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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 5 - Friends Scheming

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 5
Friends Scheming

Pinkie Pie couldn't believe that she was able to pull that off! She was quite sure that in a few moments she would have somewhat screwed up and maybe revealed what the party really was for. Pinkie couldn't help but feel guilty. Guilty that she had lied like this to her best friend and she had gone with the idea of throwing a 'fake' party!

This was really dumby dumb idea! Pinkie felt like smacking herself on the head. “You OK Pinkie?” she heard a familiar voice asking above her.

“Yeah, of course I am Dashie.” Pinkie said, but both of them knew that was a horrible lie, but Pinkie didn't feel like saying that since both of them knew how things were.

“I know.” Dash sighed. “But at least we can try to help Twilight, even if she doesn't want us to.” Dash said, landing right beside Pinkie.

“But...” Pinkie then started. “Is this really good idea Dash?” she asked worriedly.

“Tell you the truth?” Dash asked. “I'm not really sure about it either.” Dash answered. “But this is Rarity's and AJ's idea not mine!”

“Yeah, yeah…” Pinkie said, her head lowered. Her mind returning to the last evening when Rarity had called them over to her boutique.


“Hi Rarity! What's up?” Pinkie asked.

“Hi there Pinkie, it's good that you could come.” Rarity said.

“Of course I would come silly.” Pinkie giggled. “I couldn't miss this invitation. So why did you call us here anyway?” Pinkie asked, looking around the boutique as if looking for something. “Did you plan a surprise party?” Pinkie said with fake shock in her voice. “How could you do this without me!? I mean I'm usually the one who comes up with party ideas and-!” Pinkie was interrupted by a snow white hoof to her mouth.

“Pinkie please!” Rarity said with raised voice. “This has nothing to do with it.” she said.

“Hm!?” Pinkie gave Rarity a surprised look. “Hen vhad if id?” Pinkie tried to ask, but Rarity's hoof was still preventing her from talking.

“Just sit back and stay quiet Pinkie and we'll tell ya.” Applejack said, while Rarity removed her hoof.

“So why did you call us here again?” Rainbow Dash asked impatiently.

“Well in case you didn't notice earlier this day, there was small accident at Applejack's farm.” Rarity started. ”And Appleboom and Twilight were kind of involved.” Rarity explained.

“Wow! Hold on Rarity!” Rainbow cut in. “What you mean Twilight was involved? How the hay is that possible!” Rainbow asked, her voice getting higher. “Are you saying that she caused it!?”

“Yeah, that's pretty much it.” Applejack said. “While Big Mac came to me Applebloom asked Twilight to show her that 'aura spell' thing earlier. And this time the darn thing put most of my apple trees on fire!” Applejack explained. The whole room was quiet for a while.

“Uuuh, you sure that it was Twilight who put those trees on fire?” Pinkie asked, not believing what she was hearing. It was just strange. She knew Twilight wouldn't do anything that might put anypony in danger.

“Pretty sure.” Applejack said. “Unless ya know anyone else that can put your trees on purple fire and can't be extinguish by water.” that seemed to make Pinkie quiet again.

“Bu... but that doesn't sound like Twilight.” Fluttershy muttered. “She wouldn't put anypony’s life in danger.”

“Yeah. But that ain't the weirdest part.” Applejack said. Her face getting more serious look. “Right after we were finally able to put out the fire, Applebloom soon tells us about how it all started and then...” Applejack suddenly stopped herself.

“Then Twilight started blaming the whole incident on poor Applebloom.” Rarity finished on behalf of Applejack who still had some hard time to believe what had transpired couple hours ago. That got couple shocked gasps from Pinkie and Fluttershy while Rainbow Dash just looked at her two friends in great disbelieve.

“It was like she wasn't the Twilight we knew.” Rarity then went on. “For a moment I was thinking that the unicorn before us was just wearing a disguise that looked like Twilight. And the way she blamed Applebloom. It was like she was actually enjoying the poor things distress.” The whole room was once again in silence as everybody tried to warp their brains around this situation.

