• Published 7th Mar 2015
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Hidden Secrets - Princess Rosaline

Rose attempts to find Enton with Celestia, Luna, and Cadence

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And So We Continue.....

It was time to set off again. The Princesses flew high once again, this time finally reaching their destination. Rose was the first one to land on the mountain, her horn glowing dark pink with magic. Inside the mountain there was a concealed cave. The Princesses entered inside it, and at once knew it was the correct place. For one, there were sketches and blueprints on the walls. For another, there was a cell in the corner.
"P-princesses...." came a hoarse whisper from the cell.
Luna and Rose quickly turned. "Star Swirl...?" said Rose, her voice trembling.
"M-my filly.....how much you have g-grown....." It moved out of the shadows, and Rose and Luna retreated, looking horrified. A monster. With red claws, eyes, and wings. Black goo dripped from its mouth, while his body was a dark grey. It's eyes sparkled with tears of happiness, and regret.
"W-what......." Rose stuttered, looking at the Star Swirl monster with wide eyes.
"Star Swirl?" asked Celestia, staring, also with wide eyes. "This is...."
"Celestia.....Luna....." said Swirl, tears now falling down his face. He had remembered.....after all these years..... "you must get out of here. all of you. He will be expecting it."
"No! We cannot leave thee, Star Swirl." Said Luna, now trying to find a way to break the cell.
"Leave me! I am not worth it any more!"
"Swirl.....father......" said Roe, tears falling down her muzzle. "We aren't going to just.....Leave you. I came here for you, and I will leave with you."
Swirl hesitated, then nodded slowly. "The spell's answer should be somewhere on the desk..."
Cadence, who was nearest to the desk, went to it and started moving papers with her magic. She became slightly frantic after a while, and Celestia and Luna joined her. The problem was, there were so many papers, it was impossible to see the table. Rose went to the cell and continued talking to Swirl, telling him what happened when she left.

"Rose.....I was so worried.....when you left..."

"I know....I'm sorry, i should've stayed..."

"What happened after you left? Where did you go?"

"I ran towards the woods, and started experimenting with my magic."

"Ahh yes, the horn I gave you..."

"Then after that, I-" Rose was interrupted by a happy cry from Luna.

"I hast found it!"

Rose rushed to her, and saw a small paper tilted: Counter Spell To Cell Lock.

"Yes!" Cried Cadence.

"Now we must open it." said Celestia

They headed toward the cell, but stopped dead in their tracks seeing what was standing in front of the cell.

"Oh no...." said Rose softly.

"Hello, your majesty." said Enton, grinning devilishly.

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