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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 4 - Just Nightmare

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 4
Just Nightmare

“Oh, I'm more than fine.” Twilight responded. But not a way Spike wanted. “My number one assistant!” then Twilight opened her eyes and instead of seeing two big purple eyes, Spike was met with two light blue snake like yes. “And soon, you will be more than just fine!” after that, Spike entered into his own dreamless sleep.

Nightmare Moon laughed as the baby dragon fell back to his basket. She never had felt so alive! After all this humiliating time spent, she could finally have her vengeance! And Nightmare Moon laughed. Laughed like she had never done before. If anypony had heard her. They would have covered from pure fright.

But her laughter quickly halted when she started inspecting her new... body. “These hoofs are quite weak. Not used to great stress.” she thought with distaste. Well, she might have to deal with this problem little later. Her eyes then moved to the mirror right in front of her. And she was bit surprised how much she still resembled Twilight Sparkle.

Like she had just thrown a illusion spell on herself and didn't do that well. Her the same slit-eyes like Nightmare. But rest of her being was nothing more than a mere shadow of her former self. Her “wings” weren't real. They were more like shadows of their former glory.

The horn was just short. A horn like this, wouldn't give the right fright to her enemies. But she could always change its appearance later. But what made her really frown, was her mane and tail. As they had the same magical glow and look, she could still see unicorns original mane beneath her mane.

Nightmare gave her mirror image a nasty glare, gritting her teeth. Even though it was her that was in charge of this body, the unicorn still mocked her! Well, things would change soon. She then returned her attention towards the baby dragon, a twisted smile on her lips. He would be her first dragon warrior. The power he could wield... with little assistance from her of course.

The baby dragons body flinched a bit, while she eyed him. “Such a small and fragile thing. And still you have no idea what kind of power you could wield.” Nightmare thought. Slowly, she walked off of the bed, walking towards the sleeping dragon, her horn glowing slowly glowing its dark light. “But you don't have to worry about it.” she chuckled darkly. “I'll make sure of that!

As Nightmare got off the bed and walked right next to Spike, her horn glowing, she “saw” something. Something that she never thought she could see. Especially between a dragon and a pony. “The Bond...” the thought. Actually being bit shocked.

The Bond, which was said to be a some kind of connection, that only dragons can create. The Bond was said to be mostly being made between family or a mated pair. And it was said that with the Bond, the individuals could easily communicate, no matter the distance, even share emotions.

The Bond was something that almost all dragons considered... sacred. In someway, it was also their religion (or part religion). And the Bond these two shared was... something a parent and a young ling dragon would share between them.

But again, it only worked between parents and their offspring. Never had she heard anything about a dragon and pony bonding this close. She then started digging deeper, trying to get further into the Bond. “Such strong Bond... and yet... both of you are so unaware.” Nightmare pondered.

It was strange that a Bond, strong as theirs, was completely ignored. Well, she knew that the baby dragon wouldn't notice anything until a proper age, but Twilight Sparkle, the bearer of Element of Magic hasn't noticed anything! In way she was the “mother” of this dragon, and yet she didn't notice anything. Maybe she had, but did not look deep enough.

Nightmare Moon could feel her own excitement rising, this was just getting better and better! This Bond could give her the better chances of controlling him. Controlling a dragon, no matter the age, would prove to be quite hard. Especially someone like Nightmare Moon, even if she would be back fully powered.

But this Bond have given her a short cut! A short cut for having her revenge, maybe she should try this puny town first before going for her true goal. Canterlot! But that would be later. Now it was now. She had other plans.

Nightmares horn started glowing again. Her horn then touched the unconscious dragons head, spreading her magic through him. Changing him, turning him into a creature of night. A nightmarish creature. Slowly Spike opened his eyes, which looked exactly the same as usual. Only these eyes didn't held any kind of kindness or the childish innocence.

These weren't the eyes of a baby dragon that everybody knew and loved. No. These eyes were meant for a vicious predator. A deadly one, with cunning and twisted mind. The baby dragon known as Spike wasn't standing before the nightmarish mare. As “Spike” was getting up, his body also started changing.

His arms and legs grew quite a lot, his claws became sharper, his body started become more snake-like, while so did his tail. Soon, before Nightmare stood a dragon, with all fours, almost same size as she. She stared at her work with great pleasure. She had actually done it! But this was small comparing to what she still had planned for her dragon.

