via hand-puppet, turned to Twilight, who had just elbowed her. "What? You've gotta admit, the difference between how fast they were accepted and how fast I was accepted is kinda unfair!"

Twilight nodded a bit. "Maybe, but there's no sense in holding a grudge against them. Besides, would you really rather we left them to their own devices after Aria and Rainbow started hanging out?"

With some of the things, very dangerous, very illegal, utterly insane things they'd overheard the Dazzlings talking about doing, no, she really didn't. Sunset shook her head, sighing. "I guess not."

Twilight smiled at her. "Inviting the three of them to come make a movie with us was probably the best thing we could have done for them. Just look how happy they are!" She gestured to the trio, not far from them.

Adagio sat with her arms crossed. "I act nothing like that."

"Ugh," Aria complained through a mouthful of popcorn, "knew I'd look like a big, yellow squid-thing."

Adagio scowled. "Don't talk with your mouth full!"

Applejack tilted her hat down to hide a blush. "Least y'all didn't have to wear the outfits. Ain't never worn somethin' so tight an' shiny in all mah life."

Rarity facepalmed, turning rosy herself. "I was working on a tight budget and a short deadline, darling, definitely not my best work."

Fluttershy was probably still around here somewhere, but very much staying out of sight.

Rainbow chuckled. "Aww, they weren't that bad. I don't know how long they'd hold up in a real brawl, but they looked cool enough."

Pinkie frowned a little. "I still say we should have done it shirtless, then it'd have been like a real kung-fu movie!"

She was silenced by several simultaneous 'NO's.

Sonata smiled. "I just love doing stuff with you guys!"

Author's Note:

Not a dream all along, but not 'real' either. Also not a chocolate bar. Or a sandwich. I'm hungry.