• Published 26th Jan 2014
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Pen Pals Of A Fractal Nature - RainbowBob

When Fluttershy becomes pen pals with Discord, she gets much more than she bargained for with the troublesome draconequus.

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Chapter 2: Writing Bonds

Fluttershy laid on top of her bed, panting exhausted after such a long day. She lacked the energy to curl up, merely laying legs-strewn on her back on top of the sheets. The day’s events flashed through her mind’s eye: vague, cloud recollections of another life, Twilight’s sudden and jarring transformation, and a coronation the very next day! She hadn’t had any time to sleep at all, leaving her dead tired.

She rolled her head to the side, eyeing the stack of envelopes at the bottom of her pillow. Most likely bills, as usual, but a small piece of her heart hoped it was something else. Somepony else. Summoning her reserves, she bent her head down and grasped the strange, brown envelope with her teeth. Carefully, she tore the envelope open and pulled out the letter. The parchment was a stained tan shade, and had a hint of strawberry to its scent. Odd, but something to be expected from the Spirit of Chaos.

Giggling from the euphoric scent, Fluttershy found the energy to flip over to her side and began to read properly. A few animals crawled onto the bed with her, prompting her to read aloud for all to hear.

Dear Fluttershy,

Interestingly enough, I actually started the Equestrian Games, many a millennia ago. At the time it was fun amusement to make the various races of Equestria and even the world compete in challenges of glory and greatness. Of course, I won all the competitions. Except for that dang 50 yard dash event, in which I got a silver. Such a disappointment…

But nonetheless, the thought of entering the games and reclaiming my title as the best athlete in all of Equestria is definitely an intriguing notion. Might just run that by Celestia. After I have to clean up all those mints that is.

Also, finally I find someone who appreciates my ideas and talents. I tell you, some ponies are just so self-centered they can’t open up to new ideas. At least I know you have good tastes and appreciate the finer things in life. Maybe when I come over for a visit I can show you my newest creation. Blue cotton candy clouds that rain strawberry milk! It has the same flair of the original with a new kick out of it!

Also, I think you would make a great model. Way better than marshmallowbutt Rarity would be.

Fluttershy’s BEST friend,


PS: Tell Angel I have spoons. Toothbrushes aren’t the only thing you can sharpen.

PSS: Also, fine, I’ll make the cotton candy clouds buckable. Takes half the fun out of it, but for you, I’ll do it.

“Oh, so that explains this delectable scent,” Fluttershy commented as she took in a subtle whiff. A few critters nodded in agreement, their mouths salivating at the nostalgic scent of strawberries. Fluttershy shifted in the bed, turning to face her animals. “Um, if you don’t mind, please get me some parchment and a quill? I’d really like to get everything off my chest before I fall asleep.”

Once equipped with the tools, Fluttershy began to write. Her heart was excited, hammering as she thought about her day, but slowly grew dark as the previous’ implications sunk in. Despite this, she wrote her heart out to her friend, the one she began to feel as if she could trust everything with: Discord. She wrote down her fears, her trials, the feelings she hid from her friends. Everypony knew she was shy, but she couldn’t hold them back anymore. Discord, however, was there for her. To hear from her, to listen. And thus she wrote everything she could before falling unconscious, snoring.

“Discord, just what do you think you’re doing?” Celestia asked him.

Discord looked up from his binoculars facing the open window, shooting Celestia a deadpan look. “Spying on the mailbox, what do you expect?”

Celestia frowned and shook her head slowly. “Yes, well, that much was obvious on its own. Why exactly are you doing it is what I’d like to know.”

“I’m waiting for mail. That’s what you typically do when you spy at the mailbox with binoculars.” Discord rolled his eyes, which actually moved down to fit into the binocular slots, which he blinked a few times. “Sheesh, get with the program, Tia.”

“Are you actually going to tell me this so called program, or are you just going to keep me in the dark as usual?” Celestia asked with a raised brow.

“Whichever one seems the most fun.” Raising the binoculars with his eyes still attached at the end to stare at Celestia, and noticing how she was still there, he sighed and said, “I’m waiting for the mail to arrive because I’m looking forward to Fluttershy’s letter.

“Aww, why isn’t that just the cutest thing.”

“No, it isn’t. It is merely an exchange of letters.” Discord returned to his spying while releasing a disgruntled huff under his breath. “Since she’s apparently the only pony who cares about my opinions.”

“Is this about the mint incident a couple of days ago?” Celestia asked.

“... No, it isn’t.”

“Fine. Have a nice wait then,” Celestia said as she left him alone.

“Finally,” Discord said, returning his gaze back to the mailbox. Instead, his gaze met that of Ditzy as she crashed through the open window and hit him square in the head.

Picking herself up from Discord’s noggin, Ditzy waved to the draconequus below her and said, “Hey there, Discord! You saved me again!”

“I live to serve,” Discord muttered from beneath her hooves. As Ditzy left the letter atop his head and left him be, Discord unfolded the paper and read it from his position on the floor.

