• Published 14th Oct 2018
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Scared like foal's - Rahzzy

A manson of Traps Tricks and horrors an irresponsible adult who likely doomed a few kids how do you get out of this mess?

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

Rahzzy Warning there's going to be some bad grimmer and i might change styles to 1th person and scrip with's ever i'm more happy wit. Why?. because Screw yo! :) (( See wat i did there? how i'm leaveing the spelling like that becouse it not pat of the story. just notes... may it hurt your eyes

"Nightmare Night is just a waste of bits and money and you're just asking to get sick out here. For no reason then for candy you can just buy at a store!" Rahzzy complains wearing his vampire Cape as he wraps around his body to warm himself up from being in the howling wind. Staring down at the mare Lily, as she trembles at the aggressive stallion " I had to take 3 young foals out all night never getting any candy because I'm a grown stallion. So stop wasting my time!" He Bears his fake vampire fangs and shoves the bag in her face aggressively. He then proceeds to scream at her " GIVE ME SOME DAMN CANDY BEFORE I DRAIN THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!" Lilly stand there frozen in place at the door as she start stubbing on her words. Before she slam the bowl of candy on top of the unicorn's head. Taking him by surprised,

" J-just s-stay away from me! CREEP!" She slam the door into his muzzle. He stumbled back and start to slip over the candy that spiled out on the floor. . As candy bits rolls and get kicked around. Sending himself falling head first on the two steps. The bowl protective his head. Sliding down to the step bumping his ribs on the edge of the steps.. Snips. Snails. And the face palming Spike watch there chaperone make a fool of there selves. Rahzzy hold his hoof in the air. And grab himself from the steps to lay on the ground with his free hoof

" You deserved worse, I hope you know that." Spike said as he would give the pained unicorn a look. His eyes would follow the bowl that Rahzzy was now pulling off of his head. He was being careful to make sure the candy wouldn't Fallout of the upturned bowl.

" Hey it kind of worked!" Rahzzy wood smirk as his horn would light up to pick up the candy off the ground. Some of it was smashed underneath his hooves. Some minor candy casualties for his Fallen mishap. " I scared the Lily which got us candy isn't scaring what Nightmare Night is all about"

" Uhh...I think that was more of a death threat then just a scare.." Snails being a zombie Rahzzy found befitting for this kids capacity to think, at all. and he was pretty skinny.. Snips dress as a frog while spike was going a a cardboard knight

"It's not a death threat when it's nightmare night!" responded rahzzy as he start to look for the next house on the list. It was starting to get cold, and he didn't like staying out too late after dark so he made a deal with the cults. A max of 20 house's. Then they can fine some other pony to walk them around. Now 20 house's don't sound like much. Living in ponyville. But not if you can be picky about it, They fine only the best house's by rating how it looks. If there home has more decorations on the houses or more creepier or Flashy. It will have more candy. And the more candy. The quicker their bags will get filled, and the sooner ready can get home. "that's 11 out of 20" he turn to the foals. levitating the candies over to them and poring it in there bags at a time. trying to balance them out.. snips and Snails are just about half full. Spike however started to eat some of his candy that he had gathered all ready. "you really wanna eat all that now?"

"There gonna get eating when i get back home anyways. I'm just killing my appetite before then." Spike grab a claw full of candy before eating them. "and beside. we still have a few house's to go, so im just making room here.". Rahzzy shrugs abit. Well. it's not his dragon. Just at long he get home


Rahzzy rings the door bell to the next creepish house they can fine. the house was old. and the steps ware giving out. It almost look abandoning.

"Nightmare night. What a fright. Give me something sweet to bite!"

The pony that answer the door was dress like a bat pony. he wore a black robe that drag along the floor. was he trying to use it as a cape? from the size of him it was a small Pegasus using fake bat wings. his real wings must of been hidden inside the robe " Blah!" He shouted as he wave his robe around. Rahzzy and spike looked amused looking blankly.

"Blah..really?.." Rahzzy spoked as the winged stallion stand back on all fores but speak in a Dracula way

" Well I don't see you putting much effort. Look at you!" The stallion flys over to him and start to hold his cape "The color is not even poped out!" he drop his cape as he reace over to pop his color up., Rahzzy annoyed pushes him away and quickly bend it back

"I don't want it poped! it my neck start to sweat because it's on too tight!" he said pulling on the cape to give his neck some brethren room

" You didn't even hiss at me either.. Are you spouse to be a Drac?" he smirk as he wave his robe over his face looking over only reviling his eyes." oh maybe..You're not a TRUE DRAC! DECIVER! BLAH BLA BLAH BLAH!!" He waved his robes and jumps at rahzzy like some angry bird. his fake bat wings collided into ease other as his wings unfolded Rahzzy back off taking a step back before his wing braks off and hits him

" Whoa there buddy.. nice that you like to play your part.. but can we get the candy while--"
Chomp! the stallion had closed in on the unicorn and bite him on the solders " yuow!! GET OFF ME!" Rahzzy stumbles about as he start to smacked the winged pony while snip and snails quickly hide behind skip who was couth off guard by the struggle " DON'T JUST STAND THERE GET HIM OFF ME!" rahzzy tripped over the robe as the two tumbles to the dirt

" Deceiver! trickster!!" The stallion shouted trying to bite rahzzy again The stallion hold him off as skip rush over trying to pull him off by the tail"

"Nnng! Okay weirdo! cut it out! Guys help! " Skip called out to snip and snails. the two hesitated. but quickly try to help pull the craze stallion off rahzzy. A small filly dressed up as a bride see a group of kids trying to pull a stallion off someone as he flails around

" Mooom! Dad's in character again!"


after a few minutes of pain. embarrassment. and conceiving of not pressing charges.. The mummy mare had giving the group some candy and a big bandage for rahzzy's bite mark.. the stallion wings were ripped away from him. ((the bat wings not the real one)) after his little stunt...She waved the group off as they start to leave

"I guess i'll be happy that someone's not gonna get laid tonight." he mutters to himself. as snips walked over to his side

" Sooo how many house's do we have now?" Snips ask still wanting more candy even after that little event at the last house. Rahzzy just glares at him and answered

"One house..." Snips and Snails looked over as they stop in there track looking over to him

" WHat?! No we had more then that man!" Snails frowns knowing this was fact.

