• Published 8th Nov 2014
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Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales! - Protopony350

BEAR TRAP! TANK! AN EXPLODING STAR! A series of silly oneshots done really really stupidly

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Princess Celestia Makes the Sun Explode

Princess Celestia awoke at 12 PM.

"Huh, wuh?" She said as she fell out of her horse bed and onto the hard floor.

The sky was dark, and she could hear the sound of Ponies panicking outside.

"Oh no i overslept!" She said and somehow fell down again while still on the floor.

Celestia walked out of her room slowly, and was met with a horrific sight!

"NO! LUNA!" She cried with crying as she looked at the horrific sight.

Luna was being all dead on the floor! And someone left a note!

"Bring it to me and I will give you back the Sun." Said the note.

"Thanks note!" Said Celestia.

"No problem at all!" Said the note.

So yeah Celestia was pretty torn up about Luna being dead, but she had to go eat some pancakes so she could make the Sun do that thing it does.

"Oh boy, pancakes!" She said, but something was missing.

"Alas, I can not do it! For I must deliver thee to the killer!" She said to an object in a bag and her pancake meal was ruined!

Celestia walked outside and looked up but didn't see no sun! She tried to make raise it but nothing happened!

"I need to find Twilight explanation point"

Celestia flew to Ponyville, but was met with nothing but Spike.

"Spike, why no Twilight?" She asked.

"She went into the '30 Tree Woods' 3 days ago, but she never came out!" Replied Spike.

Celestia was starting to panic, and the Sun was still just not doing its thing!

Celestia decided that she better meet up with the killer, but was stopped by Sweetie Belle.

"Oh, uh, hi.......Um....My Little Pony!" said Celestia who couldn't remember her name nice save!

"Princess! I need BLAURGAH" And she melted into a pile of goo on the ground.

Celestia watched in utter shock and disbelief. The little Pony had simply melted. She could do nothing to save her.

Celestia started running frantically to the meeting place of the killer. She was also using a huge amount of power to try and raise the Sun at the same time.

Celestia arrived at the old abandoned hospital.

"Did you bring what I so desire?" Asked a voice.

"I have all of it right here!" She said angrily.

Celestia tossed the bag over to the chair that was in the middle of the room.

"Ah yes, excellent!" Said Doctor Claw as he looked into the bag.

"Now what why the Sun not?" She asked.

"In a moment! First I must savor the first taste of this sweet sweet honey bee honey you brought for me!" Said Doctor Claw and that "DUN DUN DUUUUUUN" music played.


"Now now, no need to say something you can't take back!" And he pushed a button.

So yeah it turns out Doctor Claw had just put a big black sheet over Equestria to make it look dark.

"But....but.......why did you kill Luna?" She asked.

"What? I didn't kill Luna!" Uh oh.

Well Celestia had used so much power to raise the Sun when it was really already raised that it turned into a Red Sun and was going to Red Sun Explode and was also a lot brighter and was making some Ponies melt.

"Oh no we only have 376 years before it explodes!" She said.

So yeah that may seem like a long time but to a Sun that's not long stay tuned for more silly stories!