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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 13 - The Elements of Harmony

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 13
The Elements of Harmony

Nightmare Moon looked at the five ponies in complete disbelieve. That couldn't be right. They couldn't be the ones they claimed to be. This had to be some kind of trick. “What sort of trickery is this!?” she asked, demanding to know what was going on. But in a way, she already knew. The magic around the five mares had changed drastically. They were now something much more...

This is no trickery.” the five mares said in union again. Hovering high above Nightmare Moon. “For we have come to face you Nightmare Moon. To place the Final Judgment upon you.”

For a moment, the room remained silent, with the five mares looking down on Nightmare with emotionless expressions. While Nightmare looked at them in complete disbelieve. But that soon changed and soon a toothy grin spread across Nightmare's face and she let out a howling amused laugh. “You are too late!” She mocked.

For I have already taken one of you under MY command!” She proclaimed, while still mocking the floating ponies. “There is nothing you can do! For I'm the Element of Magic itself!” Slowly, Nightmare's speech was turning more and more diabolical. “There is NO POWER in Equestria that can stop me!

Nightmare suddenly created a large barrier around herself and then fired a large beam of magic. There was a bright flash of light and explosion as it collided against the barrier created by the Elements.

The room was filled with smoke. Obscuring everypony’s view, but it didn't last long as both Nightmare and the Elements pushed it away with their magics. “I see that you aren't completely powerless as I suspected...” Nightmare mused out loud. Sounding strangely amused. “Let's see if you can deflect this!” Nightmare's horn started glowing again.

She fired another beam at the Elements, who this time returned fire. The two beams collided, one of dark purple and the other composed of various colors. But Nightmare wasn't done just yet as her mane came to life again.

Which started firing it's own projectiles at the ponies, to which four of them responded with their own. But that was what Nightmare had thought. She now increased her powers, slowly her beam started gaining strength and pushing the other one back. She then increased her rate of fire with her projectiles from the mane, which made the the Elements increase their defenses. Things escalated as Nightmare increased the tempo of her attacks.

And now...” Nightmare thought as her mane suddenly launched a larger projectile at the wall behind the Elements, then floor and walls came to life and shot out at the Elements. “No means of escape!” she thought triumphant. Increasing her firing power even more.

The air was filled and pressured with thick magic. Enough to make a regular pony to faint on the spot from the pressure that filled the room. But to the over-powered beings it was nothing. All they could feel that the room had gotten slightly warmer.

Nightmare Moon watched as the mares tried their best to evade her attacks. While she had to admit that they were doing a rather admirable job of deflecting her attacks. Even both Celestia and Luna would have fallen before her powerful attacks.

But she wanted to end this soon. It was giving her a headache. She growled at growing headache. This fight was becoming too long. She needed to end it here and now. And she just had the thing. Slowly, the Element of Magic that still rested on her head, started slowly glowing.

Soon the Element was shining brightly and out of it came, what looked like swarm of little fireflies flying towards the Elements and then making contact with the defensive barrier. For awhile, it looked like everything had went into a complete silence.

There was a bright flash. Still nothing. It almost looked like the time itself had stopped. The magical pressure in the room was breath crushing, but still the five mares looked like they weren't affected by it.

And then it happened. What had felt like an eternity, which really was only about a few seconds, the explosion happened. But this was different. As it spread and quickly consumed the entire room. You could easily see the bright light that emanated from the tower. But the tower never blew up. It almost looked it was containing the explosion that was happening inside of it.

But it didn't contain the large shock wave that came after it. Which could be felt all the way to Canterlot. Every single living creature halted at this moment. It came out of nowhere and took everything by surprise. Back at the castle. Everything seemed to be just... dead. There was no movement, no flashes of lights. Except a large dust cloud coming out of the tower.

But the dust was quickly removed by Nightmare Moon again. But this time there was pure irritation and hatred in her eyes. The Elements before her were laying on the floor, but not dead or unconscious. Just tired. Why these Elements had to be so stubborn!? Her headache had increased tenfold, making it feel like her head was about to split in two.


She watched as the Elements slowly got up. Ready for the next fight. Nightmare had enough. This wasn't the way she imagined her moment of victory. The Elements weren't suppose to interfere. In fact, they weren't suppose to be even sentient. Well, in a way all six elements had a small conscious within them. But it never was anything like this!

The Elements watched as Nightmare's horn and the Element of Magic both started glowing their deadly light. But this time, they didn't do anything. They just stood there and watched silently as Nightmare prepared her next strike.

So... have you finally come to accept your defeat?” Nightmare asked her voice in mix of amusement and frustration.

The Elements just remained silent. But their looks told her enough. And that fueled her anger and headache even further. Nightmare was pretty sure that she couldn't think straight anymore. But she ignored that as all she wanted right now was to wipe out the rest of the Elements from the face of Equestria.

Nightmare let out a terrible scream out from frustration and anger. Her horn and the Element glowing really brightly. Nightmare prepared to strike, the Elements still stood there looking at Nightmare with bland looks. But there was still something in those eyes she just couldn't place...


But nothing happened. “WHAT!?” Nightmare screamed out. Slowly, the light on her horn and the Element started to dim.

You are right Nightmare.” the Elements once again started together. “This has gone on far too long.” they spoke suddenly, their horns glowing. Nightmare letting out a terrible shriek that was heard through out the Everfree Forest and Ponyville. It felt like someone was drilling a unicorn horn through her head.

Suddenly the Element of Magic started glowing, only it was doing it on itself. “For your only mistake was when you brought all of us together when you took us from Canterlot.” the Elements spoke.

