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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 7 - Giant Lizards & Capital Cities

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 7
Giant Lizards & Capital Cities

Twilight felt her magic as she ‘moved’ from Sugarcube Corner's floor to the library's floor. She couldn't believe this. Her friends... her only friends would try to do something as despicable as trying to drug her and use whatever magic spell they had in mind! Why did this have to happen? “WHY!?” Twilight screamed, sobbing now even harder.

“Twilight?” Spike's voice asked as he opened her bedroom door.

“Hoo?” Owloysius voiced his own concern for the unicorn.

But Twilight ignored both of them as she dived further into her depression. Inside of her, Nightmare Moon watched with pure delight. Everything had gone better than expected. And now while Twilight was in this kind of state, she could act more ‘directly’. Nightmare's smirk turned into a viscous grin.

Now you know...” she ‘whispered’ to Twilight, who on the other hoof, didn't seem to really notice that there was a voice talking in her head. She was too emotionally unstable and a bit light headed from the drugs that she couldn't think straight. “...but don't worry...” Nightmare said. “I can take it all away...

The pain... the hurting... everything!” Nightmare made sure that her voice sounded completely soft and understanding, as she let some of her ‘emotions’ out, letting Twilight know that she could only trust her!

Twilight wasn't sure why, but she trusted the voice that suddenly started talking to her. It was soft, understanding and comforting. Just like Princess Celestia’s voice had been when she had been scared as a filly. She wanted to trust this voice.

“Twilight, are you alright?” Spike asked, again now nearing the unicorn that was still ignoring him.

Just give yourself to me...” The voice asked and Twilight complied. She wasn't sure why and how, but she complied. And suddenly she felt something that started crawling into her mind. She felt as this... voice invaded her consciousness, harshly. It hurt!

Why did it suddenly do this? It promised to take the pain... everything away! “Oh, I'm taking it. My little pony.” The voice chuckled. Twilight then started feeling great fear as the voice's influence crawled further. “But don't worry...” The voice then said soothingly.

I'll make sure that the source of your pains, will be gone!” The voice then laughed, in a way which made Twilight's skin crawl. But what did it meant about taking away her ‘source of pain’? “I think you know...” The voice said in suggestive tone. As the last of her consciousness was slipping away, Twilight then realized what, or rather who the voice had talked about! “No! Please-!” Twilight wasn't able to finish as the last of her consciousness slipped away.

My apologies, but I intend to keep my promises.” Nightmare Moon chuckled as she took over.

Outside of Twilight's mind, everything at the beginning looked fine. Well, much as fine when your best friend is crying her eyes out on the floor. But things quickly changed as a strange looking dark mist started slowly forming around Twilight's body. Slowly Twilight stopped, but not before muttering. “No! Please-!”

Then everything became a blur for Spike as what felt like an explosion threw him off balance. Spike could hear Owloysius screeching in confusion as strong magical eruption blasted all around the library. Throwing and knocking over every book and furniture around the library. And as soon as it started, it also stopped. But what Spike saw then froze him in his place.

For a couple seconds he had thought that Twilight was once again having her ‘magical episodes’, but instead of seeing the lavender unicorn, before him levitated a dark colored unicorn with what looked like some kind of armor around her body and shadow-like wings. And sky-blue eyes with slit pupils.

“Twi... Twilight?” Spike asked. His voice filled with fear.

“I'm sorry, but Twilight isn't here anymore.” Nightmare said, with evil smile. “But soon, neither will you...” she laughed her horn glowing with dreadful light. Spike could feel his scales crawl. Whoever or whatever it was, it wasn't the Twilight he knew.

It sounded like she was talking in two voice's. One was Twilight's and another... it was familiar, too familiar. “Ni.. Night.... Nightmare Moon!” he exclaimed in fear.


“Argh!” Nightmare screamed as light brown blur flew by past her but not without leaving a mark. A small cut on her right cheek. Owloysius let out another screech which told Spike that he was going in again.

“No wait Owloysius! You’ll hurt Twilight!” Spike said, getting slowly over his shock.

“Hoo?” Owloysius halted in mid-air, confused about what his dragon friend had said.

