• Published 12th May 2012
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Divided We Stand - Nexas

A changling still in canterlot! how will he survive?

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Keep your enemies close...

I can't believe it, I just arrived here and I now have a place to stay and an alibi!

"Mirror Edge?" A voice rang out but he ignored it.

Tricking these Ponies is going to be easier than I thought. Soon they will all feel the blunt of our revenge! Soon they will tremble under the iron hole-filled hoof of our people!

"Mirror Edge? Helooooooo?" The voice called out again.

All hail Queen Chrysalis! ALL HAIL THE CHANGELIN-

Mirror Edge yelled out in surprise; a loud clang had shaken the Changeling out of his deep thoughts and now everypony was staring at him.

"Sorry about that." He chuckled sheepishly. "I was just uh, deep in thought."

Nopony paid him much mind and went back to what they were doing. This "Sugercube corner" certainly could hold a lot of ponies. He turned towards the pony that had so rudely shaken him from his delusions of grandeur. Pinkie Pie. Of course. Since he had introduced himself to her she had given him a complex tour of Ponyville (all while dragging him by her teeth) and had insisted that he stay in the guest room at Sugercube corner until he earned enough bits to buy his dream house and to top it all of she held a giant welcome party at Sugercube Corner to introduce him to everypony.

It was all too perfect.

He had the perfect story, his disguise was flawless and he had one of the elements of harmony completely fooled. Soon all of Ponyville will follow suit, then he will strike. Everypony in Ponyville must be in here and to his eternal joy Pinkie Pie had introduced him to most of them. The mayor was one of the first; she had beige fur with a graying mane and horn rimmed glasses. It would be a dash to impersonate her, maybe cause a scandal and have her impeached, then over time he could gain the towns trust and run for office. Then he could welcome his people into town without anyone stopping him; it would be perfect, it would be-

His thoughts were once again stopped as something very sweet was lodged into his mouth. Standing beside him was Pinkie Pie, babbling non-stop about something that she probably thought he was following.

"-So Twilight was all 'Quiet!' And I was all 'And I said oatmeal? Are you crazy?' And everyone was all-"


"Yes Mirror?" She asked, her previous tangent forgotten.

"You've introduced me to nearly everypony in this town but you haven't shown me your best friends."

"Of course I have silly! Everypony here is my best friend!"

"No I, guh," This was getting irritating; she was as sickeningly sweet as the cotton candy that matched her hair color. "no I mean your friends, the Elements of Harmony?"

If it was even possible her smile got even larger.

"Oh! You mean my PBFF?"


"Pony Best Friend Forever?"


"Yeah, there here somewhere. I'll go find them!"

With that she bounced off into the crowd. Mirror chuckled softly. She was going to hand him Ponyville on a silver platter with a side of hay-fries if she kept this up. Walking over to the snack table he picked up a cupcake and eyed it. Changelings don't need food to survive; they get all their nutrients from the emotions they eat but that doesn't mean that they can't eat. He popped it into his mouth besides, there so darn delicious.

When I take over this town I really must ask her for the recipe he thought to himself. Take over the town. He could see them congratulating him now.

"My solider you have done our race proud." Queen Chrysalis would say.

"Thank you my Queen." He would say. "With this town taken we will begin capturing the surrounding ones and then..."

"Canterlot!" The Queen chuckled. Finally they would all get what they wanted and it was all because of me.


Mirror Edge turned away from the cupcakes he was making talk to face a unicorn mare. She had purple fur and her mane was both dark blue and pink. Her cutie mark was a star surrounded by smaller stars.

She was another Element of Harmony.

"Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle. I run the library."

The Changeling stared at her, back to the cupcakes and back again.

"Uh, hello." He was far more nervous than he showed. This unicorn was the one they had been told the most about; she was the student of the ponies Princess, Celestia and had been able to figure out the Queens hoax. She was responsible for the invasion failing.

"I'm Mirror Edge; Pinkie has probably told you everything already."

"Yeah, I'm sorry but I have to ask; when you were traveling here did you see anything?"

"I don't understand."

"You know; monsters? Creatures of evilness?"

He shook his head. "Doesn't ring a bell."

She groaned. "Like any Changelings?"

The disguised Changeling nearly choked on his cupcake.

