• Published 28th Mar 2014
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Percy Jackson, and the... ponies? - DashOfBlue

Percy and his friends, save equestria from Discord.

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The world of ponies

Dear Twilight

I know you have had experience with the mirror that brought you to the mortal realm. Well, there is another. Actually it is a vase, and it can only be accessed from the mortal realm.

I am sending it to you because I trust you will take good care of it. As far as I know, nobody has transported through it. You will find this vase in 5...4...3...2...1

Best wishes, Princess Celestia.

Suddenly, Spike burped out a tan vase with an alicorn, a unicorn, an earth pony, and a Pegasus on it. "So this must be it." Twilight said, "It doesn't seem very magical. It probably won't even be in use for a while. Spike could you put this in the basement?"

"Yes mam." Spike replied. He grunted as he carried it down. Twilight paced as she thought about the vase. It didn't seem as important as she felt it was.

'"Guess what, there is tons of gems down there. I'm going to have a good dinner tonight." Spike gleamed as he entered the room again. Then he looked at Twilight. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just worried." She replied.


I felt like puking as we bounced around in the vortex. Imagine being in a mix of getting thrown in a bag, shaken up, and being swallowed at the same time. Cause that's what it felt like.

After what seemed like hours, we hit ground with a thud. I heard Annabeth groan. It was too dark too see anything. My arms and legs hurt. It took me a long time to find the door. "Over here" I whispered to Annabeth. I heard hooves clopping as she crawled over to me. "What was that?" "Who knows" I murmured without really caring about anything but getting out.

I opened the door. It was still dark so I couldn't see. I went up the stairs that appeared in front of me. After bumping into about 20 more things, I crawled over to the door that led outside of the house, and opened it. It must've been midnight because it was pitch black.

I felt the cool air brush against my face. I saw strange eyes in the woods. Annabeth and I crawled until I ran into a tree still hearing hooves clopping "Let's rest here" I told Annabeth. "Ok" she agreed. I let my eyes close.


I woke up, and glanced at Annabeth. Except she wasn't Annabeth. I was looking at a yellow unicorn with a curly light purple mane. It had a picture of a book on the top of its leg. It's tail was like its mane: curly and light purple. I was looking at a pony.

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4031860 That awkward moment when you review yourself

i was interested when they were humans but now you lost me

I give you more props than a movie set

Um... annabeth you might have a little something..... everywhere

please continue this

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