• Published 8th Nov 2014
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Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales! - Protopony350

BEAR TRAP! TANK! AN EXPLODING STAR! A series of silly oneshots done really really stupidly

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Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap

Twilight Sparkle was walking in the woods when she heard a loud snapping sound.

SNAP said the sound.

"Oh SNAP!" Said Twilight and a laugh track played.

Twilight looked around but couldn't find the source of the snapping so she continued her journey to get out of the woods.

"Boy I wish I had some way of finding my way out of these woods!" For she had gotten lost in the woods looking for sweet sweet honey bee honey, but had lost her way and had also forgot she had wings.

After about an hour Twilight realized that her back left leg was moving slower than the others. Boy was she going to give it a talking to!

"LEG! FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU HAVE TO PULL YOUR WEIGHT OR I'M LETTING YOU GO!" Scolded Twilight to her leg, but oh man that's when she noticed that it had been attacked by a particularly aggressive bear trap.

"Well that's just great! I'm already an hour late to Sweetie belle's BotMitzvah, and now I've gotta deal with a bear trap?" Twilight did not get along with bear traps. SOME people would call her a racist. Not saying I would, just SOME people!

"I'm going to need the elements of harmony for this one!" She proclaimed to no one. She had also forgotten that she was really really lost.

Twilight roamed around the woods for 8 more hours. This was strange because this was a really small patch of woods. More like 30 trees just bunched together. You could see Ponyville from any point so I have no idea how she got lost.

Twilight fell to the ground and began to weep.

"I really need to find my friends, but my leg is really starting to smell like almonds and that's just making me hungry!" She complained and also didn't have any food because she never found that sweet sweet honey bee honey.

"TWILIGHT!" Yelled a familiar voice.

"Oh no, they must be after the sweet sweet honey bee honey!" Said Twilight as she limped away.

"Come on we have to find her!" Said Applejack as they continued to search the area.

Twilight was getting light headed and confused.

"If they find the sweet sweet honey bee honey, I'll just knock them out and take the sweet sweet honey bee honey! Twilight Sparkle you are a genius!" She said as she somehow climbed a tree with her dying leg.

The Mane 6 but without Twilight was looking all over, but none of them thought to look up so they kept missing her.

"Ya know, this would be a lot easier if you let me fly!" Said Rainbow Dash.

"Sorry Honeybee, but it's Ponyville tradition that we only look for lost Ponies on foot." Said Applejack who had an ulterior motive but don't tell the others!

Rainbow Dash kept walking and she was getting really sick because flying is medicine to Rainbow Dash, and she sure wasn't getting any medicine by walking!

Rarity was helping in her own special way.

"I sure hope they find her soon!" She said from her bubble bath.

Fluttershy was getting worried because she noticed one of her bear traps was gone, but couldn't find any dead bears!

"Oh dear, I hope the poor little guy isn't suffering!" She said as she loaded her shotgun, preparing to finish the job.

Pinkie Pie wasn't in the budget, so she is absent from this story.

Ok so the Ponies kept looking but Applejack broke off from the group and ran off by herself.

"Twi, I know you can hear me!" Said Applejack in an angry voice and she wasn't even smiling!

Twilight continued to watch from her tree, losing more and more blood.

If I just wait for her to get a little closer, I can jump on her back and kill her before she kills me! thought Twilight.

Just after that thought she what what has been having a rope grabbed her by the neck and totes pulled her down off that trizzity tree.

"Twilight, you know what I want!" Said Applejack.

"No, please!" Replied Twilight.

Applejack punched Twilight in the face.

"GIVE IT UP TWILIGHT!" She yelled.

"NEVER!" Said Twilight who had lost so much blood she thought she was talking to a Balrog.

Applejack kicked her right in the bear trap.

"Twilight, give up that sweet sweet honey bee honey, and I'll let ya live!" Demanded Applejack.

Twilight was beginning to lose that thing that lets you stay alive.....LIFE that's the word, and was having trouble answering.

"That does it! If you ain't giving up the sweet sweet honey bee honey, you're of no use to me!" Said Applejack oh and also she is a sweet sweet honey bee honey mobster in this story. Probably should have brought that up before.

Well Applejack was about to go in for the killing buck, but oh man her head exploded.

"Witty one liner!" Said Fluttershy who had used her shotgun to save the day.

Ok so they made it out of the woods, but they had lost track of time and when they emerged it was THE FUTURE!

Twilight went to a hospital and they took off the bad leg and gave her a new robotic one!

"Oh man how long was I in those woods looking for the sweet sweet honey bee honey?" Asked Twilight Sparkle to the doctor.

"It has been 375 years. You must REALLY love the sweet sweet honey bee honey!" Said Doctor Claw, mortal enemy of Inspector Gadget.

"It was worth it!" Twilight said with a smile.

"But you didn't even get any honey!" Said Doctor Claw.

"Maybe not, but at least I got to spend time with my friends!" She said cheerfully. She still had a bit of Applejack brain matter in her fur.