“How's Applebloom?” Fluttershy then asked, sounding really worried. Since she, and no doubt everypony knew how a little filly like Applebloom might take that kind of situation.

Applejack couldn't help but let out a deep sigh. “It took some time to stop her from crying and cheer her up at least a bit.” she said. “But she's still feeling quite down.”

“Well, I hope Sweetie Bell can cheer her up bit more.” Rarity commented, putting a comforting hoof on Applejack's shoulder. “But back to the matter at hand!”

“Sooo...” Rainbow then cut in, since nobody didn't seem want to talk. “Do you have something in mind about this then?” Dash could see from the looks Applejack and Rarity gave to each other and neither of them didn't seem to be fond of the idea. Especially Applejack.

“Well, I have planned a small...” Rarity paused for a moment, looking for the right words but couldn't find them.

“What she means is that we are going throw a 'party'.” Applejack said, since Rarity didn't seem to find the right answer.

“A PARTY!?” Pinkie shrieked from indictment. “Should have seen that one coming...” Applejack thought while attending her sore ears. “WHY DID NOPONY TELL ME THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE A PARTY!?!” Pinkie asked, or rather screamed, while bouncing around. “You were actually PLANNING A PARTY WITHOUT ME!?”

“Calm down Pinkie Pie!” Rarity yelled, her horn glowing as Pinkie's body was surrounded by Rarity's magic, holding her still. “This is bit different than your usual party.” Rarity explained.

“Oh, how so?” Pinkie asked. Her question was soon answered by a small jar in which she saw couple pills. “Uuuh!” Pinkie exclaimed. “What are those? Happy Pills? No wait, Party Pills?”

“No.” Rarity said back, shaking her head.

“No?” Pinkie asked confused. “Then what are they?”

Rarity then turned to Applejack. “They are some medication from Granny Smith. Really effective agains' any kinds of flu or fever.” Applejack explained. “But if ya take them on any other matter, ya'll going to have some problems keepin yer thoughts straight.”

Applejack and Rarity looked as the information sank in and was soon followed by shocked expressions. “We are going to drug Twilight!?” Fluttershy asked in disbelieve with raised voice. “What the hay guys!?” Rainbow yelled.

“We know Dashie!” Applejack snapped back at Rainbow. “But these are only our last resort.” Applejack said.

“What you mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well, we hope that Twilight can tell us if she knows what is going on with her.” Rarity explained. “But if that doesn't work and she tries to somehow get away, well...” Rarity then eyed the small jar. “And these little pills are just making sure that Twilight doesn't suddenly teleport on us.”

“But that isn’t everything, is it?” Rainbow asked suspiciously.

“Yeah.” Applejack answered. She then looked at Rarity, as if telling her to continue.

“Well, I'm going to use a certain spell.” Rarity said, and already everybody could see that she was getting really nervous. “It's sort of same kind of spell Twilight used on us when Discord... changed us.” The rest of the night went on pretty Rarity and Applejack explaining what might be happening, and talked with Pinkie Pie about what they were going to need. While also trying to calm down Rainbow and Pinkie.

Back to the present...

“But I really need to go!” Pinkie then said. Returning somewhat back to her cheerful self. “I wasn't lying about helping Mr. and Mrs. Cake out with their deliveries.” Rainbow watched as Pinkie quickly left, towards Sugarcube Corner. ”Guess, I'll go back to cleaning up the weather.” She thought out loud.

She just hoped that Applejack and Rarity knew what they were doing. Because this might be fastest way to lose a friend, even if you didn't want to. “Twilight. I hope you can forgive us...” she thought, while looking worriedly at the library. Then flying off. Hoping that everything would take a turn for the better.

Back at the library, Twilight was doing her best to keep her emotions in check which became a bit easier as she enjoyed the breakfast Spike had made for her. But her thoughts were also at this party Pinkie had talked about. About having ‘party’ so she and Applejack could settle their ‘differences’. It just felt strange. But she wouldn't start arguing against Pinkie Pie. Especially when she wants to have another party.

