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Four Ponies Are Born - ForsakenDraak66

Four ponies are born with cutie marks and special powers that even Celestia doesn't know what to make of. So they are taken to the orphanage until more is decided.

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From Famine I Came

Conquest glanced up from the simple toy and looked at War, sighing. He walked over to her and took the block from her. She was having problems with a simple shape matching toy.

“Like this.” Conquest stated as he slid the triangle into the appropriate hole. He took the square block from the ground and held it to her. “You try.”

She glared at him and snatched the block from him. She placed the block against the circular hole and pushed. She growled as she tried again with no success. Conquest reached for the block so that he could help her before her temper got the best of her... again. She screamed again and thrust the wooden block through the toy. Conquest sighed and pulled his hoof away. He looked at the destroyed toys littered around them and sighed. After finding out how violent War was, most of the orphans had left to play somewhere else, somewhere preferably safer it seemed.

“I give up! What the buck is the point of this game?! This is bucking stupid!” War exclaimed, throwing the broken toy to the floor with the others. Conquest sighed. He had been trying to get her to excel at a game that didn’t end with a destroyed toy.

“Come on, let’s go outside.” Conquest said, standing. He started for the door, not bothering to wait for War. “Maybe there is something we can do outside.” He said, turning his neck as he spoke to the angry filly. She had abandoned the piles of discarded or broken toys. He turned back and they pushed open the door of the orphanage, sunlight bathing the field where other orphans were playing. Conquest watched as an older colt slammed into another one, knocking the ball away from him. He glanced at War, who seemed to be enthralled by the game. She watched with awe as the colts fought for control over the ball.

“That seems like fun... I wonder what they’re playing...” War said softly.

“It’s called hoofball if I’m correct,” said a voice from behind them. Conquest twisted his neck to look at the speaker. He was a sickly color pegasus. His coat was a greenish hue, and he had a dull yellow mane. Bags were visible under his dull grey eyes and you could see his ribs. Conquest noticed that he was about their age, and had a cutie mark of scales.

War started walking to the mare overseeing the game and called back, “I’m going to go play. I’ll be back.”

The sickly pegasus moved to stand beside Conquest as they watched War argue with the mare about joining. Finally the mare called a stop for the game.

“This young filly would like to play. Please be careful with her.” The mare said loudly to the two groups of colts as they shuffled over to see the mare.

War chuckled and said with a evil little twinkle in her eye, “Oh don’t worry about me. I’ma play just as rough.”

She smiled and joined the group to the left. They fanned out and the game started again. Conquest and the pegasus watched the game, Conquest smiling as War launched herself at the colt with the ball, knocking him of his hoofs. He glanced at the pegasus besides him.

“So how long have you been here?” Conquest asked, tearing the pegasus’s gaze from the game.

”I just got here today actually. Is this a common game here?” He said, looking back to the game of hoofball.

Conquest watched the game with little interest. “Your guess is as good as mine. This is my first day here as well. My name is Conquest by the way.”

The pegasus nodded and remained silent. The silence stretched between them as the two watched the game until the pegasus blurted out, “I don’t have a name.”

Conquest nodded. It wasn’t uncommon for an orphan to not have a name. “War didn’t have a name either. I helped her with hers.”
The pegasus pawed the ground and softly said, “Can you help me with mine…?

Conquest glanced back to the game as War knocked two colts over at once; making it seem like a domino effect, then looked back to the pegasus. “Do you remember anything from when you were born?”

The pegasus nodded and took a deep breath and started, “If I remember correctly, I was born in Manehattan…”

Somewhere on the streets of Manehattan..

“That’s right baby. Push.” Enduring Winds whispered softly to the mare he loved. She grunted as she felt another set of contractions grip her. He nuzzled against her, trying to calm her as she pushed. They were behind a dumpster in a dark alley. Their home wasn’t far, being a cardboard structure. Enduring Winds had tried hard to keep them on their feet, but with a crippled wing he could only do so much. He felt so useless. Then when Rosebud shown signs of pregnancy, she had to quit her work, leaving Enduring Winds as the sole provider. Things quickly spiraled down from there. They lost their home, and had very few friends, most of which weren’t in a better situation.

