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Polishing Silver - Silver-Tongue

An exercise in flash fiction, MLP style

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Stained Silver

Silver Spoon stares at the plate. It was a nice plate, all things considered. A blue floral pattern ran along the rim, leaves coiling off snake-like vines and the flower petals wispy and thin. A cow’s head was etched between every third flower, the horns long and pointy. Small chips pocketed the surface, but were painstakingly back glued together, the white porcelain concealing the damage well. It was an old plate, probably older than Silver Spoon, but somepony clearly had loved it dearly.

Silver Spoon gulps. The laughter and babble of fillies and colts outside does nothing to sooth the gray filly’s spirit. Brushing a strand of silver hair from her blue-rimmed glasses, Silver Spoon nudges the plate gently. It went tinkle.

A long fracture ran through the plate, breaking in the center into two more lines in a rough Y-shape. The plate was in three large pieces with smaller, new chips scattered across the once-pristine tile floor. By the refrigerator, in the corners, under the stove; cruelly sharp, slivery shards dotted the kitchen chaotically, waiting to cut and prick somepony to stain the floor with their blood.

Silver Spoon turns to her left, and finds herself wanting. The cotton blue seat pillow is still warm, the deep imprint of its last, rotund occupant fresh. Silver Spoon sighs, long and wearily. Was it asking too much to have company for once, when she messed up? It is so cold this down deep, and it would be a comfort in wretchedness to have a companion in woe.

A voice calls out from the other room. “Darlings, what was that noise? I’m positive I heard something.” The sound of hooves trotting comes nearby, and Silver Spoon turns slowly in her seat to the kitchen entrance as if weighted down with frosty chains. The shutter doors open with a snap and the glow of cerulean magic.

A unicorn of the fairest breed steps into the room. Her mane curled perfectly into a bouffant and purple as tulips with a tail to match, the mare’s complexion is outshined only by Princess Celestia herself. The mare lifts her legs and head high, steps fluid and graceful as only a lady can be. Her diamond blue eyes speak of confidence and ambition, while her fluttery eyelashes hum coquettish melodies. Silver Spoon looks at her hooves, and briefly wonders why her face is so warm. She knows that she could never be as beautiful as this unicorn, and never would be.

Some house guest she is. Its not every day Ponyville's premier fashionista invites children, fillies like them, to tea. Something about correcting past wrongs for a brighter future, Silver Spoon couldn't quite remember.

Head bowed, Silver Spoon mumbles as the unicorn approaches the table. The unicorn blinks, left ear twitches.

“Pardon me. Please speak up, dear, you’re mumbling,” says the unicorn, as politely as possible. Silver Spoon sighs, glancing up at the unicorn for a moment. Her cup is still full, her tea cooling rapidly. Earl Gray. Her favorite.

Hoof to throat, she clears her throat. “Miss Rarity, there was an–” She pauses, forcing her tongue to work. “An accident.”

“An accident? What happened? Did any pony get hur–” Rarity starts, when a sharp crunch echoes in the kitchen. The unicorn looks down at her right forehoof as Silver Spoon winces. Slowly, Rarity lifts her hoof from the floor.

A porcelain shard sits in her hoof, broken in two. A speckle of a blue bull’s horn. Rarity’s brow furrows. “What in Equestria?”

Silver Spoon’s hoof points down. Rarity looks, then stares. Her perfectly curved jaw drops, gasping.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry,” Silver Spoon says, pink eyes hopeful and desperate. Big blue eyes fall across the tile, absorbing the wreckage. A lower eyelid begins to twitch.

“It was my fault! Me and Diamond were talking, and you were off ‘powdering your nose,’ when Diamond realized she had homework due, and I got hungry and reached for the scones, but I’m not a unicorn so I stretched on the table, and and and I’m so so sorry Miss Rarity!”

The biscottis were missing, and Silver Spoon’s stomach quietly ached. Fear dripped from her brow. Diamond had left in a hurry, but not too much in a hurry.

Rarity’s lip quivers. “This plate was my Grandmother’s. The last of the set.” Silver Spoon bites her lip as tears form in the corners of her eyes. She lowers her head to Rarity, unable to look the perfect unicorn in the eye.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

The tick of the clock clangs in Silver’s ears, slicing time and her nerves. The laughter of dark shadowy foals at play mocks her. The kitchen is cold, so cold, it has become winter and Silver Spoon is frozen solid at the bottom of an icy lake. She wonders why there’s Miss Rarity hasn’t started yelling yet.

The gray filly looks up.

Rarity looks down on the small filly, her brow furrowed. She looks between Silver Spoon, and the broken plate as a miniature wages behind those glamorous, long-lashed eyes. A tongue licks those dainty lips thoughtfully.

“Well, I suppose I cannot be rightly upset if it was an accident,” Rarity says at last, with a tired sigh. “Are you hurt anywhere?”
She shakes her head unsteadily. A small smile graces the unicorn’s lips.

