• Published 12th May 2012
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Divided We Stand - Nexas

A changling still in canterlot! how will he survive?

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Spahs are a dime a dozen

Morning in Equestria. Celestia's sun had risen above the mountain range and shone briliantly across the land as a symbol to the Ponies freedom and power.


It also hurt to stare at it.

"GAH! Stop being so bright!" Mirror Edge screamed at the sun, for a second expecting it to talk back. He was slowly plodding back to Ponyville and had drifted off for a moment looking at the sky.

He just wanted to get back to bed. He had stayed up all night talking to his comrades at the Changeling camp.

You worked for hours in an apple field and you thought it was a good idea to stay up all night?

Shut up brain, maybe I like the unending hours of exhaustion. Did you think of that?!

A small part of Mirror mentally slapped him for arguing with his mind and tried to pick a subject that didn't involve staring at big balls of fire.

Chrysalis was alive. That was astounding. He was surprised that she was still concious since she was at the epicenter of the love-wave. They had even welcomed him back and applauded his skills for lasting so long.

And then they had sent him back.


"But my Queen! Surly you need my services here!" He had insisted. they stood in the Changeling camp, Everypony else running around training and doing other duties.

Chrysalis nodded but she stood firm. "We have all we need and more Changelings will be appearing soon."

"But can't you send another Changeling in my place?"

She shook her head. "Too many new Ponies appearing at once will draw attention." A fanged smile graced her lips. "Besides, we already have somepony in town with you."

"Somepony else?" He questioned.

"Yes, a special solider of mine."


Somepony else? But who would be brave enough or stupid enough to sneak into this town?

Mirror had finally entered Ponyville and immediently noticed that something was wrong. All of the windows and doors were closed, no food carts were out and strange Ponies were standing in front of a few buildings.

The strangest thing?

They were Royal guards.

Mirror quickly ducked behind one of the buildings and beat at his chest until his heart started again.

"Royal guards?!" He muttered, nearing hysterics. "They must have figured out our plan! I have to get out of here!"

He started to sneak towads the edge of town but unfortunatly he didn't watch where he was going.

"Oof! Excuse meeee..."

His voice drained away when he realized that a guard was standing in front of him, staring at him with those cold eyes they all seemed to have. Mirror whimpered quietly to himself.

"Sir?" The guard asked in the gruff tone that once again, they all seemed to have. Mirror only whimpered more in response.

"Sir, please get up. You need to get inside." He said, picking Mirror off the ground with only one hoof.

"Wait what? Get inside?"

"Yes sir, a Changeling was captured earlier today and the whole town is under lockdown."

"A Changeling?! Oh no..."

"Sir." The guard angrily insisted. "You must get inside now."

"Yes, right, sorry goodbye." He rambled, quickly trotting away from the guard and towards Sugercube Corner.

Another Changeling was captured? He thought as he approached the door. He chuckled a bit. Must have been the so called special solider of the Que-

He couldn't finish that thought because as soon as he was inside he found himself in the middle of an argument.

"Confess!" A cyan Pegasus screamed to a cage, or what was inside the-

Oh dear.

"Confess to what?" A voice from inside the cage asked. Mirror could feel the smugness in his voice. Or her voice, whatever was inside the cage was speaking in a mares voice.

"I'm your friend, Rainbow dash. It's me, Fluttershy."

"NO IT'S NOT!" The Pegasus screamed, punting the cage with her hind legs in rage. Another Pegasus stepped up and spoke in a clam quiet tone.

"Rainbow dash, maybe you should try being a little nicer to the Changeling." She spoke in the same voice as the one in the cage, though without the evilness.

The Pegasus knows as Rainbow dash groaned. "Come on Fluttershy! I know that you're a "Friend to all living things" and junk like that but this monster broke into your house!" She pointed a hoof exaperatly at the cage. "It needs to be punished! It needs to be-" She noticed Mirror at this point, causing everyone else to look. Mirror was finally able to see the Changeling inside the cage.

"Oh, hello there." The Changeling spoke with obvious venom in his voice. "Have you come to set me free? No need, I can get out of here in a snap."

