• Published 12th May 2012
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Divided We Stand - Nexas

A changling still in canterlot! how will he survive?

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The stare master



Not only had Discord found them but he had mind controlled almost every monster in the Everfree forest.

This day was just getting better and better.

"Discord!" Rainbow Dash shouted. "How did you find us?"

"Oh it wasn't hard." Discord spoke through the Timberwolf. His voice came out for lack of a better term, sounding pretty wooden. "I just tracked your little Princesses teleportation spell and followed your steps." The Timberwolf grinned revealing two rows of hideously sharp teeth.

"I'm so sorry that I can't be there myself, Mane Six and guests." He concluded. "I'll be frank; I'm preoccupied at the moment, what with fighting your rulers and all. So I'm just going to have my army of monsters tear all of you into little adorable pieces."

"What?!" Everyone shouted.

"You can't do that!" Pinkie shouted.

"What? Can't? Sorry Pinkie Pie but 'can't' isn't in my dictionary."

The Timberwolf leaned down and growled menacingly. The group was caught in one heck of a bind.

"What do we do?!" Applejack asked.

"There is only one thing to do in a time like this!" Copycat dramatically shouted. Looking around, everyone had pretty much the same thought.

"Ready?" Twilight asked, getting into a fighting stance.

"Ready!" Everyone else replied also getting into a fighting stance.

The creatures around them barred their fangs and claws.

"Even though I'm not there I'm going to enjoy this!" Discord growled.

"Everypony set?" Mirror Edge asked.

"All set!" Rainbow Dash answered, she was up on her hind hooves already throwing punches.

"Ready! And..."


The group suddenly took off in the opposite direction of the monsters.

"Fight! Wait what?!" Rainbow Dash, who was so fired up that she had had an entirely different thought had been accidently left behind. Luckily just as an Ursa Minor was about to squish her with one paw, Copycat buzzed though the air and grabbed her.

"I'm not about to lose my new friend." She triumphantly shouted.

Discord stared at the ground where the group had stood, than he stared at the group of monsters whom were just standing around doing nothing.

He face palmed. "All brawn and no brains huh?"

The group raced through the trees, barrelling over logs and swerving around boulders.

"Where are we going?" Mirror Edge shouted to Twilight as they jumped over a small crevice.

"Not sure." She replied. "But anywhere is better than there!"

Behind them they could hear the monsters gaining on them, their cries sending shivers down the groups collective spines.

"It can't be that bad right?" Pinkie tried to be optimistic. "It can't get any worse, right?"

Just at that second, Mirror could hear something; a whistling noise, almost as it something was flying through the air at...

"Look out!" Mirror cried, pushing himself, Twilight and Pinkie out of the way just as a tree landed where they once stood with a WHOMP.

The three stared at the tree and back to where they had been running from. The Ursa Minor had started picking up trees and throwing them at them.

Twilight glared at Pinkie.

"You had to say 'it couldn't get any worse' didn't you?"

Mirror gasped. "If Discord's not really here, who knows what he's doing to my Queen or the Princesses!"


"Luna? Do you have any six's?" Celestia

"Go graze, sister." Luna replied.

The three rulers sat in the inescapable dome; they were unable to escape after being trapped by Discord so to pass the time, Celestia had pulled out a deck of cards to play with.

"Where did you get these cards?" Chrysalis questioned, looking at the cards with slight disgust.

"That isn't important." Celestia calmly replied, picking two more cards out of the deck.

"...I must apologize as I'm not use to this whole 'hero' thing." Chrysalis laid down her cards and pointed out at the destruction and chaos that was Poniville.

"An insane spirit of chaos and disharmony has been released and is going to quite possibly destroy Equestria and everything else." She pointed at Luna and Celestia. "We, the most powerful beings and rulers of our respective races are captured and helpless." She pointed in the direction of the Everfree forest. "Our only hope is a group of Ponies and two Changelings along for the ride..." She shot up. "And you two are completely alright with this?!"

Luna and Celestia looked at each other for a moment.

"Yes." The both of them replied.

Chrysalis stared at them in complete confusion, mouth agape.

"Well okay then." She concluded, sitting back down and picking up her cards. "Certainly a lot easier then when we were enemies." She muttered.

"And besides," Luna added. "I am sure that the Elements of Harmony as well as your subjects are doing just fine."




The group wildly raced through the forest, abandoning all use of stealth for blindly barreling through the trees. A short distance away Discord's mind controlled monsters rampaged after them.

