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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 11 - One More Step!

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 11
One More Step!

The forest echoed from the Ursa Majors roar. The five mares swore that at any moment their eardrums would shatter and their ears would bleed. It felt as if a windstorm was erupting from the beast’s mouth.

But as the roar finally quieted down, their ears were still ringing. Now they could clearly see what the Ursa had in mind. The same as what the baby had intended. None of them dared say anything, all struck numb in fear.

Their bodies violently shocked, large drops of sweat caused by fear were dripping off them.. All five of them were in tight hug, in a way trying to comfort one another, but that was a futile effort. They watched as the mature Ursa fully rose from the canyon to its full height. While still having its cold stare on them.

They watched in fright when the Ursa let out what sounded like either an annoyed or angry growl as it looked at its supposed adversaries. They didn't look that special, and yet here they were. This close to its Mistress.

The Ursa still eyed the ponies, trying to find anything that might tell it that these were the same worthy ones that had passed the Hydra, but all it saw was five purely frightened ponies. What a waste. But, it still would do as it is told to. Dispose of the intruders.

The Ursa let out another roar, causing all five ponies to scream in pain and fear as they held their hooves on their ears. It was a futile effort as the Ursa’s roar vibrated their entire body.

The Ursa stopped its roar short this time and now moved towards its target. “Well...” Rainbow Dash suddenly gulped, her voice shaking as much as her body from fear. Even her eyes were slowly tearing up. “It hass been awesome knowing you all...”

“Same here...” Answered Applejack.

“Like wise.” Rarity replied.

“N... no... regrets...” Fluttershy said.

“This is not the kind of ‘Goodbye You Guys’ Party I wanted!” Pinkie almost howled. All five of them tightened their grip on each other.

The Ursa was now really close, they could all smell its horrible breath. Rarity and Fluttershy were both almost about to faint, Pinkie was feeling heavily nauseous while Applejack and Rainbow Dash were trying their best to stay strong for their friends and themselves.

The Ursa's head was now only few meters away from them. The bear opened its giant maw, ready to devour them in one bite. They all closed their eyes, waiting for the death blow.

But it never came. Instead, what they could only describe as a quiet explosion, followed by a bright white light. Then everything went quiet. They slowly opened their eyes, seeing the Ursa standing on its hind legs, thrashing its forelegs around while its facial expression showed that the bright light hurt its eyes.

But for some reason it didn't hurt theirs. “Fear not my little ponies.” They heard familiar voice speaking behind them. “My Light won't hurt you.”

“PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!” They all exclaimed, running towards the white alicorn. Excluding Fluttershy who didn't want to move, as she was somewhat expecting the Ursa to attack them again.

“Fear not Fluttershy, for now, the beast is completely blinded and I've made sure that it can't smell us.” the Princess reassured the yellow pegasi. “But we don't have much time.” Celestia then draw her attention from Fluttershy to the Ursa. “The spells that Nightmare Moon had placed on this creature are already trying to fight back against my own.”

The five looked at their Princess slightly confused and before Celestia could say anything else, she was assaulted with a flood of questions. “Please! Calm yourselves!” Celestia ordered gently but firmly. It was still a surprise how she could get anyponies attention without raising her voice that much.

“Princess Celestia, what happened to you?!” Rarity asked, horrified at the sight before her. It was pretty much the same as Princess Luna, only her coat was messier and what looked like she many slashes across her body.

“I've had a small encounter with Nightmare Moon herself.” Celestia explained, sounding bit out of breath.

“WHAT!?” They all screamed from both shock and surprise. Was Nightmare Moon really getting this strong? The Princess was completely worn out and her body didn't look that great either.

“But, it wasn't all a waste...” In a flash, five necklaces floated around the alicorn. The Elements of Harmony! “I took them before things got too tight for me.” She quickly explained. She then placed the necklaces on each bearer.

“But Princess...” Applejack started to say as she and he others noticed that one Element was missing. “Wha' about the Element of Magic?” She asked, voicing everypony’s question.

“I'm afraid that-”

The Ursa let out a furious roar as it charged towards its attacker, fueled by its hatred. No one had ever dared to hurt it like this and lived to tell the tale! But the Ursa didn't make it far as a light bolt flew right at its face. Once again distracting it a bit.