He paced the cage, looking like he resented the very idea of being locked in somewhere. As he paced, Mirror recognized the form he was morphed in; He was morphed into the yellow Pegasus that Mirror recognized as Fluttershy, during the job at Sweet apple acres, Pinkie had told him about her other friends including Fluttershy. She was a very timid Pegasus who instead of working on the weather like a normal Pegasus worked with animals. Pinkie had told him that she was the element of kindness but he really couldn't see it now. his form had yellow fur with a long pink mane but the eyes shined bright blue with malevolence. The real Fluttershy stood outside of the cage beside her friends, She looked very much the same, except for the evil eyes.

He was about to say something when he was tackled to the ground in a bear hug by a pink blur.

"Ohmygosh, ohmygosh Mirror! You're alright! I mean I thought that you were gone and then I thought that you were evil and then..."

"Pinkie!" Mirror chuckled, he had missed this in a way. "I'm fine! What's going on?"

"One of those dreadfull Changelings attacked Fluttershy last night." Rarity said.

"It was soooo scary." Fluttershy suddenly spoke up.

"And we captured it!" Applejack chimed in rather proudly.

"But why put him-er, it here?" He asked.

"Pinkie suggested it." Twilight said. "Besides we're waiting for it to be taken away."

Mirror looked at Pinkie, she whispered. "I thought it was you."

He smiled and whispered back. "Thanks."

"Why are you all talking?!" The blue Pegasus that Fluttershy had called Rainbow Dash called out. She looked furious by the looks of things. "This monster has to be punished!"

"Ah know Rainbow but we still hav' to wait for her." Applejack told her.

"Wait for who?" Mirror asked before hoofsteps could be heard behind him. He turned around to find himself face to face with-

"Princess Celestia," Twilight reported. "We've tried to get something out of this creature but we failed."

The great Princess nodded, "That's quite alright. You've done your best." She noticed Mirror and smiled. "Hello there are you one of Twilights friends?"

Mirror Edge fell to the floor with a thud.

"Mirror!" Pinkie jumped to his side. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Pinkie," He replied while face down on the floor. "Just had a minor heart attack is all."

Celestia let out a small giggle. "I know that someponies tell me that they could faint in my precense but I never took them seriously!"

Mirror let out a pained chuckle. This was going to be difficult. Before him stood the enemy leader, one wrong move and he could be enjoying his new home on the moon.

"My name is Mirror Edge, Princess."

"Well Mirror, If you'll excuse us I have to speak with my student and her friends."

With that she led Pinkie and the others upstairs, leaving Mirror with the Changeling.

"Well, that just leaves you and me comrade." It said in a snarky tone.

"I take it that you're the special soldier that Chrysalis talked about?"

It smirked proudly. "The one and only."

"What's so special about you?"

"What's so special?!" It gasped as if it was physically hurt. "I'll have you know that I'm a master of disguise!"

"A master of disguise gets caught so easily?"

"Gets caught, lets himself get caught it's all the same thing."

"Can you stop doing that?" Mirror asked.

"Stop what? Being handsome?"

Mirror sighed, he was getting sick of this. "Stop speaking in Fluttershy's voice, can't you unmorph?"

"Nope. Don't you get it?" The apparently male Changling smirked. "I'm the real Fluttershy."

"Sure you are." Mirror sarcasticly replied. He was about to turn around when the Changeling spoke up.

"Do you know why the Changelings were banished?"

Mirror turned back confused. Everychangeling knew why they had been banished.

"We had been banished for crimes we did not comit, Celestia and Luna threw us into the Badlands and left us to starve."

He scoffed. "Is that what your Queen is telling you? You really should ask for the truth sometime."

"She's your Queen too!" He was getting angry at this guy. The mare/Changeling laughed. "Nah, I don't work for anypony."

Before Mirror could press for answers the door to upstairs opened and five mares came down.

"Where's Pinkie and Celestia?"

Twilight shook her head. "She said they needed to speak in private."

A few minutes later the door opened again and Pinkie happily bounced out followed by Celestia.

Celestia cleared her throat. "Twilight, you and your friends may go. I would like to talk with Mr. Edge."

"Yes Princess." Twilight said. The six walked out the door, leaving Mirror alone with the Changeling and the Princess. Celestia looked at the cage holding the Changeling for a second and turned to Mirror.

"follow me."

She motioned for him to follow and the two walked upstairs. Mirror had absolutly no idea what was going on. Why would the Princess want to talk with him? They had just reached the room upstairs when Celestia pushed him in and closed the door behind her. Her face was expressionless.

"I know you are a Changeling."