“That's Twilight you are-”


The next thing Spike saw was a smoking blur flying past him, towards the staircase. And then there was a small ‘thud’ as it hit the ground. Not moving.

“Wha... what... what did you do... you... you... MONSTER!?” Spike screamed, as tears slowly started flowing from his eyes.

“Just taking care of little pests” Nightmare said darkly. “And now...” Before Spike could do anything, Nightmare's horn touched his forehead, making his mind go blank as something else crawled out. Turning his mind and body into something more suitable for its new Queen’s needs.

“Now my assistant...” Nightmare began with a tone that would have made the bravest colt or mare shiver in fear. “We have some business in Canterlot.” she laughed. “But... I won't go without leaving a small souvenir for this little town!” Nightmare laughed, as her horn started glowing again, but this time strange looking creatures started pouring out of her horn.

They had large, round heads, with two long what looked like antennas and two yellow eyes. Body that was a bit smaller than the head, with its hands... or rather claws were sharp and dangerous looking. “Now my children...” Nightmare said, looking with a pleased expression at her ‘work’. “Go, and do whatever you wish!”

Canterlot, Royal Castle.

Princess Celestia looked worriedly towards Ponyville. An activity she had been often ever since she had received the letter from Spike. Still, she had already started suspecting something before she received the letter. When it had been given to her by one of her guards when it was found by one of the citizens of Canterlot, it had only confirmed some of her worries. The letter was badly burned and it had taken sometime for Celestia to fully understand what Spike had wanted to tell her.

And what had been in the letter had made her worry quite a bit. It for some reason reminded her of a time, one thousand years ago. But that was impossible! Twilight and others had made sure that the Nightmare was over.

“Your highness, are you alright?” Celestia felt her heart jump a bit.

“Shining Armor!” She exclaimed surprised. “What are you doing here?” Celestia asked while also calming her heart rate. Had she been so lost in thought?

“I was just walking by, and I couldn't help but notice your worried look, your highness.” Shining Armor said bit awkwardly. Not really sure how to address the alicorn.

Celestia chuckled at this. “There is no need for formalities when we are in private, Shining Armor.” she said with a sweet smile. That seemed to make the white unicorn feel bit more at ease. “Of course... Celestia.” Shinning replied. “But, I'm sorry if I'm bothering, but did you have something on your mind?” He asked somewhat hesitantly.

Celestia turned her gaze from her Captain, back to the direction of distant Ponyville. Shining Armor did deserve to know. This was about her sister after all, but she also feared that it might distract his duties as the Captain of the Royal Guard. Still, she had to tell him. “It's about your sister...” She finally said.

From the corner of her eye, she saw as Shining Armor's ears perk up and his eyes sparked with great worry. “Twily? Has something happened to her?” He asked, trying to keep his voice tone clear. “Is she alright? Is she hurt?”

“Shining Armor please!” Celestia exclaimed. That seemed to work, at least Shining was now quiet. “I'm not entirely sure.” Celestia started. She then floated the damaged letter to Shining. “But this letter-” Celestia wasn't able to finish whatever she was going to say when what sounded like a loud explosion echoed throughout Canterlot and what followed was terrifying roar. “A dragon!?” both Celestia and Shining Armor exclaimed with shock.

“Captain Armor!” Another voice suddenly called behind them. “A dragon is attacking the city, we need your assistance immediately!” A dark blue earth pony called. Shining Armor quickly gave Celestia a questioning look, to which she responded with a nod.

“Gather half of our Defensive Party and the Aerial Team will distract the dragon while the other half of the Defensive Party will evacuate the civilians!” Shining Armor ordered. “Princess Celestia.” Shining then turned to Celestia. “I suggest that you find your sister and take cover, while we deal with this.”

“No.” Celestia said.

“What?” Shinning asked confused.

“These are mine and Luna's subjects that are in danger. You included Captain Armor.” Celstia said, looking at Shining Armor with a very serious expression “I can't just sit back and watch as everypony is going to get hurt while we just hide and wait.”

