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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 6 - Party Pooper

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A/N: Just letting you know if you didn't figured out, Nightmare isn't exactly speaking to Twilight. More like manipulating her feelings. Wherever Nightmare “speaks” to Twilight, she doesn't hear Nightmare speaking to her, but instead thinks those are her thoughts.

Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 6
Party Pooper

Twilight groaned in annoyance. Still no luck. These books were pretty much useless! This was her second time looking through these books. They were meant to tell her about about various different unicorn behaviors under great magical stress. However, none of her books could give her the right answer.

“There must be something I'm missing!” Twilight growled. Her magic flipping quickly through the pages. But after quick another search, she was still coming up with nothing. “Urgh!”

Twilight went back to the shelves, feeling really frustrated. She could already feel another outburst coming. That was fine with her. There wasn't anyone seeing here to see it and she felt like she needed to let off some steam so she could concentrate properly again.

And she let it out. Her horn glowing brightly as it leaked magic, spreading the lavender color around the room, throwing every book from their shelves, knocking the books off her table, the sheets and pillow were thrown around the room. Her flower pots were knocked over spilling water all over the floor, soaking a couple of books.

The magical outburst, ended quickly as it had started. And Twilight felt exhausted . “Wow!” she thought. “That was much more than I expected...” this was getting out of hand.

“Ok, I guess I'll just-”


“OW!” Twilight cried out, rubbing her head. “What the hay...?” she said, looking at a rather old looking book. And it was old, its covers were really dry looking, like someone wet it and then dried it a bit too much. Cleaning most of its colors away.

She could already see that it was a book that she had borrowed from Zecora, almost a year ago. A book titled “Spirits, Dark and Strange”.

“Hmmm...” How come she hadn't noticed this book before? Just where had she placed it? No time to think about that right now! Right now she needed to see if this book might contain something useful. At least the cover was promising enough.

She quickly returned to her desk and opened up the book. It was already obvious that the book was old. But now she could see that this book was older than she had thought. While the text was still readable, the pictures were too thick, but she was still able to make something out of them. “I need to be careful with this book. It already looks fragile enough.

Slowly the pages rolled over each other, various text and pictures of different kinds of creatures she never thought existed. But there was also creatures that she familiar with. Like the Draconequus, Twilight couldn't help but shudder at the memory about a certain Draconequus. Ursa Major and Minor, which she was surprised to see that these three were counted as spirit creatures. And Windigo.

But she soon stopped at page 163. “Spirit Effects...” she read out loud. “What is this?” she wondered silently. Looking at the text, tt was really bizarre. The pages went on and on about various sightings of strange and somewhat, dark spirits possessing ponies, griffins and sometimes even dragons!

“Could... could this-!?

Twilight jumped as Owloysius sent out a strong screech from down stairs, she quickly got off of her chair and quickly walked towards the door. “What in the name of Celestia is going on there?” she asked in raised, and annoyed tone.

As soon as stepped out of her room, she could now hear Owloysius more clearly. Twilight gasped at the sight before her as she stepped down the stairs. In the living room, Owloysius was still screeching loudly, but this time she could hear Spike groaning in pain and what sounded like Owloysius was pecking poor Spike.

But there was something strange going on with Spike. The way he waved his hands around, trying to get the owl way from him. But it looked like he was slashing his arms around like some kind of wild animal. “Spike!” Twilight screamed as she ran towards her dragon friend. “Stop that immediately!”

“Ah!” Twilight screamed when one of Spikes clawed hands slashed rather too close at her face. But the dragon was completely ignoring her. “SPIKE!” she now screamed. Spike was still ignoring her, and now his slashes started becoming faster, and more feral.

“I SAID! THAT'S! ENOUGH!” Twilight breathed out every sentence. Her voice getting more and more frustrated as Twilight felt her short temper getting shorter and shorter. Her horn slowly started glowing. And soon a magical aura surrounded both Spike and Owloysius. While the owl calmed bit down as he was saved by Twilight.

But Spike was another story. He was still acting like some kind of animal that tried to escape from its captor. “Spike, what's wrong with-?” Twilight stopped when she noticed Spike's eyes. Instead of his familiar green slit-eyes, they were light blue. “What is going on?” And then Twilight did the only logical conclusion that she came up with so far. Straight slap to the face.

“OW!” the room was filled with the sound of Twilight's hoof slapping Spike's cheek while Spike yelled in pain. Trying to rub his sore cheek but couldn't as he, quickly noticed, was trapped in Twilight's magic. ”Wha... what in the HAY Twilight?”