This... this was your... plan... all along!?” Nightmare gasped out from the pain. She could already feel herself actually sweating! The feeling was getting deeper, and now she could feel it all through out her body.

But there was one thing that Nightmare did notice. It wasn't like something was drilling itself inside of her, but like something trying to drill out of her body! “Wha... What is happening to me?!” her body started trembling.

She started to feel as someone was pulling her in two different directions. She tried to fight it, but it only made it harder to resist and the headache only increased, even if that was still possible. “AAAAARGH!” Nightmare Moon let out another horrible shriek that could have deafen anyone who was within the room.

She then felt as she was literally pulled out from the unicorns body, while she had returned to her disembodied form she had used many times. She watched as the Element was now burning really brightly, and soon the sixth ‘alicorn’ joined the group. “No... no... this... this can't be right!” Nightmare cried out in disbelieve. “This isn't the way it was suppose to be!

For you, this is the way. The way you choose for the very moment you came into existence.” the Elements, now fully formed, started slowly approaching Nightmare Moons disembodied mist form which was also able to tremble in fear.

No... no... no...” Nightmare muttered hastily in fear and denial. This couldn't be the end of Nightmare Moon. The Bringer of Eternal Night! “...no... no... no...” She continued, her voice getting hastier and louder.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Suddenly the mist started growing larger and the anger radiating from it could be felt in the room. Like a volcano fully awakened, ready to burn everything on its way. The Elements actually took few steps backwards from the event before them.


Then the mist attacked and wrapped itself around the six mares. Like a snake trying to wrap around its victim and suffocate it. The mist tightened its grip, but the mares didn't seemed to even flinch, soon they were completely consumed by the dark matter, nothing else was showing but the glowing mist that surrounded their bodies.

But Nightmare's body was soon pushed away by the light, Nightmare screamed as it burned through her ‘body’ and watched as the six mares rose above her. “DON'T TURN YOUR BACKS ON ME!!!” Nightmare charged at them. But then all six Elements started glowing and suddenly a familiar rainbow colored ray shot out of them.

But instead the ray attacking her, it started forming around itself creating a large dome, which suddenly burst like some kind of bubble, while the aura around the Elements suddenly dimmed. And what appeared before Nightmare, shook her to the very core of her. “No! No! It can't... It can't be!” Nightmare gasped in utter shock. “You... you... you can't be ALIVE!!!” she screamed at the seventh alicorn mare that had taken appearance.

And Nightmare recognized the mare all too well, she recognized her from Luna's memory. A very long, distant memory. The alicorn was pure white coat, her mane colored fire red, but unlike Celestia, Luna or herself, her mane wasn't moving on it's own like being blown by a invisible wind.

You are right Nightmare.” the alicorn spoke, in a soft voice like Celestia's voice, but harsh as Luna's. “But, you forgot that the Elements were, and are always part of me. So, as long as they are preserved, so do I.” the alicorn explained.

WELL, I MIGHT CHAINGE THAT!!” Nightmare screamed. She no longer cared who she was facing. All she could think about to bring her enemies down so that she could finally fulfill her glorious task. She attacked the alicorn with full force, only to be pushed away by invisible attack. The alicorn didn't even use her horn!

Nightmare Moon...” she started, actually sounding disappointed. “I was hoping that being part of Twilight Sparkle, you might have understood the errors of your way. But as I suspected, you haven't learned anything.” Nightmare let out a horrible animal-like snarl at the alicorn.

And for that, I'm banishing you from Equestria, from EXISTENCE itself!

NO!” Nightmare screamed in denial. “I WON'T BE BEATEN BY A MEMORY OF A PAST TIME!” She then charged at the alicorn.

So be it.” The alicorn said. She then dived at the charging Nightmare Moon her glowing horn pointing at her. It all happened in a second. On the floor, the alicorn stood, her horn still glowing, the disembodied Nightmare Moon hovered above the alicorn.

There was moment of silence between them. No one made a sound. Not the alicorn, not Nightmare Moon or the Elements of Harmony, who looked like they were out of the fight anyway. But the silence was broken when Nightmare's mist body suddenly had a larger ‘crack’ from which bright light emanated.

Suddenly, another crack appeared on Nightmare's ‘body’. And another and another. More and more appeared around Nightmare and soon her entire disembodied body was full of cracks and started slowly, falling apart. Nightmare suddenly let out a painful howl as her disembodied body exploded.

And thus, The Final Judgment have been placed.” The alicorn said. Again with the same disappointment. But this time it almost sounded like it also carried a small hint of sadness in it. She then turned to the unconscious bearers of the Elements with sweet smile. “You truly have grown a lot since last time.” She said to them.


The alicorn heard as someone blasted through the large doors. She turned to look at the direction of the sound, seeing two, rather shocked looking alicorns. “M-mother?!” They both said simultaneously.

She let out another smile. This one containing much more warmth. “It is so good to see you two, even for a short moment.” She said.

Before either Princess could as what she meant by it, they took notice of the alicorns body starting to slowly disappear. “Don't worry.” She then said, before either of them could say anything. “I'm always there with you two. Watching over you.” she smiled. Her body nearly disappeared. “I'm so proud of you.

Then in a small flash, the alicorn disappeared. Leaving two stunned and teary eyed Princesses alone with six unconscious mares.

Phew! Well, “The Fight of the Gods” or Elements, or what it is, is finally done! Hope you guys liked it, and if not, sorry if it sucked. Well, one MORE chapter to go and this story is done! I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride and are ready for the long journey of “Star Dust”, but that story might not appear not so soon as I'm trying to write the next chapter of my Halo fanfiction “Halo: Crossed Fates” and then my fanfic “Water Games” for “Hearth’s Warming Care Package” writing contest.

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