Shining Armor found himself leaning back in shock. While he was aware of Celestia's and Luna's need for helping their subjects and was really grateful that they did feel that way, it was still his duty to make sure that the Princess's of Sun and Moon were safe. “I wasn't asking your permission, your highness.” he said. There were still some old academy lessons that were stuck heavily in his mind. “Old habits die hard...” He thought.

“I wasn't asking your permission either, Captain.” Before Shinning or the guard could stop her, Celestia spread her wings and took flight. And immediately she could see the dragon crushing her beloved city as various ponies tried to escape from the giant beast. “I won't let you harm anypony else!” Celestia shouted as her horn started glowing.

The small, gold like glow got the dragon’s attention from the small forms of running ponies, to another pony, which was flying towards it with bright, golden light. A sudden need of wanting to have the light for itself swelled in its dark mind. “Go on, take it.” Its Queen called to it. “Take it all and you will be the most powerful being in Equestria!” The dragon roared a challenged. To which Celestia answered with a beam of pure light fired from her horn.

She watched as the beam started taking effect. And as she suspected, being a mature dragon made it very resistant to her magical attacks. But she had few things up on her hoofs. And she also had her Royal Guard for help if she needed any. But she couldn't help but wonder where Luna had gone.

The fight was already begun and there was no doubt she must have either heard or at least felt Celestia's attack. “Is she away again?” She mentally wondered. This was bad. But she had taken care of dragons before. But Celestia's thoughts were interrupted as she felt her magic being sucked away from her. She quickly halted her attack, only to see that most the energy she had used was actually being adsorbed by the scaly monstrosity.

The dragon let out a satisfied groan, like it had just finished with a delicious meal. “...more...” it groaned, hungrily. It then inhaled deeply.

Celestia watched in horror as the dragon released a sea of flames and she did the only thing she could come up with. Creating a large dome of magic, she tried to trap the blue flames. “Wait... blue flames?!” Celestia felt tingle of fear entering her mind as she watched the flames actually eating her magic away. But what made the situation worse; she recognized this kind of magic!

This kind of magic belonged to Luna when she was taken by the Nightmare. Or more precisely: Nightmare Moon! The magical barrier started cracking and the dragon was still breathing. This was the first time in long, long time when Celestia was actually felt fear creep into her. “I... I need... need to...

Then it happened. The barrier was breached! Only it wasn't the barrier that was slowly being eaten away. No, this was the barrier for Canterlot Tower! Where the Elements of Harmony resided, was completely and utterly destroyed. “Nightmare Moon!” Celestia yelled in shock. And then her magical dome broke.

And she felt as the flames started licking her coat, her skin. Her magic. “NO!” she screamed in denial. “I can't die... just... yet!” She reached for her magic again, only this time she summoned every bit of strength she had left. Her horn started glowing once more, much brighter. But as her horn glowed brighter, so did the flames burn more.

“Princess Celestia!” She then suddenly heard as a strong magical barrier suddenly pushed away the flames. The dragon was confused at this suddenly change of situation. “Now is our chance!” Celestia ordered. Not caring who was with her. Now they had a small chance of hurting this beast. And she didn't say any more, as she fired again from her horn as her Royal Guard did the same.

The effect was bit more than Celestia or the dragon had expected. The combined powers of Princess of the Sun and her Royal Guard exploded right on the dragon’s chest, the beast roared in pain as it feel backwards, crashing into some of the buildings behind it. This allowed Celestia a moment to catch her breath.

“Princess Celestia!” Now the Sun Princess recognized the voice of her Royal Guard. “Are you alright?” Shining Armor asked, running to his Princess's side.

“Captain Armor.” Celestia panted as she fought to control her breathing. “I... I will... will be...” Celestia took couple deeps breaths before continuing. “Have you... have you found my... sister?” She asked.

“I'm afraid not.” Shining Armor shook his head.

Celestia hung her head. This was really bad. If what she was fearing was right, then Luna might be... “No! Don't think like that!” She snapped to herself. “Luna is changed!” Celestia could already feel fresh tears forming in her eyes.

“Captain...” She said before pausing for a moment. “We need to head for...”

The ground rumbled as the dragon suddenly rose from the wreckage of the buildings. The now obviously angry dragon looked down at them. It recognized its true targets. It let out an angry roar, telling them that this time, there would be no mercy!