“Sorry Spike.” Twilight then said, letting Spike go now that he was back to his old self. “But that was the only thing I could think to snap you out of it.” she said.

“Huh?” Spike raised his eyebrow. “What you mean?” he asked.

“Well, you were acting rather... strangely.” Twilight said. Spike still gave Twilight confused look. “You were attacking Owloysius!” Twilight then blurted out.

“What!?” Spike asked in shock. What the hay did Twilight meant by that? “But, that might explain this bad headache.” Spike wondered while rubbing his head. He then set his mind back to the matter. “But that doesn't make any sense!” he said loudly.

“I know Spike.” Twilight said. “What do you remember before this... incident?” she asked.

Spike felt chills running down his spine as he recalled that he was trying to send a letter to Celestia. To tell her about this ‘problem’ Twilight was having. But now it looked like it was also effecting him. “Uuuuh...” Spike tried to think something. He didn't exactly want Twilight to know that he had been writing about her to Celestia behind her back.

Did he sent the letter? He didn't see any letter on the floor, but Owloysius could have taken it. But he didn't see it on his claws. So, he probably had succeeded. But how fast would Celestia respond?

What were you doing before... you ‘attacked’ Owloysius?” Twilight asked. Her suspicious raising already. “Doing something behind your back.” her brain told her. “No! That's ridiculous!” Twilight thought back. “Spike was one of my first and trusted friends! He wouldn't do something behind my back!

“I... I was...” Spike could feel sweat slowly forming on his forehead.

“Yeees?” Twilight started pushing.

“I... I...” Spike felt like he was chased into a corner. “I don't remember!” he then quickly said. Trying to sound somewhat believable. Which seemed to work. “All... all I can really remember is that my head started hurting really bad and...”

“And...?” Twilight tried to get Spike continuing.

“That's pretty much what I remember right now.” Spike shrugged. “Sorry Twilight.” he said. But in truth, he had heard a voice screaming in his head. But he decided not to tell Twilight because he didn't want to become some kind of lab rat like Pinkie. Although, the pink earth pony had said that it wasn't that bad. But then again, this was Pinkie Pie he was talking about...

“That's alright Spike.” Twilight said, suddenly an idea popping in her head. “And I just might have figured out something!” she said, her mood getting bit brighter. She quickly left Spike and Owloysius looking little confused. “What did she meant by that?” Spike said, scratching his head.


“Twilight.” Spike answered.


“I said, Twilight. And what she meant with 'figuring something out'.” Spike said, now bit frustrated.



Meanwhile, Twilight had returned back to the book. She quickly started scanning through the “Spirit Effects” article. “Dragons... dragons...” she muttered. “Aha!” she exclaimed. Finally finding what she was looking for. Now she was getting somewhere hopefully.

But then Twilight stopped herself. “You stupid...!” she thought as she quickly realized her mistake. Spike wasn't the ‘source’. This all had began from herself, when she tried that spell. “Hmmm... I wonder...” Twilight's mind then started drifting on to a different category.

After a few minutes of searching, she seemed to find the right page. “... sometimes a powerful magical spells can draw powerful spirits towards the caster and...” Twilight muttered while going through the pages. This was starting to make sense! All those outbursts, her suddenly building up and short temper. But she still needed to find a way to get rid of this spirit...

As Twilight went through the pages, she failed to notice that time was flying and soon she would have to leave for Pinkie's ‘party’.

And soon Twilight heard as Spike knocked on the door, interrupting her readings. “Spike! Now is not the time...!” Twilight said, bit in annoyed tone.

“Sorry to interrupt Twilight, but you are going to be late for Pinkie's party.” Spike said through the door.

Twilight's ears perked up when Spike mentioned Pinkie. She then glanced at the clock, noticing that he was right! Twilight suddenly felt her annoyance rising up again. “Urhg! Out of all possible times...” she groaned.

“But, I still need to see if there is anything...!” Twilight thought. “But, I can't miss Pinkie's party!” she thought, her annoyance slightly turning into distress. “I don't want to know what she might do...”

Well, just go there get it over with and return back!” Wow, that was bit too harsh. Twilight was now becoming both irritated and afraid of herself. Especially now when she was starting to snap at herself. “This is getting ridiculous!” she thought. Her irritation rising again. “Okay! I just go there, apologize or something and then get back!” Yes, that would work!

