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Anthro AU.
Vinyl waits at her rave for her secret love while Rainbow Dash tries to pair her up with some lucky colt from the crowd. Will Vinyl be able to keep relationship secret?
Meanwhile, Doctor Whooves spends quality time with his assistant: Ditzy. Collab with my sister: Wlyteth.

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You spelled my username wrong :trixieshiftleft:
Also I want to apologize for using the word "bubble" so much. :applejackunsure:

Pfft! Fine, I'll go fix it. *rolls eyes* :moustache:

*grin* I like how the story is moving along. I especially like the idea of Vinyl coming along.

A co-worker is blind, and has a seeing-eye dog. More or less. The poor dog is frightened of crowds, and is not -quite- the brightest bulb in the pack. So I watched as my co-worker had to lead his scared 'seeing-eye dog' through a crowded party in order to pick up a beer.

It was adorable.


Aww poor doggie! That reminds me of this news story I saw once about a blind person that had their seeing eye dog for so long that the dog went blind! D: They loved the dog so much that instead of retiring it they got a new seeing eye dog to lead the both of them.

That's a very, very strong reaction from Vinyl. Ouch.

And the description of the jacket: Double-ouch.

On the other hand, I really LOVE how Applejack confuses blindness and deafness.

Poor Ditzy!

Wlyteth did a great job of depicting the danger and the rescue, and of depicting The Doctor as a very patient and caring person.

I'm enjoying the story, and I look forward to the rest!


I'm working myself in a Vinyl scratch story right as I type this.
If any inspirations comes from your story, I'll PM you asking your permission to use your ideas.

From what I've read so far: WHY?!


uhm update? pl000x?^^

Pretty cool! this is going to be quite interesting story.

Great story, really gives the backgound characters a nice intertwined backstory. I never would have thought that Vinyl was actually blind! But I still love her. Hope to continue following the story!

*Looks at URL of the story*
I was born in 1997...

I really hope you write more soon, because I'm really enjoying this!

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