• Published 12th May 2012
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Divided We Stand - Nexas

A changling still in canterlot! how will he survive?

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Mirror Edge stood and took in his surroundings. He was in Canterlot; great city of the Ponies and the site of the failed invasion.

Now it lies in ruins.

The once great walls and castles little more than rubble now. The swarm had surprise attacked on mass from all sides and had overpowered the royal army. Lead by their Queen, the mighty Chrysalis they had stormed the castle of the Royal Sisters and after an intense battle had defeated them once and for all. Chrysalis stood in front of her swarm, the bodies of Celestia the sun alicorn and Luna the moon alicorn at her hole-filled hooves.

"My people," She adressed, speaking out to all the Changelings. "We may have been beaten once before but now we have risen up once again to crush all in our way!"

The crowd and Mirror cheered. This was what they had been waiting centuries for.

"And we have our hero to thank for restarting our conquest!" She motioned for Mirror Edge and he quickly stood up and moved to her side. The crowd started to chant his name.


This was his moment. Everything they had sacrificed, everything they had worked for has finally paid off.

"My Queen, my people," He addressed the Changelings with the same voice his Queen used. "I'm honored to have lead my race to glory and finally crush those who banished us! And now, Equestia is finally-"


The air froze, a voice had screamed out behind Mirror. Everypony turned around to see six exhausted Ponies.

It was the Elements of Harmony.

They looked exhausted; they must have fought all the way here.

"CELESTIA! LUNA!" Twilight Sparkle screamed, tears streaming from her eyes. She tried to run forward but was stopped by the wall of furious Changelings, they must remember what she did to them last time. Chrysalis giggled maliciously. "Ah, the Elements. It's too bad you weren't here earlier," She motioned to the two bodies. "As you can see you're a little late to the party." Chrysalis chuckled darkly.

The Ponies shared a collective gasp, Twilight taking a few steps back not taking her eyes off the body of her beloved teacher. "No...no..no...no.." She muttered.

But Mirror wasn't looking at Twilight. He was looking at Pinkie; her body had completely lost its energy, her colors were dulled and her hair looked like a deflated balloon.

She sniffled. "Why Mirror?...Why?"

For the first time in his life, Mirror couldn't find the words to say. His voice had died in his mouth. Chrysalis suddenly took the offensive. "Now my army! Attack! Wipe them out!"

"No." Mirror finally found his voice but it was too late. The swarm charged from all sides.

"NO." He said again, in their state none of them would survive.

The last thing he saw was Pinkie looking tearfully at him.

"NO!" Mirror bolted up. His body was drenched in sweat. His heart was pounding in his ears. Quickly, he looked around finding himself in the guest room at Sugercube Corner.

"Huh," He muttered his breathing slowing. "It was all a dream. The invasion hasn't happened yet."

Calming himself down, he laid back on his bed and closed his eyes.



Pinkie had suddenly run into the room and had screamed at the top of her voice, unfortunately this caused Mirror to bolt straight up into the ceiling.

"Mirror! Mirror! I just got up and was remembering what I had to do and then I remembered what You had to do and then I was all *GASP*" She gasped loudly. "And then I ran in here to wake you up though I maybe shoulda been a little quieter."

"No, no Pinkie." His reply was muffled but she could still hear him. "It was my fault. I'll get ready as soon as possible."

"Oki doki loki!" She was about to leave but then she remembered something else.

"Wait, I almost forgot." She started jumping higher and higher until she could reach Mirror and pull him out. When he was on the ground again she started talking.

"You're not gonna do anything to Rarity are you?"

"What?" He scoffed. "Me? No!"

He was. Even though this pink mare had shown him kindness he was still going to take over this town. And the first thing to get rid of was the Elements of Harmony.

But not Pinkie though.

He'd make her his personal chef.

"Even still," She looked at him with a mistrusting gaze. "I'm going to need you to Pinkie promise."

"What? You want me to promise? Fine, I promise not to hurt your friends."

"No, no, no." She shook her head. "A Pinkie promise. Do as I do."

She started miming her actions.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye."

She made a cross motion over her chest, then wave both her arms like she was flying, finally she stuck her hoof in her eye.

It took all of his will power to keep from laughing. "Alright Pinkie fine. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my-AAAGH!"

Pinkie giggled. "Don't worry, Twilight did the same thing. Now remember." She looked Mirror right in the eyes.

"A Pinkie promise last forever."

"Pinkie, why are you always this close?" But she ignored him.


With that awkward moment over, Pinkie Pie backed out of the room, leaving a very confused Changling who simply sighed.

"She can't be real."


He wasn't going to keep his promise.

What could she do to him?

He walked through Ponyville, grabbing wayward emotions from the passing Ponies as he went, lost in thought.

That dream. Why did it have to happen like that?

And why do I care?

I mean that's how it's supposed to happen; the Ponies are crushed and we return to glory! So why does it feel wrong in some way?

No, no! It's all a trick! These Ponies and their Princesses need to feel our wrath and they shall!


Right. He would get rid of the Elements, seize control of this stinking town and pave the way fro the victory to end all victories!

Before he could follow up on that thought he crashed into something, the sound of splintering wood filling the air. Knocked out of his thoughts once again, Mirror got up and looked at what he had ran into. It was a produce cart of some sort, fruit was scattered everywhere. Suddenly ten loud ringing noises came from the bell tower.

"Ten o'clock....I'm late!"

Remembering what would happen if he didn't get there. Mirror jumped to his hooves and ran off in the direction of Carousel boutique.