"Excuse me?" He asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Did you hear about the royal wedding in Canterlot? I was the maid of honor." Twlight said with a hint of pride.

"Oh really? Well I was a there too." Mirror Edge allowed himself a smug smile. He was practically telling her that he was a Changling and she was none the wiser.

"Really? Were you a guest?"

"...Yes, yes I was."

"So you know about the invasion? And how we stopped them?"

"How could I forget?" He could still feel the bruises.

"Well there have been reports of Changelings appearing all over Equestria, so Celestia is having everypony on high alert in case one pops up here."

Mirror could feel his nerves at their ends. If they discovered him...No...No they won't find him. He'll make sure of that. Just then a white unicorn ran up to Twilight.

"Twilight! You simply must help me!" She said in a very proper voice, nothing like the other Ponies around here. "Big Macintosh refused and there are no stallions left in Poni-" It was at this moment that she noticed Mirror Edge. "YOU." She said in an almost monstrous voice.

Mirror felt more scared then Pinkie Pie and Twilight combined.

Before he could say anything, the white unicorn had tackled him to the ground and was staring him in the eyes.

Oh my Queen. She figured me out!


"Please don't hurt me." He whimpered.

"You." She began.

"Are." Mirror prepared to face the end.

"Perfect!" With the last word her attitude went from seemingly murderous to overjoyed.

"It's not true! I'm not a-wait what?" Mirror said. Twilight Sparkle stepped forward.

"Rarity, I think you're scaring him." She said, looking at the terrified earth pony on the ground.

"Oh! Excuse me! I am so sorry!" The very embarrassed unicorn called Rarity quickly got off Mirror and this allowed him a moment to look at her; she was a unicorn, like Twilight but had white fur with a curly purple mane. Her cutie mark was three diamonds. All in all she looked very pristine. He remembered her from the Canterlot invasion; she broke three of his ribs.

"You see, many of the fashion stores in Canterlot were damaged or destroyed in the invasion, and now orders are flying in to restock them! I've never been busier!"

She seemed happy but overall she looked exhausted.

"And now there are all of these male orders I have to fill and nopony will model for me!" She despaired over dramatically.

"But you!" She said looking him over. "If you don't mind me saying but you have just the perfect figure for my orders! Oh you simply must help me!"

This gets better and better. Mirror thought. They still don't know what I am and now I have found the perfect opportunity to get rid of one of them!

"Hmmmm, I don't know." He mock-considered. Rarity grabbed him and started shaking him.

"You'll do this and I won't rip you to pieces!" She threatened, looking him in the eye.

"Okay! Okay! I'll do it!" Mirror cried, he was tired of all this shaking and the loud noises. When he took over he'd never have to deal with this ever again.

"Excellent!" Rarity stood up feeling reenergized by her victory. "I'll see you tomorrow at Carousel Boutique first thing in the morning." She got up close to him again. "And you'd better be there!"

With that she turned on her hooves and walked away.

Both Mirror and Twilight stayed silent, exchanging a few looks as they watch the unicorn leave.

"Sorry about her." Twilight tried to apologize. "She was endorsed by one stallion and now she's swimming in orders. You know how it is, to have a huge honor laid upon you."

"Yeah," He said. "Yeah I do."


After the party had ended, Pinkie Pie and a not-to-happy Mirror Edge were left to clean up the mess.

"That was one of my bestest parties ever!" Pinkie was almost jumping off the walls, which she did back in the party. "Somepony else needs to come here so I can throw another party!"

"Yeah, sure, whatever." Mirror wasn't even listening to her anymore he just went around cleaning things.

"Did you have fun today? Did ya? Did ya? Did ya?" Pinkie asked, jumping up and down excitedly like a puppy.

He smiled, "You know what Pinkie? I did have fun and I even met some of your friends."

"Oh yeah! You met Twilight and Rarity."

"How did you know?"

"I was watching you guys from under the table." She smiled.

"...How did you...I saw you... you were... Fine! Fine. Whatever." He would never understand this mare. "That unicorn, Rarity offered me a job, well forced me to help her model clothes or something like that." He was already thinking of places to hide the body.

Pinkie looked intrigued at this. "A modeling job? I think you'll do well!"


"Yeah, think of everything a Changling could do in the modeling industry!"