“Good. Now, let us take care of this mishap, shall we?” Horn glowing, Rarity levitates a broom and dustpan from a nearby closet. She holds the dustpan out to Silver Spoon, who blinks. She puts a gray hoof over her chest.

“R-really?” She stutters. “Just like that? Y-you forgive me, j-just like that?”

Another small smile.

“Everypony makes mistakes, darling, children especially. They put less thought into their actions, never sure how they will affect everypony around them. So they learn to think ahead and care how others think and feel.” Rarity coughs, dust coming off the broom. “Some sooner than others.”

“O-oh. Okay.” Silver Spoon says, holding the dust pan. She looks back up to Rarity, frowning slightly. “Are we still talking about the plate?”

Rarity chuckles. The only sound in the room is the sweep of the broom.

Author's Note:

I'll avoid using Author Notes whenever possible, but this is my first published fanfiction in five years. What do you think? Please enjoy, and critique where necessary.

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0 comments. wow:applejackunsure:
Well I like your story but why was SS at :raritystarry: house?

4242688 I tried to fit the reason in, but couldn't with the 1000 word cap. If I manage to trim some excess word out, I'll do just that. For now, go with your own idea.


Thousand-word cap? :rainbowhuh:

I think you've misunderstood, love. 1,000 words isn't a maximum limit, it's a minimum limit; in other words, your story can't be less than a thousand words. There is no limit on stories or chapters being more than a thousand words long... and if this is a multi-chapter story, then you should really be aiming for two, or even three thousand per chapter.

4242952 I am currently experimenting with flash fiction short stories, which typically range from 300 to 1000 words. I'm aware there's no maximum limit to chapter length, and each chapter will be a self-contained story. Not all of them will be flash fictions. If any plot is broken into chapters, I will post it as a different story altogether.

So why did silver go to Raritys
as mix tape mare has said you can fit it in so could you edit it :pinkiehappy:

im deeply confused now:derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

but if you wanna trim it a bit try describing the plate a bit less

A little bit of present-tense/past-tense confusion, but overall a solid flash-fiction. I really liked Rarity's interactions, and the subtext in her sentence about children growing up was very well-handled.

4665172 Well thank you. I do need to work on grammer, no way I'll ever get hired making such amateur mistakes.

Rarity looks down on the small filly, her brow furrowed. She looks between Silver Spoon, and the broken plate as a miniature wages behind those glamorous, long-lashed eyes. A tongue licks those dainty lips thoughtfully.

I think you mean "a miniature war wages behind etc":twilightsheepish:

great story. simple, short, and sweet. I loved it.:raritywink:

wait a minute.. why the hell was this tagged "sex"? :twilightoops:

Oh and also Diamond was only mentioned. i hardly think she deserves a tag. and who was the OC?

honestly all I heard was Rarity and Silver talking and some mystery foals playing nearby.:facehoof:

5195754 sorry, I just wrote this whole thing out in one night, so it's not my best work. I should go over it again sometime and edit it. And my original plan was to write multiple one-shots of this story with some shipping material in the background, but Silver Spoon being too young to realize what's going on.

5196376 well tagging it "sex" when there is nothing even mentioned of an adult nature is a BIG mistake. It will turn off those who don't want to see that kinna material and they won't read and will disappoint the cloppers who do read it looking for sexual content.:twilightblush:

personally when i saw the DT and SS tag and sex, I expected a shipping and or clop of my OTP. I am not disappointed with what I got by any means. It just wasn't anything the tags suggested I should expect.:twilightsmile:

5196742 My apologies, I didn't mean to cause anyone disappointment. The tag has bee corrected.

5198297 well I loved the short story for what it was. I just didn't want you to loose potential readers over the sex tag. :raritywink:

5199479 here's to hoping that the next story is better received, and just all around better written. ^_^"

5200575 I didn't catch many errors. Like I said for a little slice of life story with Rarity and Silver it was wonderful. People ask "why was Silver at Rarity's at all?" but Silver mentioned that she and Dia were hosted by Rarity for a tea party to promote positive relations in the future (most likely with Sweetie Belle). I think Rarity as business pony recognizes how influential Diamond, Silver and their families are as customers while as a responsible big sister and surrogate parent (because :unsuresweetie: is overthere allot!) she recognizes that DT and SS have much in common with Sweetie and could be good friends if not just civil acquaintances.:raritystarry:

If Sweetie truly wants to follow in Rarity's hoof steps she will NEED the support and patronage of the upper and upper middle class of her own generation. If Diamond grows up with an axe to grind she could easily effect future business for the Boutique simply out of spite.:duck:

and then there is that old saying "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!":raritywink:

also like I said it's a "slice of life" fic not a "random" story. There is nothing random or chaotic about it. It's a look into the life of Silver Spoon beyond the bully stigma of the show and I think it's beautiful.

I LOVE the interaction of Rarity with Silver over the broken china. I love how Silver expects disdain and Rarity can only express concern for Silver's safety. I think I will actually read it again.:twilightsmile:

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