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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 12 - Nothing But Nightmares

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Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 12
Nothing But Nightmares

All five mares could feel a sudden chill running down their spines. Like a gust of wind blowing, even though all the windows were closed, they still felt the cold chill. The whole hall was changed from the last time they visited it. Then, it had been in complete ruin and in various states of wild growth, but now they were all repaired.

But just like the castle itself from the outside, everything had become completely twisted and evil in appearance. Almost every edge seemed to be sharp and dangerous looking. And it didn’t help when they heard Nightmare's voice. Only just hearing it, made realize how much different this situation was from the last time. And it felt like there were eyes everywhere around the hall, staring down at them.

They could hear small sobs coming from the large gate, they turned to look and noticed Rarity, facing the sealed gate, sobbing uncontrollably. “Rarity...” Fluttershy tried to say something, but stopped herself. She didn't know anything comforting to say.

“Why...*sob*... why...?” Rarity whimpered. “Why Spike?!” She yelled. “What has he ever done to anypony! He didn't deserve that kind of fate!” She said crying. “I... hate... I hate Nightmare Moon!” She cried out louder. “I hate her! I HATE HER! I HATE HER! I HATE HER!!!!!” Rarity's screams started become more and more rapid until somepony stopped her.

“Rarity!” Much to everypony's surprise, it was Fluttershy who came for Rarity's aid. Taking the white unicorn’s hooves in hers. “I know you are afraid, because I'm also really, really scared!” Slowly, Rarity stopped her crying, but her eyes were still moist..

“And I also know how you feel about Spike.” Fluttershy said, her voice becoming bit softer. “But we can't fail now, Twilight is here somewhere and needs our help.” She said softly. For some reason starting to feel little bit braver as she talked to Rarity. “If we help Twilight, we can also help Spike. So please Rarity, just little bit more. For Spike.”

Slowly, Rarity started to get up, wiping her eyes as she did so. “Yes...” Rarity said, still looking down on the floor. A few more sobs escaped. Though there were quieter. “You are right Fluttershy...” She muttered.

“I'm going to do this for Spike, and Twilight!” Rarity said suddenly feeling bit braver.

“Come on girls...” Applejack finally said, trying to sound brave, but they all could still hear fresh fear in her voice. But they all knew that she was trying. “We need to keep going...”

Their hoof steps echoed through out the hallway, making them stop for a moment. Expecting some kind of monster attacking from the shadows, but the hallway remained silent and empty.

For the most parts, all five of them stayed absolutely silent. None of them daring the say anything, all they could hear was their own heartbeats and the small ‘clop’ sound as their hooves connected with the floor.

Suddenly they all stopped after hearing what sounded like a really quiet plea. “What in tarnation was that?” Applejack asked with hushed voice.

“...” there it was again. But it was still too quiet to make out.

“...hello?” Fluttershy then suddenly said,her voice quiet but audible. All of her friends gave a quick ‘not a word!’ look.

“...hello?” A familiar voice suddenly answered. “Is anypony there?” They all heard clearly. And there was no mistaking who that voice belonged to.

“Twilight!” They all exclaimed as they suddenly started running. They soon reached an all too familiar room, in which they had faced Nightmare Moon. Where they had discovered their roles as the Elements of Harmony.

And then the doors behind them shut with a loud booming sound to which they all jumped from fear, looking behind them in distress.They quickly turned away from it as they remembered their purple unicorn friend.

But she was nowhere to be seen. “Hello?” They heard again. Only it seemed to echo all over the room. “Is anypony there?” Which was quickly followed by cruel laughter.

I had a feeling that you might fall for that.” The voice of Nightmare Moon laughed. “And I see that you brought the Elements as well.” Nightmare said amusedly.

That voice...” Fluttershy thought. She couldn't help but notice how different Nightmare sounded. It was Nightmare's voice, but it sounded like it was using someone else’s voice. But why did it sound so familiar?

This night couldn't have turned out any better.” Nightmare said laughingly.

“Stop this stupid act Nightmare!” Rainbow Dash yelled. Suddenly feeling bit braver as she remembered that they were together and had the Elements of Harmony with them. “Give us Twilight or we are going to show you what we can do!”

The room then filled with maniacal laughter of Nightmare Moon again. Only it was much louder this time. “You want your precious Twilight back?” She asked mockingly. “Then come and get her!

Out of nowhere blueish-purple smoke/cloud appeared, launching itself right towards the platform where it all had ended. They watched as the smoke made contact with platform, creating a much larger cloud which soon vanished, revealing Twilight Sparkle, wearing the Element of Magic.

The five of them then yelled out her name and started running towards her, only to be pushed back by a powerful magical blast. “Hey what gives Twilight!” Rainbow asked with raised voice, as she rubbed her slightly sore shoulder. “Are you still mad about the-!”