"You're making this harder than it needs to be, my little Ponies!" Discord shouted.

"It's no use!" Twilight panted. "We're not going to outrun him."

"Well we can't just give up!" Rarity exclaimed.

"We need to find some way to free all of these monsters from Discord's control!" Applejack offered.

"But how?" Mirror Edge gasped for air. "How are we going to stand up to those mon-AAHH!!"

Mirror's talking was cut short by something appearing in his way and crashing into him, sending him and whatever he had run into careening into a tree.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, are you okay?" The thing he had run into asked sympathetically.

Mirror Edge recognized that voice; he had heard it insulting him.

"Fluttershy?" He questioned, looking down he was indeed looking at the yellow Pegasus.


before he could move, Mirror and Fluttershy were swept up by the other Ponies and were pulled into a massive group hug.

Fluttershy, intentional.

Mirror Edge, unintentional.

"Can't... breathe..." He gurgled but everyone ignored him.

" Everypony! I'm so sorry, Discord attacked me and I tried to tell you but I couldn't and, and..."

"Fluttershy, calm down, you're okay now." Rainbow Dash comforted the Pegasus before she started crying again.

A vicious roar from behind them shook everyone out of the tender moment.

"We won't be okay if we stay here." Copycat claimed.

"W-what's that?" Fluttershy squeaked.

"Discord mind controlled all of the creatures in the Everfree!" Twilight explained.

"And now they're after us!" Applejack added.

"What?!" Fluttershy cried.

"So if we want to continue living, we need to run!" Mirror Edge said.

Fluttershy looked back the way the group had come; at the creatures that were being controlled the same way she had been. Her expression slowly changed from one of fear to determination.

"I have to save them." Fluttershy stepped towards the coming horde.

"WHAT?!" Everyone cried.

"But you'll be eaten!" Rainbow Dash warned.

"Or worse!" Copycat added, looking equally worried as Dash.

"Don't worry I'll be fine, it's all about assertiveness right?" She winked at her friends. Applejack, Dash, Twilight and the two Changelings didn't understand what this meant but Rarity and Pinkie Pie nodded.

"Fluttershy, come on!" Rainbow Dash tried to step forward but was stopped by Pinkie and Rarity.

"Don't, she knows what she's doing." Rarity stated.

No one was about to argue as the monsters appeared through the forest. They were getting very close. Every one ran into the bush behind them, Fluttershy standing firm to the spot. The monsters rushed at the Pegasus; teeth, claws and fangs barred.

Monsters in your way? Make them pay.

Fluttershy took a deep breath and watching the monster get closer, let it out.


Her voice was like the thunder itself, it was like hearing Luna shout all over again. Her voice carried so much force that the monsters skidded to a comical stop in front of her. The Timberwolf/Discord forced his way to the front.

"What's going-oh, it's you." He raged at his minions until he noticed Fluttershy, he adopted his calm composure quickly.

He stared at the normally quiet and shy Pegasus who was staring down his entire army of monsters.

"What? Are you angry? You going to throw a fit-"


Discord didn't know how to react; this Pony had somehow grown more than a few spines and was standing up to him.

"You're really angry aren't you?" He asked kind of dazed by this confrontation.


He scoffed. "Or what?"


Discord didn't expect anything to happen but he felt a shudder ripple through his forces, each of them fighting his control.

"Hey, hey stop that!" He commanded, his voice had become distorted from the creatures fighting his hypnosis.


"STOP THIS! I COMMAND YOU!" He shouted almost as loudly as Fluttershy, his voice sounding almost like static.

Fluttershy reared up on her hind hooves and pulled back a hoof.


The last thing he saw was a yellow hoof heading for his face.



"GAAH!" Discord shuddered; even though his body wasn't actually there he could still feel the punch.

He groaned, rubbing the part of his head where he felt the imaginary pain.


All around Fluttershy the creatures had begun to regained their consciousness, they looked around sleepily like they had waken up from a dream and they noticed Fluttershy; standing triumphantly in front of them. None of the monsters felt like fighting with each other and instead went their separate ways, back into the forest they called home.

Fluttershy stepped towards the Timberwolf on the ground that was horribly disoriented.

"Oh, you poor thing..." She comforted the wooden wolf; it instantly felt a connection to her.

Fluttershy turned to her friends who sat in the bush behind her; their mouths hanging open in awe and shock.

Fluttershy blushed, hanging her head so her hair covered her face.

"Um, was that too much?"

The group hug that followed said otherwise.