So when they had heard there were some job opportunities in Manehattan they had quickly moved up here. However, they had no need for a crippled pegasus and a pregnant mare. That’s what had led them to their current situation, and now they were having a foal that they couldn’t provide for. Rosebud pushed and they heard the cry of their foal and a light illuminated the features of the dark alley way. It was a soft light, and Enduring Winds eyes widened as he say the source. His foal’s eyes were glowing luminescent as the foal looked into his eyes. The baby colt’s glowing eyes slowly dulled, taking the appearance of Enduring Winds’ grey eyes. The colt then gave a shuddering breath, closed his eyes, and went still. Enduring Winds sighed softly. Deep down, he knew that they couldn’t raise a foal. He looked over the still body of his foal. It was a pegasus like him, his ribs were clearly visible. He noticed that the foal had a cutie mark of measuring scales. He frowned. That was… strange.

“How is the foal? Is it alright?” Rosebud whispered.

Enduring Winds looked up and slowly shook his head. Rosebud choked back a sob.

“Come on. We need to go baby. We need to go. Soon…” Enduring Winds gulped. “Soon he will start to smell and that will attract attention. Given the famine, I think it’ll attract more then guards.” He shuddered. There had been rumors of hungry ponies turning on others as a food source. He would rather not find if that was truth or not.

“We can’t just leave him...” Rosebud sobbed a she nuzzled the limp body of her foal.

Enduring Winds wrapped his marefriend in his undamaged wing and whispered softly in her ear, urging her, “Please baby… we have to go… Come on.”

Enduring Winds led Rosebud away sobbing leaving the motionless foal behind. The alley was eerily quiet, only the sound of scampering rats breaking silence. A rat scampered up to the foal and sniffed him as a few more rats came to investigate. The foal gasped a breath, startling the rats. As they scampered away, the foal let out a sad wail.

“Mother… Please don’t leave me!” He wailed, his eyes filling with tears.

Quick Blade walked along the streets, making his rounds. He had been a Royal Guard for years, but this part of Manehattan always unsettled him. It was a part that had a high poverty rate, and theft was common here. He could sympathize with them, having come from a poor family himself. The fact that most of the theft was food, he generally left it alone. The population liked him because of it, and usually told him first of any violent crimes that arise. So he was surprised when he heard a wail from the alleyway around the corner. He broke into a gallop and rushed into the alleyway, searching for the source.

“Mother… Please don’t leave me!” the source wailed. Quick Blade galloped deeper into the alley, passing a dumpster and hearing sniffing to his right. He turned to see a newborn foal pegasus sniffling and tears gently pouring from his face. Quick Blade’s horn lit up as he tried to lift the foal up. He frowned. The spell had failed. He moved to stand next to the foal and tried again. Again it failed. Using a foreleg, he scooped the frail pegasus up and pressed him gently to his breast.

“Come little one, I know just where to take you.”

War trotted back to them smiling. “Well, that was fun.” She said, interrupting the pegasus. Conquest looked past her to the field where the game had been previously being played. The mare was attending to a young colt. His back leg was bent wrong and he was wailing, tears pouring from his eyes. Conquest focused back to the smiling War.

“Who won the game?” Conquest asked, glancing behind her again. The other colts looked pretty beaten up.
War smiled wider. “I have no idea!”

War then did something that Conquest and the sickly pegasus would learn to fear later in their life. She started giggling and let out a girlish squeal. Conquest raised an eyebrow and the pegasus shuffled his hoofs uncomfortably.

“Does she usually do that? I mean… that.” The pegasus said, nodding to the giggling War. “I wouldn’t have thought she giggled.”

Conquest nodded. “I didn’t think she did either. Anyway..” Conquest said slowly, looking away from the bizarre sight and looked back to the pegasus. “Continue your story.”

“Umm…” the pegasus mumbled, staring at War. “After the guard found me, he took me to someplace with more guards. He said he had to find a flyer and took me with him to find somepony named Smooth Glider. After he did, the pegasus took me and flew me here. We arrived not that long ago actually. So... um, did you think of a name?” The pegasus asked.

“Hmmmm…” Conquest rubbed his head as he thought. “You said that your father had said something about a famine? Why not Famine?”

The sickly pegasus stared at Conquest. “Really? That’s all you could.. You know what?” The pegasus said, getting bolder. “Buck it. Why the Tartarus not?”

Conquest and Famine shared a smile as War snickered still. Famine looked at her then back to Conquest. He coughed and said, “Umm, should we get her help?”

Conquest chuckled. “There is no help for her.” He noticed the mare was glaring daggers at War and, thinking it be easier for them if they weren’t in direct line of sight with the very bloodthirsty looking mare, he said, “But we should go inside before somepony decides that War needs to be punished.”

War sobered up and smiled darkly. “Oh let them try.”

Conquest turned and started for the house and Famine rolled his eyes and turned and started following the white Alicorn.
War called, “Hey, wait for me motherbuckers!” Ignoring the sharp call from the mare, she trotted quickly to catch the other two.

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