"Mah food cart!" A voice ran out behind him but he didn't bother to look back.


Carousel Boutique looked exactly like its namesake; horse seats on pegs decorated the outside of the building. Not taking time to question the architecture, Mirror trotted up to the front door and knocked on it.

Okay, first phase of the plan; getting rid of the Elements of Harmony. This shouldn't be too hard.

The door burst open and Rarity grabbed Mirror.




"Now, I need you to stand here while I get the supplies."

After a few moments of explanation Rarity had calmed down and they had gotten started. The inside of the building was worse than it seemed; half-finished clothes and supplies of all types littered literally every surface.

This was going to be too simple.

"Alright, now I need you to stand on this stage and just let me work." She seemed even more stressed out then before, if that was even possible.

"Wait, you want me to stand still for probably hours while you use me like one of your mannequins?"

"Yes, you have a problem with that?" She threatened.

"No ma'am." He quickly stepped forward on to the platform.

Suddenly a hissing noise filled his ears. Looking around he found a cat lying on a mound of clothing, she was hissing viciously at him.

A cat, of course. He thought. Animals were able to see through a Changelings disguise. Some of the finest infiltration attempts were thwarted because someponies pet was agitated.

"Opal! Leave him alone." Rarity shooed the cat away. "I really should apologize for her."

"No, it's quite alright. Animals and I don't get along."

"Right, now I need needles, thread, some gems...." She had opened a chest and was looking through it. Completely turning her back on him. This was too perfect. Mirror started sneaking up on the preoccupied mare. All it would take is one sharp twist of the head and bam, one less Element of Harmony. He was right behind her, reaching up, just about to-



Pinkies head appeared from underneath a pile of clothes startling Mirror edge and sending him stumbling into a mountain of boxes.

"There, now I-Oh my goodness! Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Mirror climbed out of the mess. "Have you ever see Pinkie pop out of literally nowhere?"

She gave him a knowing look. "You Pinkie promised didn't you?"

Oh sweet Chrysalis she must have put some kind of curse on me! That tears it! Take her out! It's not like anypony will-

"Big sister? Are you alright?"

A unicorn filly had entered the room; she had white fur and a pink and purple mane.

Wait. Sister?!

"I'm fine Sweetie belle, but this friend of mine isn't." She helped Mirror out of the mess.

The filly named Sweetie belle giggled mischievously. "Is he your special somepony?"

"D-don't you have somewhere to be?" Rarity blushed and Mirror was shocked.

A Changeling and a Pony?! That's absurd! It would never work! It, it....

"Anyway I have to go, me and the Crusaders are goning to try getting our cutie marks again!" With that see ran out the door. Rarity turned to Mirror.

"I have to apologize for my sister and myself as well. I know I haven't been the most gracious."

Mirror was suddenly very contrived; he couldn't kill Rarity now, especially if she had family who relied on her.

He knew the feeling too well.


The skies above Stalliongrad were dank and muddy; black smoke belched from the cities many smokestacks and mixed into the clouds. To make matters worse it was snowing pretty hard with the temperatures below freezing.

Mirror shuddered in his hooves, his morphed fur offering little protection from the icy winds.

He hated this city. A cold place like this is no place for an insect.

But it was necessary; the Queen had chosen him to scout the city in case it was a good starting point to the invasion.

He shifted his hooves in the ankle-deep snow; they were numb from exposure.

To be honest he didn't think that this city was good for anything.


And it certainly wasn't good for moral.

Mirror turned towards the voice; it was one of the new soldiers, fresh out of the hive, 'larvae' the more experienced soldiers called them. His chosen form was a red Pegasus with ice blue hair. True to his form he had little icicles hanging from his hair tips.

"Yes Snowflame?" Mirror asked as if he didn't already know.

Snowflame's voice rattled like a cobra's tail. "M-m-me and the other b-b-boys were wondering when we were going to eat again."

Mirror looked over the Changelings shoulder at the three other Changelings under his command, all of them shaking nearly as bad as Snowflame.

They needed food.

They needed emotions.

Good emotions to be exact, a thing that the city did not have in abundance. Stalliongrad as a whole didn't have very happy citizens; most of the Ponies there were down on their luck trying to make some money and the dark aura around the city certainly didn't help.

Mirror didn't show it but he was scared. Not for himself but for his men. They were dying of starvation and they were expecting him to save them.

He gave the most optimistic smile he could.

"Don't worry Snowflame, I'll make sure that we all survive this.


He had saved them back in that cursed city, to this day he had no idea how.

He had requested that he'd work alone ever since.

He couldn't get rid of her now that he knew this. And to make matters worse he just couldn't do it anyways with Pinkie popping up out of Chrysalis knows where. He sighed, accepting his defeat.

"I accept your apology Rarity now can we please get to work?"

Rarity chuckled. "Yes of course."


Mirror was exhausted and angry. Five hours of standing in place while a unicorn jabbed him with pins and needles. And on top of everything his plan to off her had completely failed. He would have to find another way to stop them from stopping his plan without breaking his promise.

He really didn't want to know what would happen if he broke a Pinkie promise.

He walked into Sugercube corner, well stumbled in really. Pinkie was talking to somepony.

"Pinkie, I'm back."

"Hey Mirror!" Pinkie waved. "How was-"

"You!" The pony she was talking to yelled.

He recognized that voice.

"Ah remember you from this mourning!"

Oh no.

The pony got right up in Mirrors face.

Not again.

"Ahm Applejack and you destroyed mah apple cart!"