• Published 7th Mar 2015
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Hidden Secrets - Princess Rosaline

Rose attempts to find Enton with Celestia, Luna, and Cadence

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The Search

Rose paced in the hallway of Canterlot Palace. "Oh no....Oh no oh no........"

Celestia, Cadence, and Luna were there. Twilight was in Ponyville.

"Rose," said Celestia. "We will find h-" she was interrupted by a letter floating down above them. Celestia took it in her magic, and read it. When she had finished, her eyes went wide.

"Let me see!" demanded Rose. She took it in her magic.

Dear Princesses Rose, Luna, Celestia, and Cadence,
I assume you are all looking for me, though your efforts are in vain. You will never find me. I am well hidden somewhere you cannot penetrate. I will be seeking forgiveness, and expect it by the time i return. Oh yes, i will be returning. When, i cannot say. I hope to see you all soon.

Your beloved citizen,

P.S. Rose, i have Swirl in my custody. No harm will come to him if you accept defeat, and forgive me by . . . Tick tock, goes the clock......

Rose gasped at the last sentence. " S-swirl.....N-no...."

Celestia was trembling with fury. " He will not harm Star Swirl. Swirl knows how to defend himself..."

Luna spoke up. " Yes, but sister, did not Star Swirl change himself? We predict that Swirl will most possibly be...unable to defend himself."

Cadence nodded quietly. " I agree with Auntie Luna, but not knowing him myself..."

Rose was trembling with fury like Celestia. "I will set out right now and find him. I will look everyday and night if i have to."

Celestia, Luna, and Cadence looked at each other. "I'll go along." said Cadence. Luna nodded her head, and even Celestia nodded.

Rose smiled. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

"It is thees pleasure." said Luna.

"If we are to go, we must depart now." said Celestia. The rest nodded, and Cadence went to inform the Royal Guard, ( and her husband, Shining Armour, ) that they were to go.

After Cadence returned, the rest had packed. Cadence quickly packed, and that was it. Then, they were to set off. They went to the back Castle gates, as the front would attract to much attention. They flew the rest of the way, aiming for a Northern mountain, in the Frozen North. They flew over Cloudsdale, and went over the Crystal Mountains. They stayed there for refuge one night. While Luna and Celestia were at the tent, Rose went out, and sat ontop of a large mound of rock. She was later joined by Cadence.

"Hi Rose." she said with a sad smile.

"Hello..." Rose responded. She put her head in her hooves, and Cadence sat next to her. They stayed in silence for a moment.

"Rose....." said Cadence. "We're going to get him back. I promise you that. No matter what it takes."

Rose smiled. "Thanks Cadence.......I really hope we're not to late....."

To Enton's lair......

"Enton.....please don't harm her......." Star Swirl was in a large cell, hidden in the shadows. "She was...is....my little filly....please, I'm begging you..."

Enton chuckles darkly. "I do not intend to harm her, Swirl. I intend to help her."

Star Swirl was not fooled. "You always have a purpose for something. Tell me Enton, I can give you anything! Just...please don't harm Rose......"

"Didnt you hear?" said Enton. "She goes by Princess Rose these days."

Swirl's eyes went wide. "Celestia and Luna found out?"

Enton chuckled. "Maybe......maybe...." and he used his magic for something that cannot be described in words. All that can be said, the birds heard Star Swirl scream from 12 miles away......

Back to Rose and Cadence......

Cadence had put a wing around Rose, who was now in tears.

"Hush Rose.....Hush..it's alright....." Cadence said softly.

"I can't believe it.....I should've stayed.....this is all my fault...." Rose sobbed.

"Rose...no it's not. He told you to run, and you did....oh Rose......" Cadence hated seeing somepony cry. She was the Princess of Love, she was supposed to make ponies happy. She wrapped her wing tighter around Rose, and allowed her to put her head on Cadence's shoulder.

"Thank...thank you.....C-Cadence....." Rose sniffed. She lifted her head up and smiled at Cadence.

"No problem, Rose. Are you feeling better?" Cadence asked.

"Yes...." Rose replied. "Have I ever shown you my locket?"

"No, I don't think you have."

Rose used to make a locket out of thin air, then opened it to show a heart. Inside the heart there were two pictures. One of filly Rose, then the other one of Star Swirl.

"Rose....." Cadence smiled as tears came to her eyes. "Its beautiful.."

Rose smiled. "Its the last thing he gave me before.....before......" a dark expression came over her face.

Cadence, sensing danger emotion, stood up. "Shall we go back inside?"

Rose nodded and stood up too. "And, Cadence?"

Cadence turned. "Yes?"

"Thank you."

Author's Note:

My sequel to The Hidden Alicorn. Hera asked me to write this, and so I did. It's a bit awkward writing of myself, however.