" Yeah! you just call it quits because of just one house!"

"two houses" he response to the two" One already made me nearly broke my neck"

"With was your own fault" spike added his two cents as Rahz continues

" And i got bit by someone who enjoy nightmare night WAY too much!. I don't wanna push my luck any more then tonight."spike chuckles thinking the unicorn is just being ridiculous.
"Come on Rahzzy. you're just being paranoid, There's always gonna be a few hiccups along the road But don't let that get to you. How about one more house and we'll see if anything happens. if not. we can continue the rest of the night and get some more candy till our bags are full" Spike suggested digging his claw into his candy and eating a hand full. " or if something go wrong. we can just take us to Pinkie. she'll be out all night anyways" Rahzzy did consider the idea.. Not like he'll lose anything if something happens.. and like spike said . he can just dump them off to Pinkie pie.. if there gonna fine a house.. may as well be a good one..

"Alright. i guess it couldn't hurt Anyone got a suggestion of a good nightmare night house?" Rahzzy look to the three as he asked.Snips was quick to rise his hoof

" I know one! I know the best one! they come here every nightmare night! there's a huge mansion and everything!" snip stand on his forelegs spreading his hooves apart exaggerating how huge this mansion was How ever Rahzzy never heard of this mansion before. Or seen it for that matter seem like spike was skeptical himself as he was the first to ask

" What mansion? And how come i never heard of it?" he question as he grab another hand full of candy Snip and snails chuckles.. Look like his friend was in on this as Snails answers for his friend

"it's outside the Ever free forest man~" spike cross his arms.. he been in the everfree before with Twilight and his friends and never once they seen a mansion outside..

"And how come i never seen it..?" Snips smack snale in the back of the head looking annoyed as he response

" No! out outside! it's around the entrance a two minute walk! just a bit off the trail!" Rahzzy wasn't sure about this.. this is around the everfree.. and that place is not really safe.. but he been in the everfree before and it always been safe around the entrance. And he never went too deep in there himself Spike looked to rahzzy abit worried

"This not a good idea.. i mean common sense that no one put there home there once a year.. that sound like.. a Ghost mansion!" Spike shivers imagine what kind of horrors and angry spirits might hunt that place.. Snails speaks up in the mansions defense

" Na-uh! we saw it last year. and the year before that! there's even a board near the house that say 'Nightmare night special!'"

"You two went inside the everfree?!" He asked in disbelief these two.. in the everfree? How did these two get out alive..?

" We go there like.. all the time man." **Said Snails

Snips bounce in his frog outfit in place " Yup! it's pretty safe at long you don't just wonder around and get lost" Again..how did these stupid foals make it back out alive.. but this did made Rahzzy reassure If these two can do it. Maybe checking this Manson out can't hurt.. beside. he wanna see what so special about this place. and why the owner pick the everfree of all place's to stay at every year...

" You know what.. Fine.. let check it out."

" REALLY?!" Both Snips and Snails wide eyes and excited. while spike also shout in disbelief. The unicorn smirks and start to head out of ponyville,

" If Snips and Snails get to go in and out and there still among the living.. What can really happen? I mean it not like anything will go wrong.. right?" Rahzzy continued onward as Snips and Snails laugh and graved ease other high hooves getting hyped up for this Spike follow shaken his head as he asked a favor from him

" Can you not jinxs it? we're not even in the forest yet. And this is really a bad idea guys..."

"If you have a bad feeling about this then why're you fallowing?" Rahzzy asked the Dragon turning to him.. and his bag was nearly empty.

" Well" Spike begin with some pride in his tone " Being the more mature and responsible one here. I want to make sure our chaperone can make a good judgement call!" he reached in and grab another handful of candy and toss it in his mouth " HMM! Yes! there was a suger coated gem inside!" Spike savor the taste as he hopes that this pony liveing in the mansion have gems Rahzzy rolls his eyes of course guessing spike was in it for the candy.

" Well spike you're in for a pleasant surprise" Rahzzy ooze confident.. maybe he can give spike a good impression watching over foals seem to be easy.. and earning some bits for watching over some foals would be easy bits! he lick his fake fangs and grins widely. "Once we get The candy! Tell Twilight i'm the best chaperone And i do not disappoint!"

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Comments ( 2 )

You know ... compared to the last story I was forced to suffer through that was created by you!! This one is a lot better than the last one for sure because I can follow what is going on a bit more. Yes, of course, the grammar isn't all there, neither is all the spelling but we all know I look past those aspects and enjoy what I can read.

This time I was actually able to read it!! Keep up the work!!

Waits for Chapter Two

"I do not go , Bleh bleh bleh!!!" -Dracula, Hotel Transivania

Thanks! unlike the last story it was rushed for something special. I'm not great at spelling and grammer but I do the best I can to make it as understandable as possible! so I hope this is still enjoyable despite my incapability's

And you get a light for getting the referents :3

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