“Nightmare Moon is holding the last Element!” Celestia hurriedly explained. Once again, the information shocked the five bearers to the core. Nightmare Moon has the Element of Magic? “You must go and use the other Elements to take it from her! GO! NOW!” This time Celestia shot out a larger beam of light at the raging beast.

“But Princess...” Rarity was about to ask. But Celestia interrupted her.

“Go now!” Her voice finally raising in volume. The situation really was dire. “I can't hold it forever!”

“BUT WHAT ABOUT TWILIGHT!” Fluttershy suddenly stepped in. She, like her other friends wanted to know what was going on with their friend. “And how does Nightmare Moon have the Element of Magic?!” Rainbow Dash then asked.

Celestia furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance. Didn't these ponies not understand what was at stake? But they were the best friends of Twilight and they were all just as confused as her. Perhaps even more confused than her. They deserved a quick answer.

“She has Twilight under her influence! That's how she has the Element!” That was all she was able to say when the beam was destroyed by the Ursa. “Go! NOW!” The five ponies startled at the sudden use of Royal Canterlot voice from Celestia.

Before they knew what was going on, their hooves seemed to run on their own. So wrapped up were they on what Celestia had just said to them. Nightmare Moon had Twilight and she also controlled the Element of Magic? That didn't make any sense! They defeated her last time! They were all sure that the Elements had made sure that she was ‘purged’ from Luna. Saving her from her own hatred and anger.

But now, she was back. Back and had Twilight and the Element of Magic warped around her hoof. “Ugh... what is that unicorn thinking...” Rainbow muttered. In her mind, she was thinking that Twilight had gone on her own to face Nightmare Moon. But then, that didn't make any sense at all.

Yes, at the beginning she was trying to solve everything by herself, but that was the old Twilight. The Old Twilight who didn't want to make any friends and just bury herself deeper into her books. Well, she was still quite a egghead, but Rainbow was sure that she wasn't that bad now the she had some real friends to count on.

And the learning of Friendship was really important to her. “This all... UGH! My head hurts!” Dash groaned as she couldn't make any sense out of the situation.

The trip to the Castle felt like forever. The forest was now a complete resemble of some really dark, twisted and horrible nightmare. The trees were bend in a way which seemed to be impossible. Everything seemed to be ‘sharper’ looking.

But they soon stopped when they saw the sight before them.

It was the castle. Only not the same castle they had entered last time. The Castle of Royal Pony Sisters, only it wasn't in ruins like last time. But instead, it was now a fully reconstructed castle. Only the castle seemed to emitting poisonous green like light. Giving it a much more spectral look.

“Ookay... now we have definitely crossed the creepy line...” Rainbow commented, much to everypony's surprise.

“Hey!” Pinkie cried out. “That's my line!” But nopony really payed any attention at her. They were all focused on the large castle.

“Sooo...” Applejack stated with a questioning tone. “What now? Ah don' think we can just fly there...” She said, while eying the castle.

“What makes you say that?” Rainbow Dash asked not convinced. Why the hay they couldn't just fly to the top? It would be quite a lot easier. And faster.

“Because Ah think that Nightmare migh' be expecting that...” She said plainly to Rainbow. Who quickly got the idea what her friend was meaning.

“Oh...” she said. Her wings dropping from disappointment. “Oh feathers...” She swore.

“Why don't we just knock?” Pinkie then suddenly asked.

“Uuuh... I don't think that would work...” Fluttershy commented, her entire body was touching the ground while pointing at rather large looking gate right in front of them.

“Oh...” Pinkie said, while eying the large gate. “Well... we can just try and open...” Pinkie stopped herself when she heard what sounded like rusted metal being used after years of being useless. Slowly, and carefully, the gates opened. “Well, that's more like it.” She exclaimed, her voice retuning back to a semblance of her old cheerful self.

“Come on everypony!” She added, as she was the first one to make any move towards the castle. “Let's go in and save Twilight!” She exclaimed loudly. “What?” she then asked, noticing her friends rather frightful look. Pinkie Pie gulped loudly. “There is something behind me... isn’t there?” She asked fearfully.

