• Published 8th Nov 2014
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Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales! - Protopony350

BEAR TRAP! TANK! AN EXPLODING STAR! A series of silly oneshots done really really stupidly

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Trixie Rises

A great darkness had fallen over Ponyville.

Something had happened in Canterlot, and a horrible battle had broken out. No one had head anything from the capital in over a week. Twilight Sparkle had disappeared, and her friends had gone into hiding because of the rising temperatures.

Ponyville was completely helpless when she arrived.

"I, The great and powerful TRIXIE, claim this dirty little town!"

Trixie trotted right into town, and immediately disintegrated town hall. The ponies protested at first, but they were swiftly dealt with.

With the Alicorn Amulet, she was nearly unstoppable.

Trixie had forced her new slaves to build her a grand stage, and she proudly looked down on her people from above.

"My dear ponies, the time is nearly at hand! We shall build a grand army, and we shall march on Canterlot!" She announced.

The ponies cheered, because they would have been killed if they didn't.

After a year had passed, Trixie had gathered ponies and other creatures from all over Equestria, finding no resistance strong enough to challenge the Alicorn Amulet.

She took the stage again, this time with an audience of millions watching her.


The army took up arms, and began the march to Canterlot.

They arrived at the gates, and a guard wearing a pin with a turtle on it came out.


"Heh, sure." Answered the pony.

He tossed a dried alicorn skull to her hooves.

"What? What happened here?" Asked the confused Trixie.

"The balance of power has shifted!" Said the pony with a smile.

"Enough of this! We're here to TAKE Canterlot!" Trixie said as the army prepared to attack.

"Wait, i have received a message from the king, he says that he has an offer for you."

The pony picked up a box, and pulled a jar from the box.

"You can have Canterlot, OR you can have this jar of Sweet Sweet honey Bee Honey!"

Trixie's eyes turned into hearts.

"ARMY, TURN AROUND!" She ordered.

Everyone but Trixie went back to Ponyville.

The kings guard rushed her, and immediately arrested her.

"Oh well, I may have been defeated" and she looked directly at the camera.

"but at least I have this delicious jar of Sweet Sweet Honey Bee Honey!" She said.

Everyone laughed as music started playing.

Trixie was taken to the chopping block, and beheaded with a smile.

Suddenly a loud voice began to talk.


Only 4.99 a jar!

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