• Published 17th Apr 2012
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The Twilight Zone - Bad Horse

25. Necessary Evil: Lord Tirek will return to wreak havoc on Equestria... when he is needed again.

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8. Game of Immortals (Celestia, Discord)

Celestia trotted into the hedge garden behind the castle. The sky was a bright hazy blue, the heat of the sun drove the aroma off the leaves of the lavender and rosemary bushes and into the air, birds sang, and crickets chirped. This day was all the more beautiful to her because she had waited so long for it.

She quickly found the lopsided statue of her old draconequine nemesis. Her horn began to glow, and she touched it to the statue's belly. A patch of color appeared on the white marble there and began to spread. The frozen white fur glowed with color and began to ripple in the wind, and the scales glistened in the sunlight. Last of all, the stone eyes came to life. Discord quickly locked eyes with the princess. He jumped away and arched his back in a more threatening pose.

"Back for more so soon?" he asked. "Did you finally tire of your little proteges? Or are they waiting around the corner to blast me again with—"

Celestia raised a hoof to interrupt. "No, no, stop. Time's up."

The cocky look on Discord's face vanished. "What? Are you sure?" His moustache drooped sulkily. "I spent an entire year preparing my banter!"

"I'm sure. Add it up. I ruled the first three thousand years. Then you had a thousand, then I had a thousand."

Discord pursed his lips moodily. "I think the first two thousand were more of a tie."

Celestia smiled her radiant sun-goddess smile. "If you say so. Now, let's see. I counted two hundred seventy-five thousand, three hundred and ninety-one songs, poems, stories, plays, paintings, sculptures, and other artistic works about me, and ... forty-four thousand, six hundred and seventeen about you. Oooh. That must smart."

"I'm more difficult to draw!" Discord protested.

"Nonsense," Celestia said. "You're far easier, since it's practically impossible to draw you wrong."

"Now you're just being mean, Tia," Discord whined. "I don't think I want to play anymore."

"Don't be a sore loser," Celestia said. "Just a short game. Two thousand years."

Discord eyed her warily. "No turning anypony into a statue this time?"

Celestia's smile lost a little of its radiance. "Oh ..." She kicked a pebble along the flagstone path with one hoof. "All right. No statues."

Discord frowned down at the ground for several seconds, then looked up at her. "Okay," he said reluctantly. "But this time, I get to play white."