• Published 8th Nov 2014
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Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales! - Protopony350

BEAR TRAP! TANK! AN EXPLODING STAR! A series of silly oneshots done really really stupidly

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Princess Luna Takes the Bus

So ok this takes place before the last one so Luna is still alive and has no idea that she's going to get murdered also this story has nothing to do with that.

Luna woke up one night because that lazy bum sleeps all day long, and grabbed a box of pony cereal.

"Oh boy, I sure can't wait to take a bite out of these 'Sweet Sweet Honey Bee Honey Grams!'" She said so happy that the moon turned yellow for a second.

Now that's probably confusing, so let me explain that line.

Hundreds of years ago, Luna lived alone on the moon.

"Oh my dear Sister, how long shall you torment me with this living Tartarus?" She asked the emptiness as she fell to the ground and began to weep.

Luna had done this hundreds of times before. The anger and the tears were her only reminder that she was still alive.

This night brought something new.

As she slammed her head into the grey moondust, in an attempt to dry her tears, she saw something. Something different.

A small yellow rock. It was the only color she had seen for years, and she was overjoyed.

That night she wept, not from sadness, but from joy. She had found the first new thing in hundreds of years.

And yeah that's why the moon turned yellow it's because that's the color she associates with happiness lol that sad story has nothing to do with the rest of the story.

So yeah she wanted to eat that food that she so craved, but OH NO no more milk!

Luna only had one choice! She would go outside, flap her mighty wings that could carry her for hundreds of miles, and go 2 blocks down to the bus stop to catch a bus at the bus stop.

Well Luna waited and while she waited King Sombra returned and they had a 2 hour battle but you don't want to hear about that story full of action, suspense, and romance, because you're here to hear about a bus ride!

So the bus arrived and Luna got on the bus.

Luna rode the bus to the store, got off of the bus, got her milk, got back on the bus, and went home and nothing eventful happened while on the bus.

So yeah she went home, had her Sweet Sweet Honey Bee Honey Grams, and after that someone murdered her ok stay tuned for a story about Tank!

Author's Note:

With apologies to Present Perfect, but I'm already committed to the whole "Honey Bee Honey" thing and I'm going to see it through dang it!