She took another bite of the waffle. She kind of felt like not facing anypony until she figured out what exactly to do with herself. She could go to the doctor or a psychiatrist, maybe they had little better understanding of unicorn’s mind and magic. Well, she doubted they really knew that much about it. Not like she did.

But then a thought creep into her head. “But what if they think you are mad and take you away?” that would be absurd! They wouldn't come to that kind of conclusion! Yes! She would go meet up with a doctor. “But what if he or she reports right to Celestia?” that made Twilight freeze.

What if Celestia found out? What might happen to her? Would she take her to the dungeons, where she might spend the rest of her crazy life? No! She didn't want that!

Twilight could feel her eyes slowly dampen. She quickly rubbed her hooves on her eyes, getting rid of the moisture. “I need to figure this out by myself!” she thought with rather strong determination that she didn't notice.

Twilight then returned back to her breakfast, her mind going full speed. Trying to figure everything out, but couldn't and that made her even more upset.


Twilight tried her best to ignore some of the rather strange looks some ponies gave her. She wasn't sure if it was because of the accident at her library or the one at Sweet Apple Acres or both, either way the looks she received were mostly quick glances. So they didn't bother her that much.

They are afraid of you...” Twilight quickly shook the thought from her head. Why was she thinking like that? They weren't afraid of her. There was no reason. Was there? But Twilight didn't have much to think as she finally reached Bon Bon's shop.

‘Bon Bon's Sweets’ reminded Twilight lot of Sugarcube Corner, except Bon Bon's shop was slightly smaller. And unlike Sugarcube Corner that was built to look like some kind of cake, Bon Bon's Sweets looked like a regular two-storied house, with large logo right above its entrance.

She then headed inside. Inside the shop was filled with many different kinds of sweets. Just like Sugarcube Corner, but instead of cakes, cookies and cupcake it was nothing but candy. And the smell was somewhat sweeter. Another thing Twilight couldn't help but wonder how Bon Bon could make all of these candies without any magical help.

Well, there is always Lyra.” Twilight thought. Ever since those two got together, Bon Bon had increased her candy selection. “Hi there Twilight!” Bon Bon greeted her with a smile.

“Hi Bon Bon.” Twilight answered.

“What can I do for you?” Bon Bon asked in her usual professional tone.

“Well, Pinkie Pie wanted me to get some sweets for her.” Twilight said. She decided not to mention the ‘party’ since she didn't want to answer and made Bon Bon suspicious. But for some reason Twilight had a feeling that Bon Bon was suspicious about something. “Just like everypony...“ Once again that bitter feeling was coming!

“Ah, so it's usual then?” Bon Bon asked, as she left her counter.

“I... I guess so.” Twilight said bit unsure. Twilight had good feeling that Bon Bon could somehow feel the awkwardness radiating from her. But so far Bon Bon didn't try to pry any answers from Twilight. She watched as Bon Bon collected some taffy and cherry caramels.

“So did Pinkie say the exact reason why she needed you to collect these if she couldn't?” Bon Bon asked casually. But Twilight had feeling where this was heading and she felt her nerves slowly tingling.

“Well, she wanted me to do it since she was needed with the Cakes.” she explained. Not looking directly at Bon Bon, but at one of the shelf’s which was filled different kinds of truffle. “Can... can I have some of those?” she asked, pointing at the shelf. Hoping to avoid the conversation until she was out of the shop and safely back at the library. Away from everypony.

“Sure. Just a minute.” Twilight watched as Bon Bon put, what looked like a strawberries, into the paper bag. Then moved to the shelf which Twilight had meant.

Soon there was two full paper bags filled with various candy. “OK and that's about... thirty bits.” Bon Bon finally said.

Bon Bon waited patiently as Twilight was digging through her saddle bag, but she needed to get out the question she felt like needed an answer. But she didn't wish to hurt Twilight's feelings or anything.