“Twilight? Are still there?” she heard Spike's voice again. She glanced at the clock again. Horseapples! Had she already wasted precious five minutes of debating with herself? She needed to move!

“Yeah, I'm still here Spike!” She called back. Quickly walking towards the door. She was already in a hurry!

“OK.” Spike said as Twilight opened the door and hurried to downstairs. She then quickly picked up her sweets and hurried towards Sugarcube Corner.

Twilight's subconscious...

Nightmare Moon could feel her own frustration radiating from her, to the Bearer of the Element. While that was a good thing for her and making her plans come to fruition quicker. But now it looked like all she had worked for was falling apart.

And would be if she couldn't act fast enough. When she had invaded the baby dragons mind, she had hoped that she would be able to stop him sending his little letter to Celestia. But the little lizard was able to send it before she took full control. But she had then sent her own magic chase the letter and destroy it. And then that wretched owl had interfere!

But Nightmare was sure that she had at least delayed the letters arrival, so the things might not be lost yet. But she needed to hurry if she wanted her plans to succeed! Nightmare watched as the Element of Magic’s Bearer hurried away from the library. She already had plans for this night. And this time, the night, would last forever!

Nightmare then once again started feeding the Element of Magic’s Bearer her own feelings and thoughts. This would be her final chance. And she would make sure that everything was going to go as she had hoped!

She watched as the Bearer of Magic entered the wretched place named ‘Sugarcube Corner’. Oh, how she would love to tear this place to ground...

Sugarcube Corner...

Twilight stopped for a couple seconds to catch up with her breath. As she breathed in and out, she felt her previous frustration rising up again. Why did Pinkie had pick up this specific time? Couldn't she have waited till tomorrow? In fact, couldn't Applejack wait for tomorrow!?

“No! No!” Twilight said quietly to herself. “Don't think like that!” she said. “You are just a bit tired and frustrated, just get this over with so you can get back to library and end this craziness!”

“Twilight! Who are you talking to?” She heard the familiar, cheerful voice of Pinkie Pie asking her. And then her frustration levels spiked a bit. “Oh! Do you have imagery friends too?” Pinkie asked loudly, and too cheerfully for Twilight's taste.

“No Pinkie.” Twilight growled, sounding colder that she had intended. “And that is my own business.” she said, now with a bit more controlled tone. But there was still the coldness in it and inwardly Pinkie flinched. She now understood what AJ and Rarity had said earlier.

“Okie Dokie Lokie, Twilight.” Pinkie said, her voice tone lowering a bit, which Twilight of course noticed.

“Sorry Pinkie.” Twilight sighed. Placing her hoof on her forehead. “It has just been a really bad day for me...” Twilight explained.

“Sure Twilight, now come in! Applejack and everypony else are already here!” Pinkie then disappeared behind the door, Twilight soon following her but stopped when Pinkie appeared again. “Oh, and thanks for the candy!” She said happily, taking the paper bags from the now startled Twilight.

After quickly collecting herself, Twilight entered the shop. And she was surprised how... forced the atmosphere felt. Like Pinkie had just planned the whole thing. It made Twilight feel quite uncomfortable. Why would Pinkie arrange a ‘party’ which would give her a feeling like this? Maybe it was just her own mind playing tricks with her...

They are planning something...” No! She needed to get these kinds of thoughts out of her head! But she couldn't help it, she just seemed to feel that there was something going on with her friends. But they wouldn't go behind her back, would they?

No! Get those thoughts out of your head!” Twilight commanded herself.

As she stepped inside the living room where the ‘main’ event seemed to be happening, she couldn't help but notice how her friends seemed to be bit less... ‘energized’ than usually. Even Rainbow Dash didn't seem to be in her usual boasting-self.

“Hi everypony...” Twilight said. Trying to cheer up the gloomy atmosphere. Which seemed to work in someway.

“Hello there Twilight.” Rarity said, with a small smile on her face. “It's a good thing you made it.”

“Yeah, I guess...” Twilight said, rubbing back of her head. “I didn't want to miss Pinkie's invitation anyway.” Twilight didn't like the tone of her own voice. It sounded bit too negligent. But it looked like Rarity didn't notice it.

“So... I guess Applejack is already here?” Twilight then asked.

“Ya can guess for yerself.” Twilight heard Applejack saying right from other side of the room. And Twilight didn't like the tone Applejack used. As it gave her feeling that the earth pony knew something and wasn't going to tell her.

“Well that's good then.” Twilight said. Adding a bit of coolness to her voice.