“Time to see what you can really do.” she said while giving “Spike” evil grin, who returned with same kind of grin. Maybe even worse.

Nightmare once again started channeling her magics, but this time she felt rather odd. Suddenly she felt really, really tired and exhausted. Like she had used up all of her magic, used rather large amount of magic. And now she felt the after effects. And she then started feeling her consciousness slipping.

Damn! It took more out of me than I thought!” Nightmare cursed. She had a feeling that if she used too much of her magic, it might in someway weaken her, giving her host a chance to “wake up”, taking control of her body again.

She had hoped that the little command spell and transforming spell wouldn't have taken that much out of her, but it seems like she had overestimated herself. Or underestimated dragons ability to resist her spells. Although, she didn't felt any kind of resistance.

“I guess we have to play later.” she breathed heavily, as she herself slipping, while the host was slowly taking over again. Like tidewater slowly rising like the moon itself. Nightmares horn flashed one more time, changing the baby dragon back to its original form. And original mind, while making sure it wouldn't remember much about tonight.

And as Nightmare erased, Spike's memory about tonight's incident, so the dragon wouldn't be able to warn anyone else, especially Celestia about her return. She still needed time. Time to grow stronger. And she had plans to make sure that the bearer of Magic would feed her with her emotions. Making Nightmare Moon strong enough to take over Twilight Sparkle's body completely and eternally!

“Wow.” Spike yawned. “That was a strange dream...” he said. “What time is it...?” the clock showed 6.45. “Too early...” Spike mumbled, going back to sleep.

“Wait! I can't sleep!” he suddenly jumped up. “I have to make Twilight feel better!” Spike then quickly went to the bathroom, splashing some cold water on his face. “Now I feel better.” he thought as the cold water was slowly waking him up. He then sneaked quietly to the kitchen, working his miracles.

Later in the morning...

Twilight let out a long yawn. She let out a large smile as she was greeted by Celestia's sun. “A new day with new...” Twilight stopped herself as the happenings of yesterday returned to her. The strange magical fire, her blaming Appleboom like that and deeply hurt Applejack's feelings. “I'm the worst friend in the whole Equestria...” Twilight moaned, trying to hide from the sun beneath her covers.

Suddenly her nose picked up rather familiar smell. “Waffles?” asked herself.

Twilight then got up from her bed, checking out the basket below her. “Spike's up this early?” that seemed to be quite strange, and illogical. Well, maybe not illogical, since she tends to wake him up when she has something she needs Spikes help.

“Spike? What are you doing there?” she called.

Twilight didn't get any response. Either Spike ignored her voice, or didn't hear her. “Spike?” she now raised her voice a bit.

Still no answer. Twilight couldn't help but groan. What was that dragon up to this time? Making breakfast, that's sure. But didn't wake up early to make any breakfast. He usually did that when he was up, but usually Twilight had made her own breakfast. Although, not so good as Spikes.

“Spike, what are exactly doing down there!” she called again, now going down the stairs.

“Oh! Morning Twilight!” Spikes head poked out from kitchens door, looking bit nervous. “I wasn't aware that you were awake.” he said quite nervously.

“So, what are you doing?” Twilight asked.

“Uuuuh...” Spike tried to think some kind of good explanation so he could finish his surprise. But nothing. “Aaw man...” he sighed. Twilight took that as “invitation” and walked to the kitchen, and what she saw shocked her.

The table had small tower of waffles, with blueberry jam, her favorite. Right next to waffles was two sandwiches, both of them were filled with the best Canterlot salad there is! And Twilight could already smell the fruit juice Spike has also made.

“Spike wha... did you...” Twilight stuttered. But quickly composed herself. “Did you do this just for... me?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Spike said, rubbing his hands while also looking at them.

“But why?” Twilight asked, her surprised mood slowly changing into slightly depressed. “I... I don't deserve this...”

“Sure you do!” Spike said, now looking at Twilight. “I mean, we all make mistakes sometimes-”

“You weren't there!” Twilight said back. Feeling again her emotions rising up. “You weren't there, when I ignited those trees!” she said, her voice lowered. “You weren't there when I blamed Applebloom... how I offended Applejack.” she said.

“I don't deserve to be her friends.” her voice lowered, that Spike had little problem hearing her.