“Still clueless as ever I see.” Twilight said, looking for some reason amused with a mocking smirk. “But then again, none of you really know the whole truth do you?” She asked with a dark laugh.

“Just what are ya talking about Twilight?” Applejack asked frustrated. They had come all this way for her and all she does is hurt them and make more insults.

Twilight let out a giggle, that for some reason made everyone's skin crawl. “Oh, I guess Celestia wasn't able to tell you everything because of my Ursa pet.” She giggled again.

“How do you know about that?” Rainbow asked. Feeling even more confused. This wasn't the Twilight they knew. Even the one at the ‘party’ wouldn't be this cruel and... “Wait! How did you know about the Ursa and the Princess?” She suddenly asked.

“And what did you mean by your ‘Ursa pet’?” Rarity added, her voice revealing that she was having small amount of dread about what this ‘Twilight’ might say or show next. What they got for an answer, was a cruel, maniacal laugh from Twilight. Which caused their bodies to shiver in fear. It was a simple cruel laugh to a cruel joke.

Before their eyes, the purple mist appeared beneath ‘Twilight's’ hooves, slowly wrapping itself around her entire body and before them didn't stand Twilight Sparkle. At least, not the Twilight Sparkle they knew. Her entire body was covered in dark aura, giving her a sinister appearance.

Her mane was also warped in that same dark aura, only darker and just like Princess Luna, it had various stars in it. She also possessed wings, only they looked more like ethereal like and not solid flesh and feathers.

Gone were the deep purple eyes, they were the same cruel cyan, slit-eyes that had the same look they had seen a year ago. There was nothing in them that reminded them of their unicorn friend Twilight Sparkle.

And she was also wearing what looked like some kind of armor, just like she had worn last time. Only it seemed to cover a bit more of her body and on her head, laid the Element of Magic like some kind of crown.

I think you might know now.” Nightmare Moon sneered with large smirk on her lips, revealing her sharp fangs. This time they all could hear two voice's speaking at once. One was Twilight's own, and another belonged to Nightmare Moon.

“You... you... YOU GIVE TWILIGHT BACK!!” Pinkie suddenly yelled as she got over the shock all of her friends were in.

Why would I do that?” Nightmare asked amused. “I think she prefers to be like this.” Nightmare chuckled. “After all, I did grant her wish.” She then added smugly. “Her wish, to take all the pain away.” Nightmare Moon watched with pure delight as the five mares looked at her with complete confused looks. “[b]The pain that you caused!

“What!?” they all screamed at once.

“Oh, did you forget about that little incident you caused hours ago?” Nightmare asked in fake anger.

The way their facial expressions changed from angry to sorrowful ones as they minds went to the events before all of this madness started. “It was your involvement, that caused poor Twilight to feel betrayed by her so called friends.” Nightmare began with a fake sympathetic voice.

Nightmare Moon watched as she let this information sink in and how much it was already affecting Twilight's friends. She was going to enjoy this very much. Just seeing the defeated and depressed looks and these mares had on their faces, seeing their spirits crushed. But she wasn't finished just yet.

She wanted to make sure that these five would know that it was their mistake that had brought Nightmare Moon back. That because of them, she was now in possession of both Twilight Sparkles body and the Element of Magic.

And I happened to be the only one she could trust.” Nightmare said in mocking tone.

“That's because ya no doubt used your magic to brainwash Twilight!” Applejack suddenly cut in, fresh tears forming in her eyes. She didn't want to believe anything this mare said, but for some reason another part of her mind said otherwise.

“Yeah!” Pinkie Pie then said. “It was no doubt you who made Twilight all mean grumpy-dumpy towards everypony and say all those mean things!”

Nightmare let out another mockingly amused laughter. “Oh you little foals! I didn't put those words in her mouth. She said them all by herself!” Nightmare explained, a smug smirk on her lips. “All I provided was a small push, so she could... express herself better.” She watched as the information slowly sunk in. As the spark that had inflamed their courage and determination, slowly faded.

Do you really believe in such pitiful thing as friendship?” Nightmare suddenly asked in a serious tone. “What good does it bring if most of the time all it brings is conflict and disagreements and misery?” Nightmare asked, not noticing the small amount of sadness in her voice. “How do you know that the only reason she, or anyone wanted to be your ‘friend’ so they could use you and then toss you aside when you are no longer useful?

Nightmare Moon watched as all five of them were losing whatever fighting spirit that they had left. Pinkie Pie, whose hair had become flat again, and her colors seemed to a bit darker. Fluttershy had pretty much collapsed on the floor, but no cries or sobbing couldn't be heard. Rarity and Rainbow Dash just sat on the floor, an empty look in their eyes. While Applejack had lowered her hat so no one could see her.