“Listen, Twilight.” Applejack started. “Ah know know that it wasn't fully yer fault, what happened at the farm.” Applejack said. Twilight on the other hand didn't like where this was going. Who was she to judge her anyway? “But ya can't just go and blame mah little sister for it!” Now Twilight felt her frustration flaring up!

“But we know that an't you.” she then said, her tone bit softer. Twilight felt bit confused at that statement. “Huh?” Twilight asked.

“What Applejack is trying to say is that you aren't acting like yourself.” Rarity continued. “We are worried about you Twilight.” Rarity said with pleading look in her eyes. “This isn't just like you! You've never been this rude and uncivilized.” Unfortunately that didn't help Twilight's growing temper.

“Who the hay are you to judge me!” She asked in raised tone. “In case you haven't been paying attention, I've noticed that my temper might be bit shorter than usual!” Rarity and others took a couple of steps away from Twilight. “And I've been trying to figure it out, but your constant interruptions are keeping me away from my studies!” Twilight was now literally screaming. And everybody could swear that there was steam coming out of her snout.

“There, there Twilight.” Fluttershy was the first one cutting the silence. Trying to calm the unicorn down. “Here, have something to drink.” she offered Twilight a glass filled with what Twilight guessed was mixed berries.

Fluttershy and others watched in worry as Twilight rudely took the glass and drank the whole glass in one gulp. Now, they had to wait until the medicine would take its effect. And they needed to keep Twilight with them until then. But no one seemed to want to try their luck with Twilight. Afraid that situation might go completely out of hoof.

“And... we... we are your friends Twilight.” Fluttershy almost whispered. Afraid that Twilight might suddenly jump on her. “And... we want just to help you...”

“Oh sure!” Twilight said with sarcasm. “You just want to help me.” Twilight said, her voice taking a high mocking tone. “Oh sure, just put your muzzles into other ponies business even if it is not your business at all!”

“Ya know Twilight, they are telling the truth!” a voice suddenly called behind Rarity and others. Everypony's head turned around, seeing Rainbow Dash floating bit above the ground, with hard look in her eyes. “This can't be good...” everybody thought.

“You used to be cool, not cool as I though, but cool in your own way!” Rainbow said. “But, now? Seriously, what happened to you?” She asked, her gaze locked on Twilight.

“Oh, now you think I'm ‘cool’ Rainbow?” Twilight asked mockingly. “What happened to all your comments about me being an egghead and mostly being ‘uncool’? Can't keep your own thoughts straight, Rainbow Crash? But then again, you can't even pull off a Sonic Rainboom unless somepony is dropping to their death.” That did it! Before anyone could hold Rainbow Dash back, she flew right in front of Twilight, anger burning in her eyes.

But Rainbow wasn't the only one who was affected by Twilight's words. Rarity's eyes had started tearing up and the white unicorn tried her best to keep her sobs at bay. While Fluttershy, Pinkie and Applejack watched their friend in complete shock. This wasn't the Twilight they knew and loved as a friend.

“Twilight!” Applejack said loudly.” That's enough!”

“NO!” Twilight was now screaming louder than before. “And when did you ever have enough Applejack?” She asked harshly. “Always going ‘apple bucking this’ and ‘apple bucking that’!” Twilight said, while she did a mocking impersonation of Applejack's accent. “It's all about the apples isn't it? And never accepting help even if you need it. I've seen stones less stubborn than you!”

“Twilight!” Fluttershy gasped loudly.

“Oh, raising your voice again Fluttershy? Be careful that you won't talk too loud because then you might loose your tiny little whispering voice!” Now, Rainbow Dash was coming at Twilight with full force, but was stopped by Rarity and Applejack.

“Hey!” Pinkie then cut in. Coming defensively between Fluttershy and Twilight. “ That wasn't nice thing to say Twilight!” Pinkie said with serious expression. “Why are you so meany beany Twilight?”

That only fueled Twilight's raising temper. “You wanna know Pinkie...?” she asked, her head lowering dangerously.

“Yaha” Pinkie nodded her head.

“Because all of you are just pestering me and never leaving me alone!” Twilight screamed. “Especially you Pinkie!” she growled. “You've always been the thorn on my side! Always babbling nonsense! Always coming up with the most ridiculous ideas and always tries to have a excuse for a ‘PARTY’!” Twilight used lot of volume for the word ‘party’ while also mocking Pinkie with a poor intimidation of her voice.

