• Published 8th Nov 2014
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Twilight Sparkle Steps in a Bear Trap and Other Silly Tales! - Protopony350

BEAR TRAP! TANK! AN EXPLODING STAR! A series of silly oneshots done really really stupidly

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Tank Wins Equestria

So this time Princess Celestia decided to have a contest because everyone was kind of mad because it was really really hot for some reason.

"My dear peasants, I am all having a contest up here and stuff!" the princess Celestia said with regality.

"I have a question!" Asked Rainbow Dash.

"Yes?" Asked Celestia.

"Ok here's my question" said Rainbow Dash, member of the Ponyville weather warriors.

"Go ahead" Said The Princess Of Celestia.

"Ok here I go" Continued Rainbow Dash.

Well this went on for about an hour, and while this went on for an hour Tank snuck away and climbed to the top of the tower and placed "The Tear of Celestia" on the pedestal. Also he somehow got the "The tear Of Celestia", and that's not some relic or something, he somehow got a fresh tear from Celestia while she was on stage talking.

Well the tower started to shake and to exploded.

"WE HAVE A WINNER!" Announced Celestia.

Tank used his turtle jet feet to fly down to Celestia.

"My Little Turtle, congratulations on your victory! Now you can have any wish you want.....OR you can have a jar of Sweet Sweet Honey Bee Honey brand sweet sweet honey bee honey!" Celestia knew he'd pick the honey. EVERYONE picks the honey.

Tank looked to the sky, and pointed to Canterlot.

Celestia had made a terrible error.....turtles have no taste buds!

"You want Canterlot?" she asked.

The turtle shook his head. He flew into the air, and looked down on them.

Tank wanted Equestria.

The years that followed were filled with great prosperity as the new turtle ruler led them into a new age of wonder. He led them to great victory against the dragons, and cleansed the Battlefield of Torment.

All was well for over 300 years.

Above them, the red sun grew even hotter.

Rainbow Dash never got an answer to her question STAY TUNED FOR A STORY ABOUT