But Nightmare failed to notice a single tear escaping from the corner of her eye and feeling it, as it dropped on the cold stone floor. “Is this ‘friendship’ really worth it?” She then asked quietly.

No answer came.

As I thought.” Nightmare said, sounding rather emotionless. “In the end, everypony just uses one-another, for their own gains and-

“You are wrong!” Somepony suddenly said, cutting off Nightmares monologue.

“You are so bucking wrong!” Rainbow Dash said again. This time much louder. “Do you really think it is all like that?” She asked challengingly. “Yeah, sometimes someponies can be a jerk to each other and so on. But so what!?” Rainbow asked loudly. “That's the whole point! Friendship isn't something you can't just take and say ‘O’”! You need to work for it! Fight for it! And yeah, we all have our disagreements, fights or whatever, but that's just part of life. And that's what also makes friendship much more interesting! And if you really think it's not worth of your trouble... well, I guess you ain't worth it!”

The whole room was silent at this. Nightmare looking at the cyan pegasi with both surprise and pure anger. How dare she interrupt her!

“But I think our Twilight said it the best way, do your remember girls? While we were ducking out with Discord?” Rainbow Dash watched as her friends slowly raised their heads. “Friendship isn’t always easy...” She stopped there, hoping that they might remember now.

“B... b... but there is no doubt...” Fluttershy then continued. Suddenly getting up. Feeling a lot braver again.

“...it's worth...” Pinkie then said. Suddenly her hair and colors slowly returning back to normal.

“Fighting...” Rarity said as she got up, now facing Nightmare Moon with fire in her eyes.

“For...” Applejack finished, raising her hat. Giving Nightmare Moon a rather smug looking smirk.

“So yeah, we aren't going to give our friendship for Twilight even after the whole thing. We were pretty stupid as well, and that doesn't meant we are going give up our friendship that easily! So, in your face!” Rainbow said, mockingly. “How do you like them apples!” She laughed a bit, boldness in full force.


Nightmare Moon was dangerously quiet. Nothing in her facial expression or eyes showed any kinds of reaction. But then she lowered her head, while her magical mane got in the way of her face.

… I see... so, that's the way it's suppose to be then...” She growled. Then the mane moved away from her eyes and they were intense. The five mares took unconsciously a few steps back when they saw Nightmare Moons eyes. “THEN LET US SEE IF IT IS WORTH OF YOUR PITIFUL LIVES!” Nightmare suddenly declared. Her horn and eyes glowing brightly.

The five couldn't help but notice how her ethereal wings seemed to have grown little bit larger as they unfolded themselves. Her mane suddenly shot up, creating a large swirl above them. For a moment, they all felt their newly found courage failing, as they started taking more fearful steps away from Nightmare Moon.

But then Rainbow Dash stopped. “No frigging way!” She suddenly said loudly. “There is no way in hay that I'm backing down now! I'm the bearer of the Element of Loyalty and by Celestia's name, I'm SO gonna act like one!” Rainbow stated. Taking few steps back towards Nightmare Moon.

Slowly, the rest of her friends gathered right next to her, also showing the defiance for Nightmare Moons threats. “Sorry Nightmare Moon, but this is one friendship that you can't defeat! So give us Twilight back!”

Nightmare Moon wasn't pleased at all.


They all watched as the magical mane suddenly came down on them. Like a giant tidal wave. As it got closer to them, they all closed their eyes and took each other hooves. If they were going, they would make sure that they would go together. No words were said. They didn't need any words as long as they knew that they were together.

Nightmare Moon watched as her magics literally drowned the ponies beneath it. Yet she didn't get any delight from this sight. They had ruined her one time moment. But then she remembered that they weren't the only ones. There was still Celestia and Luna that needed taking care of.

But then sudden bursts of bright light, almost bright as the sun, came out of the magical waves. “WHAT!?” Nightmare Moon cried out in anger. And also bit in fear. She knew this feeling all to well. She watched as whatever was left of her magic disappear. She covered her eyes as the light appeared.

As the light started fading, Nightmare Moon distinguished five figures hovering high above from the floor. But the problem was that they weren't the same mares couple moments ago. In a sense. While they were still the same looking as always, they had different auras, the same colors as their coats around them.

Forming wings and horns for the earth ponies, while the two pegasi grew horns and wings rose for the unicorn. But, they weren't solid, but ethereal like her mane and wings. They then opened their eyes, which were all glowing bright white light.

WHO IN THE NAME OF TARTARUS ARE YOU!” She asked loudly. She knew that these weren't the same ponies, but something else.

We...” they all started at the same time, like they were speaking through one voice. “… are, the Elements of Harmony.

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