Dear Discord,

Before I address your last letter, I just have to get it out of my system. TWILIGHT IS AN ALICORN PRINCESS.

Sorry, too loud…?

It was a shock at first, Twilight disappearing after a bright flash from our Elements only to reappear hours later with wings! Wings! Not the nimble wings of a pegasus, but big, broad wings of an alicorn! It was amazing when she finally reappeared and the first thing she did was spread those… beasts! Maybe I’m just being a little silly pegasus, or maybe it’s my healthy curiosity as a veterinarian, but my first thought was preening those monsters. Princess Celestia and Luna certainly have large wings, but now that Twilight has her own then perhaps I can finally get a feel try my hoof at preening. It’ll certainly be a new experience and help with my animal care! Did you know that alicorn wings more closely resemble the wings of a bird than a pegasus? A close examination would definitely help when it comes to bandaging wings, since the poor critters are too small to study safely and accurately.

But enough babbling, I’m sure you’ve heard of Twilight enough already. You two don’t get along, do you? I understand why, since she did kind of defeat you and ed your first escape from a stone prison of a thousand years, but it had to be done. Now you’re reformed, good, and ponies enjoy seeing you instead of fleeing in terror! Please, Discord, give Twilight a chance. She’s a good pony, she just wants to protect the ones she loves.

Speaking of princesses… I can’t help but giggle at the thought. It’s every filly’s dream to be a princess, you know. Unless you’ve never really talked to girls before, I suppose. We girls are fickle creatures at time; hardly a stallion understands us! Even I, the shyest of ponies, can’t help but daydream about being a princess now. Just yesterday, the night after Twilight’s crowning, I couldn’t help but wonder what it’d be like if it was me having a coronation. Princess Fluttershy, imagine that. Of course, that’s not the only thing I thought about. Princesses are proper, princesses are pretty, princesses attract handsome princes for marriage. Oh my, me? Married? I can hardly talk to Big Mac, let alone a prince of Equestria! Though, considering Rarity’s not-so-happy encounter with a Prince Blueblood, perhaps that fantasy should stay fantasy. I doubt any stallion could make me happy, thanks to my… you know.

Now, about that athleticism. Don't let Rainbow Dash hearing you talk about that! Not only is she the fastest flyer in Equestria, she can perform the Sonic Rainboom! Even with your magic, I doubt even you of all ponies could copy her (tee-hee)! Of course, you could always try and I’ll support you, but don’t get your hopes up!


… Discord, something scares me. You’re the spirit of Chaos, correct? Something chaotic happened to me. Before Twilight’s ascension, something strange happened to my friends and I. I can’t remember everything, it’s a blur, but I do remember Twilight explaining that our destinies had…changed? Apparently I thought my talent was laughter and parties, like Pinkie Pie, and had been nearly driven out of town due to my unfavorable performance. I’m sure Twilight didn’t mean to, but it scared me. I really was scared, Discord. My talent, my destiny had been changed with a single spell. Everything about me changed in a single moment and there was nothing I could do. Why would a pony’s spell do that? Why would a pony make a spell like that in the first place?

Discord, Chaos scares me. Please don’t scare me too.

Your friend,


PS: Angel has somehow gathered a militia of other bunnies and critters. Be prepared for acorn cannon fire.

“What? Twilight actually did something productive for once? Well, productive by my means…” Discord scratched his beard, removing from it a scroll of parchment and a pen. “Guess I can reassure her a bit. Poor thing is scared senseless.”

It’s here, it’s finally here! Fluttershy fluttered about in her cottage, holding her letter in glee. Ditzy had finally arrived with Discord’s response, having become the official royal mailmare of Equestria. Her boss, unsurprisingly, had been more than happy to give her up for service to Discord’s mail call. Apparently there had been a magical explosion of chaos the last time they exchanged letters, so even Ditzy was more than happy to have a change in scenery.

Good timing too, considering Princess Celestia had made summons for Fluttershy and her friends to travel to the Crystal Empire. Their journey would give more than enough time for Fluttershy to read and write back to Discord. It would also give her an excuse to shy away from the more intimidating ponies and excuse herself from any awkward moments.

Happily flying about, Fluttershy soared to her bed and flopped down. She tore open the letter in glee and slipped the parchment out. Once comfortable, she sat on her haunches and wrapped her tail around herself before reading.

Dear Fluttershy,

Yes, I did hear about the grand news of Twilight’s princessification… alicornation… coronation… whatever it’s supposed to be called. I couldn’t sleep with all that racket going on! It seems like we get another alicorn popping up every week, so what’s the big deal about it? Did I get a special coronation or crown when I appeared, the only draconequus in existence? Noooo, not even a party. It’s tough sometimes being the only one of your kind, Fluttershy. Though it does make family reunions all the easier to deal with.

As for Twilight, she isn’t too much of a bother. Sure, her head could get big sometimes (I’m talking smart and nerdy in this sense), and I imagine it will get even bigger with that crown resting on top of it (okay, now I’m just talking about egos). The cruel corruption of power can entrap even the most pure among us, Fluttershy. Though I do imagine Twilight to be more interested in reading books than taking over the world. Heck, I don’t think even she has a scroll that big for a checklist for such an undertaking.