“And furthermore...” Twilight then suddenly started feeling strange as something was affecting her. She couldn't keep her thoughts together and she soon found out that she couldn't hold her balance either. She started wobbling around the room.

“Wha... what the...!?” Twilight tried to ask, but she couldn't say anymore as she suddenly started feeling nauseous. “Sorry Twilight.” Applejack said quietly. “But ya forced our hooves.” Applejack sounded somewhat apolagetic.

And before she knew it, Applejack and Rainbow Dash had pinned her down on the floor. She tried to resist, but found herself being too tired and nauseous for doing anything. Even using her own magics. “They were planning something!” Her mind was screaming.

“No!” Twilight screamed, still trying to struggle. “Let... let me... GO!” Twilight could feel her own tears starting to form. But these weren't tears of sadness. They were the tears of betrayal, her own friends. Her own FRIENDS, betraying her like this! WHY!?

“We are sorry Twilight.” Twilight heard Rarity's voice right above her head. She looked up, seeing Rarity's tearful eyes. But she wasn't fully focused on Rarity's guilty eyes, she was looking more directly at Rarity's glowing horn. “But we are going to help you” Rarity voice strengthened with determination. Her horn closing in on Twilight's horn.


It happened so unexpected and so quickly. No one was sure. But they remembered a few things. They remembered Rarity closing in on Twilight, Twilight screaming, her voice... her voice sounded like two different ponies had screamed at once. One voice screaming in fear and hurt. The other, screaming in anger and denial.

And then...bright light and the world swirling around them.

Applejack wasn't sure what just happened, or how, but she had suddenly found herself at the other side of the living room wall. “Ugh, my head....” she groaned, rubbing her head with her hoof. Then everything started coming back to her. Them, Twilight and... “RARITY!” Applejack screamed.

The room was complete mess. Every piece of furniture was thrown in different directions from their original place, the floor and the walls were stained with the drink Pinkie had made for them. All the sweets, cupcakes, cakes, cookies were scattered around the floor.

As Applejack continued looking for the white unicorn, she heard a low groan coming under the table. “Hold on Rarity, I’ma coming!” She called out loudly.

“Hey AJ!” She then heard Rainbow Dash calling her.

“I’m here RD. Ya OK?” she asked the pegasi came into view.

“I guess so.” She replied, quickly flexing her wings. Rainbow then winced slightly. “Just bit stiff, but I think everything is fine.” She said.

“Good, what about Fluttershy and Pinkie?” Applejack asked as she started lifting the table.

“Ugh.” Rarity groaned as Applejack finally moved the table off of her. “Applejack...?” Rarity asked groggily.

“Yeah sugarcube?” Applejack asked worriedly.

“Did you happen to get that stallions cutie mark who ran over me?” The question threw Applejack off a bit as she wasn't expecting that question.

“Uuuuh...” Applejack wasn't sure how to respond to that.

“Well, it wasn't a stallion, but a mare.” Rainbow suddenly said. Her eyes glaring at the empty spot where the certain unicorn had laid couple moments ago. “And she just happened to have a big pink star, surrounded by six smaller white ones.”

For a while, Rarity looked at Rainbow like she had lost her mind, but slowly the gears started turning again in Rarity's head and soon she remembered what had happened. “Oh my goodness Twilight!”

“Gone.” The flattened voice of Pinkie Pie said. The sight of the Pink Party Pony took the other’s breath away.

Pinkie had gone from her usual cheerful-self to a depressed flat one. With her mane and tail completely flat and the bright pink color suddenly being darker than it was before. This whole night and idea had turned into a complete disaster.

“So what the hay are we supposed to do no-?” Rainbow's question was interrupted by a long and terrible roar from outside that had Fluttershy screaming the idea that was already running through everypony’s mind. “A DRAGON!!!” Fluttershy then proceeded to hide herself behind the couch while Applejack, Rainbow and strangely, Rarity ran outside.

They were just in time to see a large, terrifying dragon flying through the night sky. Right towards... “CANTERLOT!!” All three exclaimed.

“We have to warn the Princesses somehow!” Rarity said, her voice tinged with distress.

“Ah agree Rarity, but Ah don't think we can right now.” Applejack commented.

“What do you mean?” Rarity asked, looking at Applejack puzzled.

Applejack then proceeded pointing her hoof at the town. “That.” She said with a flat tone. Rarity let out a large gasp as strange looking, big headed and yellow eyed creatures were crawling around Ponyville. “We might be running a bit late.” Applejack then said grimly, taking a stance that told said she was preparing for the fight of her life...

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