“Princess Celestia...” Shining Armor suddenly said. “You go take care of whatever it is; we'll try to hold this beast until you return.” He said with reassuring smile they both knew was forced.

“I try not to delay much...” Celestia said before she pread her wings again. As she jumped into the air, the dragon tried to grab her. But with the Royal Guards and her own magic, they were able to hit its arm away, only this time the damage was obviously less. “It's adapting?!” But she didn't have much time. She needed to reach the tower before it was too late. She flew fast as her wings could carry her.

Canterlot Tower, Hall of the Elements.

“Ah... at... at last!” Nightmare exclaimed loudly. But it came out as more a shriek than anything else. This was her night. Her moment has come at last!

“Urgh!” Nightmare groaned as she struggled to stand. The accursed barrier had taken much more out of her than she had anticipated. And now she was getting tired, and she could feel Twilight trying to push through. “Not so fast... little filly...” Nightmare breathed. “Soon... all... of your worries... will be... gone!” She slowly stepped towards the end of the hall, where her target rested.

As the wall came closer and closer, Nightmare's horn started glowing. She already knew what was needed to open the hidden door. Just little bit of alicorn magic. But even this small amount of magic would make her even weaker. But she had to take the risk! She watched as her magic left her horn into the small hole.

The wall stirred a bit. Then slowly, slowly the wall moved. And behind it... “The Elements of Harmony...” Nightmare Moon said almost breathlessly. This was it!

But she came to a sudden halt. Like some kind of force was preventing her to make any more moves. She then saw it. The Elements, even without their bearers, they were still able to work on their own? Did they know who was in the hall? Did they sense her?

It didn't matter, she was here for them. And she knew how to obtain them!

Nightmare took a deep breath and concentrated. Slowly, she let out a small piece of Twilight Sparkle. Letting the Elements believe that she was no threat. She took another step. None of her limbs moved. It was not enough! She let out more.

She could now feel the emotions Twilight Sparkle went through when she first encountered her ‘friends’. Nightmare started feeling sick. Another try, her front hoof moved! She took another, but once again, she was slowed down. And more of Twilight Sparkle was released. This time her beautiful, shadowy wings disappeared.

Another sudden stop, for the first time since her return, Nightmare Moon started feeling pure fear. Fear that she might not reach the Elements in time, that all of her plans might disappear. She felt as she let out even more of Twilight Sparkle, her royal armor, which displayed her rightful status vanished.

They were so close that she could almost taste the power. It was so close. Another step, and more of herself she had to press away. Now her once mighty aura that had surrounded the unicorn was gone. If anypony would have looked at Nightmare, they would have thought that she was just regular unicorn. Except her eyes were still glowing the deadly blue color with her slit pupils. Three more steps!

This time Nightmare Moon took the risk and took two more steps. Her body screamed from weariness, her senses told her to give up and rest. But she wouldn't, she would reach her goal tonight!

But still, all of her efforts seemed to have no success, she was so, so close, yet so far! She could feel as her conscious was slipping away, and Twilight's was pushing through. Slowly her eye color started to change back, but the slit-eyes were still there. And then Twilight spoke. “P... please...” she pleaded weakly. “H... help, me...” The Element of Magic reacted.

Even if Nightmare wasn't in control, she could feel herself tense up. Was this it? Was this the end? Did this mean that all of her troubles were in vain? But then a loud bang echoed through the hall, and behind Nightmare/Twilight, stood a familiar figure. “Twilight?” she heard Celestia ask in confusion. Like she wasn't expecting her prized student to be here. Well that was quite obvious.

But now, whatever hopes Nightmare had, were slipping away. She couldn't take Celestia on in this kind of state. All was now lost. Everything she had worked for. She didn't even bother to look at Celestia. But she watched as the Element launched itself towards her.

It landed right on her head, behind her horn. And then what happened, became a complete shock for both Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon. The Element of Magic started glowing brighter. Which soon became too bright for anyone's eyes. And the flood of magic was just... overwhelming. It was like the whole hall was taken over by a lavender ocean. And the two mares had disappeared into the waves.