Oh, funny story is, me and Twilight had a recent encounter during her coronation princess thingy. Poor thing nearly took a tumble after flying off a cliff… when she didn’t even know how to fly. Luckily, I was just passing by and happened to save her from near fatal injury! After safely depositing her in that bird bath in the castle gardens, I can assure you that we’re just great friends! Also, you were right, alicorn wings are like birds more than pegasi wings are. Though she wasn’t too keen to that bird bath, so I don’t know how deep the differences lie.

Conveniently changing topics now, I must admit I too have always dreamed of becoming a princess. Imagine that, Princess Discord, ruling over Equestria with an iron fist/claw/paw/talon! Of course, I could only contend with the less befitting titles of tyrant, dictator, mad king, eldritch abomination, and so on. Yet that dream to be a pretty pony princess lives on, in my heart, and lower intestines, and some parts of my colon. Though I can say without a doubt you would make a much better princess than Sunbutt, Moonbutt, or even Sparklebutt. You’d be Butterflybutt, which is a cooler sounding name overall, don’t you think? And besides, girl, you don’t need no stallion in your life to make you happy! You’re a strong, independent yellow pegasus living the way you want! Enjoy it while you can!

As for the switching destinies part, I really must say, a warm glow of pride heated in my heart (or was it my spleen?) when I heard that. Twilight managed to put Ponyville into chaos and everyone into disharmony, and I didn’t even have to lift a finger! I’m telling you, that pony is going places. So glad to see that chaos is still going on, even without me. And don’t you worry, destinies don’t matter in the long run. Your cutie mark doesn’t tell you who you are. Sure, you tried to pull off parties, but I bet you didn’t like it, right? That wasn’t who you were, and no changed cutie mark could make you into something you’re not. You’re Fluttershy, devout lover of animals and my friend. No mark on your hindquarters can change that, believe me.

In the end, don’t be scared, Fluttershy. Chaos is a beautiful, natural, and often times involving collateral damage type of event that is just a part of life. It could seem frightening sometimes, but chaos is nothing to fear in the long run. It’s meant to be fun!

Your totally amazing friend,


PS: Tell Angel the treaty of the Lemon Tree is off. This means war.

PSS: Tell Rainbow Dash she’s dealing with the 3,445 consecutive winner of the Youth Underwater Basket Weaving Competition. This is an extremely high-stakes and difficult event. She better bring her A-game.

PSSS: I found those fashion magazines with you in them! Wait, why am I including that in this letter? Why am I writing my own thoughts? Why can’t I stop? Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Fluttershy blushed as she reread the letters, her face turning a shade of pink as her tail subconsciously covered her flank. Nopony really paid any attention to her, so it was a surprise for somepony to call attention to her flanks. Especially a male in particular. It was one thing for a couple fillies searching for their destinies and asking a couple questions, but another to find out that a male had been eyeing her on the side. Sure, the marks on their flanks were there for a reason, but it was unsettling to have it called to attention by one of the opposite sex.

Not to mention somewhat exciting.

Covering her face in her hooves, Fluttershy squeaked and rolled on the bed. Why did I have to tell him I was a model? What if he sees me! Her thoughts raced at each possibility. What if he didn’t like my mane in that one shoot? What if he finds the dress TOO proper?

Fluttershy’s chest rose and fell as she laid on her back, pondering about Discord. It was true, every word he wrote was true. Her animals, nature, and even the nature of her friendships was proof that chaos wasn’t inherently evil. It was calming, understanding that she was still Fluttershy no matter the cutie mark she was branded with. It was just like when she was a filly; she’d find out the truth and her true destiny eventually.

She rolled onto the side and wondered more about the draconequus. Sure, he didn’t speak about it too much, but he certainly paid more attention to her appearance than she thought. Am I overthinking it? Or is he… flirting with me? Fluttershy gasped and threw her head on the pillow. Without a care in the world she began to scream, screaming right into her pillow. Why me? Rarity would know what to do! Fluttershy sighed and pulled herself off the pillow, thinking back to all her spa visit. Flirting… is just natural. Ponies do it all the time, romance or not. Rarity does it to get stallions to move about for her and it doesn’t mean anything. Discord doesn’t LIKE me, right?

Fluttershy turned to her waiting parchment and quill. She had been thinking about dating for awhile, since even Twilight had mentioned a rather nice stallion. Rarity, Twilight, and eventually all her friends would find romance. It was a part of a pony’s life.

I think a better question is—Fluttershy thought to herself, silently forcing herself to be honest—if I like him. He’s a gentlecolt, friendly, and kind. He understands me, as I understand him. Even now, in these letters, he doesn’t nothing but tell the truth and try to help and be understanding.

Fluttershy bit the quill, nearly cracking the feather. Perhaps I should try Rarity’s advice for a change.

She began to write, one thought echoing in her mind.

Test the waters.