Silence filled the kitchen, which Spike decided to break. “But... you feel sorry for it. Right?” he asked.

“You have no idea...” Twilight whispered. Looking at the floor.

“Then you can apologize!” he said.

“I... I tried, but she just said that I should go.” Twilight murmured. “That she needed some time to think...”

“So?” Spike asked.

“But what if the “time” she needs is never!?” she asked, now sounding distressed. “What if she never speaks to me? What if she never forgives me? What if-!”

Twilight didn't finish her sentence when Spike embraced her in a tight hug. “Don't say something like that!” Spike said. His voice raised. “Twilight.” he then started, his voice calm. “You can't just jump into those kinds of conclusions!” he said.

“You really think Applejack is never going to forgive yo because you had some kind of argument!”

“But you weren't there...” Twilight tried to counter, but Spike didn't let her.

“Yeah. I wasn't” he said. “But I know that you can't give up now! Applejack is your friend, right Twilight?” Twilight only nodded. “And you value your friendship?” again just a simple nod. “Well, you have to fight for then! Or did you forget what you learned after the whole Discord thing?” he asked.

Suddenly Twilight started feeling bit brighter, and that dark feeling that seemed to loom over her like a storm cloud, started to... dissolve. “You are right Spike!” Twilight said. Sounding bit brighter. “You are right! I have to make amends with Applejack and Applebloom! I can't just give up now!” she said. “I'm going there immediately and-!”


“What?” Twilight asked, looking at Spike.

Spike then pointed at the table. “Oh.” Twilight let out a awkward laugh. “I'm not going to let you ruin what I worked on so hard, I woke way earlier than I usually do for Celestia's sake!”

“Okay, okay. Hold your horses Spike.” Twilight smiled. “I guess, I could eat something quickly before I head for Applejack.” for a moment, after mentioning her friends, Twilight felt her mood going down a bit. She was still worried, no. Afraid, too subtle. Wait, terrified of Applejack's rejection.

But she needed to do this! Twilight let out a small sigh as she seated herself. Then somepony knocked her door. “I'll get that. You just eat.” Spike said, before Twilight had an excuse to leave his hard work untouched.

“Oh.” was all Twilight said, as she levitated one of the sandwiches towards her.

“Oh hi Pinkie Pie! What you ne-” the next thing Twilight knew, she was facing Pinkie Pie. And she was bit too close, at least for Twilight.

“Uuuuh... hi Pinkie...” Twilight said, trying to get some space, but Pinkie wouldn't let her. “Is... is there... something you need?” she asked. Moment becoming more and more awkward.

“Oh nothing much Twilight.” Pinkie suddenly turned into her cheerful self. “I just heard that you and Applejack had some bad apples between you, and I was all like: “No way is Twilight really that grumpy-dumpy! She probably had a bad day!” and then I and Applejack talked a bit!” Twilight was never going to understand how Pinkie could talk like this, without taking a breath.

“And so I told Applejack that we are going to have “I'm Sorry Being Big Meanie And Let's Be Super-Duper Best Friends Again!” party! Of course I had to “convince” Applejack, since was all so grumpy-dumpy...” As Pinkie went on, Twilight tried her best not to dash at Pinkie. Almost immediately when Pinkie started talking, that feeling started surfacing.

Just like before, why was she starting to feel so aggressively all of sudden? So far, the books hadn't revealed anything, and that was another reason why she was so frustrated. But she tried her best not to offend Pinkie Pie in any way.

“... sooooooooo what ya think?”

“Uuuuuh...” was all Twilight could say right now. Her emotions were once again one big storm.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Twilight? Pleasy-weasy-squeesy-pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?” Pinkie begged with big,teary, puppy eyes. How could she say no? And she still wanted to go, so she could salvage her friendship with Applejack.

“Okay.” she finally said.

“Oh great! Thank Twilight!” Pinkie gave Twilight one of her more infamous bear hugs before bouncing towards the door. “The party is at seven! Be there! Oh and could you bring some candy from Bon Bon?” Pinkie asked, stopping for a moment. “I need to help Mr. and Mrs. Cake with some cake deliveries! BYE!!” and then Pinkie Pie was gone.

“Well.” Twilight sighed. “This can't be any worse, can it?” she asked herself, returning to her breakfast. But now wanting to spent little more time with it.

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