“Twilight, sorry for asking... but what exactly happened at Sweet Apple Acres?” Bon Bon asked with apologetic look.

“No... nothing much.” Twilight stammered. “Why you think so?” she asked.

“Well, I've heard some rather... harsh, rumors...” Bon Bon said in a unsure tone.

That was it. The negative emotions came rushing towards her, although it happened the same way like back at Sweet Apple Acres, she didn't notice the change. And just like before, she started bashing everypony. “And you just believe every bucking rumor that everybody is telling you?!” Twilight asked. Or rather yelled.

“Well, no but you see, I mean from what I heard...” Bon Bon tried to say something, but Twilight wouldn't let her.

“And you immediately think that I'm the one to blame!?” Twilight snarled.

“No! I mean, I don't what really happened, but you were the only unicorn there...” now it was Bon Bon's turn to stutter as she started to feel the need just to disappear.

“Oh yes, of course!?” yelled Twilight. “Just blame me! How do you know if it wasn't anypony else who might have sneaked in?” Twilight asked with rather disturbing tone. “What if somepony like your Lyra was the one?” Twilight suggested.

Inside, Nightmare Moon watched with delight as Bon Bon's shocked expression turned into a mortified expression. “How... how can you say somet-?” Bon Bon tried to ask, but Twilight wouldn't let her.

“Just as you are accusing me!” Twilight snapped back. “I sure can say my own opinion about the matter like anyone else!”

“That's not what I meant!” now Bon Bon snapped back. “And what the hay is wrong with you suddenly Twilight?” Bon Bon asked her voice raised.

“You wanna know?” Twilight asked in low tone. “Everypony is this bucking town! There I said it! You just can't stop making fuss about some small accident!” Twilight started. “Oh no! You have to all the way and start making bizarre rumors! You are slowly becoming more of an annoyance! If you would just for one second use your little brains then again, maybe you don't have any!” Twilight slowly breathed, and Bon Bon could have sworn that she saw steam coming out of Twilight's nostrils.

As the seconds went on, Bon Bon lowered her head, as if giving up

“And the other thing... ugh.. wha...?” Twilight asked. What just happened? Did she do it again? Oh no! “No, Bon Bon look, I-” Twilight stammered. Trying to think how to explain her behavior. But right now, only the only thing that came to her mind was: “Flee!”

And before Bon Bon could say anything, there was a bright flash and Twilight and her were gone. But the bits were left behind. “Wha... what the hay?!” Bon Bon exclaimed. Everything seemed to have happened in a second. “What was up with Twilight?“ Bon Bon thought with bit of worry. This was another part of the rumor that she had heard.

That Twilight had suddenly become rather quick tempered and might throw random tantrums like some kind immature child. “I hope everything is alright...” she thought out loud worriedly. Taking the bits Twilight had left behind.

Back at the library, Twilight was panting hard as she was still in panic mode after what had transpired at Bon Bon's Sweets and tried to grasp how she had let herself go like that again. She then quickly sprinted towards her room, planning on going through the books again. Trying to see if she had missed anything.

“Hey Twilight! How was-?” Spike wasn't able to finish asking as a purple blur ran right past him and he soon heard a door being slammed. “Not that good then...” He said dryly. This was getting really ridiculous. Maybe he really should do something about this.

“Hoooo!” Owloysius commented. Spike stared at the owl and suddenly the gears in his head started working. ”That's it!” He snapped his fingers.


Spike then ran towards one of the shelves and took a small piece of parchment and started writing. “Dear Princess Celestia...” Spike started. But as he went on, he became worried what might happen if Twilight discovered what he was about do... Spike couldn't even fully finish his thoughts as a small shiver went through him. He shook it off and then continued writing.

“Sorry Twilight.” Spike said, as he warped parchment. “But this for your own good.” He then took deep breath and...

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!” A furious voice suddenly screamed inside Spike's head and everything started to become black.

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