She then started shaking. “Don't worry Pinkie...” She thought. “As long as you don't look behind you, you are safe...” but Pinkie's head seemed to have it's own mind for the moment. “I'm looking at it! I'm looking at it! And it's a...

“DRAGON!” All five of them cried out loud and clear. Before the dragon gave out its own roar, easily beating five little ponies cries.

The dragon then lunged at them. And once again, the group found themselves scattering away from each others. But they soon faced another problem than just the dragon. A large cloud of dust was raised as the dragon slammed into the ground.

Their view was obscured by the dust cloud. They couldn't see at all, but at least it hadn't affected their hearing. Which was somewhat surprising that they still were able to hear that well after Celestia knows how much audio torture they had been through.

“Rainbow! Where are ya!” Applejack called her pegasus friend.

“Right here!” She then felt as somepony’s hoof touched her back. “Rainbow?” She asked.

“Sorry Applejack, it's just me!” Applejack recognized that voice. “Pinkie?!”


“Wha' about Rainbow and others?”

“Oh, Fluttershy is right behind me!” Pinkie said. And she wasn't lying either as Fluttershy had pretty much wrapped her hooves around Pinkies back.

“Well, that's great but what about Rain....”

“YOU CALLED!?” Before Applejack knew what had happened, something crashed onto to her. “That's Rainbow alrigh'.” she thought with a small inward groan. “Now all we need is to find Rarity!” Rainbow said.

“Hey Rarity!” Rainbow tried to call the unicorn. “Where are you?!” No answer.

But then suddenly Pinkie cut in. Again. “All you need to do is to just scream, laugh or just make any kind of funny sound!”

All they got again was silence. Which was a bad thing, because the dragon wasn't exactly a prime example of stealth and silence.

But then they got their answer. A large ear piercing scream. And then there was a great gush of wind which blew the dust completely away, showing the same dragon. Only it was holding something white on it's claws while eying it with a hungry look.

“Rarity!” All four mares cried out. Drawing a quick glance from the dragon. “You give her back!” Rainbow yelled, taking a quick flight towards the giant lizard, only to be smacked by its free clawed hand. “Rainbow Dash!” Her friends, including Rarity cried out when the cyan pegasi slammed into the ground

“Eheheh...” Rainbow laughed weakly as she tried to get up slowly. “...that's... all you... got...?” She smirked. The dragon didn't looked impressed. And the way it showed irritation, was something familiar to them. But they all ignored that because it was probably another ruse set by Nightmare Moon.

“Don't ya worry Rarity!” Rainbow called out to the unicorn with her familiar determined tone. “We'll help you out!” While she said that, she failed to notice a small glow that emanated from her necklace.

The same was soon happening with the other necklaces as well, while Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie joined with Rainbow. They found their fears gone, replaced with enough bravery to face a dragon.

While the ponies seemed to be somewhat oblivious to the glow, the dragon had taken a great notice of it. It started creeping it's large head towards the four ponies, only to be stopped by the white one it held in its claws. “Don't you DARE hurt my friends!”

The dragon turned its attention back to the unicorn. Why was it still alive? Shouldn’t had been crushed by his mighty claws? Well, he won't forget this time. The dragon started tightening it's grip, the unicorn let out a horrified cry as she felt its bones being crushed.

Then it stopped. The dragon felt something... strange. Pain. Not physical pain... pain, from... inside. Pain, knowing that he had hurt this pony. Why? Why was he feeling like this? Why was this mere pony affecting him like this?

While the dragon was so occupied with its inner conflict, it failed to notice the same glow that came from the four ponies before it, also came from the unicorn in claws.

Slowly, the cyan-blue colored eyes shifted away, revealing all too familiar green eyes to the ponies. The same eyes they've known for a year now. And then the glow that the necklaces had emanated, died out.

“Spike?!” All five mares exclaimed in surprise.

...uuuh... wha...?” Spike muttered. Even with his loud voice, they all recognized it as belong to the Number One Assistant Spike.

“Is that really you Spiky-wikey?” Rarity asked in disbelief..

Ra... Rarity?” Spike asked. He then realized that he was holding Rarity in his own claws. “Wha... what happened to me!?” He cried out horrified. This wasn't what he was expecting. Actually, now that he thought about it... He couldn't remember what had happened. How did he get into this state and why was he holding Rarity like he was ready to crush her?