But it ended as quickly as it had started, leaving both ponies untouched. But Twilight was standing still and the Element still attached to her head. She was completely surprised about that fact, instead of finding Luna (as she had feared), she had found Twilight. “Twilight?” she asked again. Taking couple steps towards her student. “Are you alright?” No answer.

Celestia took few more daring steps before stopping. Then Twilight's body stirred. Celestia waited, the silence was killing her. When she received no answer, she talked again. “Are you alright, Twilight?” she asked, adding more concern into her voice.

“Yes.” Twilight answered calmly. Still looking away from the princess. “Yes I'm fine princess.” Celestia felt relieved. Everything was fine after all. She let out a relieved sigh.

“Good, but we have a dragon to deal w-”

AND I'VE NEVER FELT BETTER!” Before Celestia could react, she was literally blasted from the hall, back into the streets of Canterlot. And the next thing she knew was a collision with a wall belonging to a random house of Canterlot. She stared both horrified and dumbfounded at the Tower, only to see a dark looming figure with a black nightmarish mane and dark, twisted armor curving around the pony’s body.

But it was the ‘crown’ that was drawing most of Celestia's attention. Well, more like mix between a crown and a helmet. But what rested slightly above it, was an all too familiar looking star. Only it was more twisted than usually, and was even darker colored than before.

Two large shadowy wings, like doorways to the Void itself. But most importantly, two evil, twisted blue colored slit pupil eyes, staring at her. And in those eyes she saw nothing but pure evil delight. “And I can't wait to feel even better!” It laughed and Celestia let out a loud horrified gasp. In its dark mane, reside five familiar looking necklaces. “The Elements!” She screamed.

Newly born Nightmare Moon chuckled. “If you want them...” then her mane and tail started extending and warped themselves around her. “Come to the place where it all ended!” Before the Nightmare was fully gone, she laughed one more mocking laugh which echoed throughout Canterlot. Making everypony cover in fear, while sending the most horrifying chills down Celestia's spine.

Can't... hold out... any... longer...” Shining Armor had never felt this weak. Not even when the Changeling Queen had fed on him. He could feel his hooves ready to give up at any moment. His vision had become so blurry that he was surprised that he was still able to see this much. But he wouldn't falter now. He was the Captain of the Royal Guard and he was needed to do his duty.

“Don't falter just yet!” He yelled over the carnage to, what remained of his squad. “We need to hold this creature a bit longer until the Princess returns!” He could see that rest of his men were already pushed to their limits. Just like him. But he wouldn't give up. Not now, not while he was still breathing.

Shining Armor then built up, whatever magic he had left and fired at the raging beast. And to his horror, it didn't do anything. Not even a scratch. But the creature wasn't done. Because of his weariness, his reflexes were bad. And before he could react, he was grabbed in a large clawed hand by the creature and brought right to its eye level.

He could already see what it was planning. To have its prey and adversary see it one last time before the final blow. “I'm sorry Twily...” Shining thought regretfully. “Sorry I couldn't keep you safe...” He felt his eyes moisturize. “Cadence...” He then thought. “Sorry that I let you down...” A single tear left his eyes.

The growl from the beast brought him back. It was still waiting, looking its defeated prey. Waiting for him to give in fear and despair. But he wouldn't give it the satisfaction. Shining looked right into the dragon’s eyes with a daring and brave look. A look that said “I won’t be broken!”

And the creature opened its giant maw. Shining Armor prepared himself. It would be painful, but at least fast. He closed his eyes...

Shi...ning... Ar...mor...” That wasn't what he had expected. He opened his eyes, seeing the hesitation in the dragon’s eyes. And now he saw something else in them. A look he had seen on a certain dragon. But it was impossible...

“S... Spike?” But the strange moment was cut short by a large magical explosion and maniacal laugh that made Shining Armor's heart beat faster from fear. Then the dragon did another unthinkable act. It placed the Captain back on the ground gently. Not dropping him, or placing him down roughly, but gently. Like he was the most fragile being the dragon had ever handled.

And then it took flight. Leaving the somewhat devastated Canterlot behind, disappearing into the night. Shining Armor and his squad looked at each other with puzzled expressions. “What the hay is going on?!”

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