NO!” Spike thought, quickly lowering his claw and letting Rarity go. “Rarity...” Spike started, his voice already shaking. “I'm... I'm... s- AAAUURGHHHH!” Spike suddenly roared, holding his head like it was going to split open.

“SPIKE!” Rarity then cried out to the dragon. What was happening?

FOOLISH CREATURE!” An all too familiar voice suddenly hissed inside his head. “YOUR MIND BELONGS TO ME!” Nightmare Moon! He now remembered. “DESTROY THEM! I COMMAND YOU!

N... NO!” Spike roared, attempting to resist the great power that was trying to snake its way to his mind. "I won't... hurt them... AGAIN!!” Spike roared in defiance. But he already knew that he was only delaying the inevitable.

“Spike!” He heard Rarity calling him.

“Go!” he roared/breathed. “ Get inside before I...” Spike let out another pained roar, while clutching to his head even harder.

“B... but... I can't just leave...”

Please Rarity!” He now cried. “I don't want to hurt you...” There was a stream of tears coming down from Spikes eyes which were flashing between the cyan-blue and forest green.

Rarity could only stand there and watch. Never had she felt so helpless, and much like Spike, her eyes were also filled with tears that were dropping to the ground. Rarity winced when Spike let out another pained roar, this one even worse.

“Come on Rarity!” Before she could reply, she was yanked forward by Applejack as they ran into the castle.

“NO WAIT!” She screamed, hoping that her friends would stop. But they didn't. “Spike needs our help! We can't just leave him!” She watched helplessly as Spikes form got smaller as her friends carried her to the castle. She then reached out her hoof, trying to in vain reach for Spike, as if trying to take him with them.

Spike then started coming towards them, still fighting against the invading presence in his mind. Every step he took was slow and painful. But just kept going, he needed to do this. For his friends sake. For Rarity.

He then reached for the doors once the five mares were safely inside. “Give... her... one... for... me...” Spike breathed out every sentence as he slowly closed the gates. Rarity was still fighting against Applejack, trying to free herself but the earth ponies grip was too tight.

There was a loud sound of finality when the gates were finally shut. Rarity wailed in both pain and sorrow. “We just left Spike! What kinds of friends are we!?” She cried on Applejack's shoulder. “Why couldn't we have done something!?” She cried as her voice was getting more and more angry. She was mad at her friends and herself for not doing anything to help Spike.

“Shake it off Rarity. There was nothin' we could 'ave done...” Applejack said, trying to calm her unicorn friend. But that seemed to make thing even worse.

“How can you say that!?” Rarity screamed at Applejack. “Didn't you see how suddenly changed for a moment?! I'm sure if we had just thought about it bit more, we could have been able to save him!” Rarity cried, while she tried to make a point, but she knew that what she was saying was just a lie.

“If you haven't snapped me like that we could have-!”

“Oh for Pete's sake!”

The next thing Rarity knew, she was forcefully taken from Applejack and was now facing really angry and frustrated Rainbow Dash. “Get hold of yourself Rarity!” Rainbow said forcefully. “You do know that the only way we can save Spike is to deal with Nightmare Moon!” Rainbow Dash then stopped for a moment, letting what she had said to Rarity to sink in.

She then continued. “And we can't do it without your help.” Dash said, this time with a softer tone. Which was rather surprising. But it seemed to work on Rarity.

“Yes... yes you are right.” Rarity said, her head and ears lowered.

But that quickly changed as Rarity suddenly had a rather determined look on her face. “Yes!” She said with a firm voice. “You are right Rainbow Dash! I'm sorry for my moment of weakness...”

“It's OK.” Rainbow Dash said, giving Rarity a reassuring smile. “We all have those moments. It sucks.” She laughed. There was a moment of silence between them, before Rarity broke it.

“Ready to end this nightmare once and for all?”

“Hay yeah!”

“Ready as ever!”


“Oh YEAH!”

The large hall was suddenly filled with the sound of a twisted chuckle which then turned into a full on cackle that sent shivers down their spines.

“Bearers of Elements of Harmony...” Nightmare's voice seemed to echo from every corner of the castle. “Welcome.” the voice chuckled sinisterly.

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