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Recalling the Nightmare - Juu50x

Sort of sequel to Nightmare's lullaby.

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Chapter 1 - Just Another Day...

I don’t own MLP: FiM or it's characters. They belong to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.

A/N: Sorry if this chapter might suck a bit. But I'm not really good at starting stories. And if you see grammar mistakes (and there will be many) let me know what needs to be fixed and you might get used to them, since English isn't my first language and writing not my strongest points.

Recalling the Nightmare

Chapter 1
Just Another Day...

Twilight let out a long yawn as she woke up. She always seemed to have same kind of schedule like the sun. She always found herself waking up around the time when Celestia's sun was high enough. She let out another yawn before getting up. “Spike, wake up!” she said, looking at the pile of covers where the baby dragon was trying to hide himself from the sunlight.

“....” Spike mumbled something that Twilight couldn't hear, but she was sure Spike was more likely complaining.

Twilight couldn't help but let out a small giggle. Spike was always such heavy sleeper. But it still surprised Twilight that Spike still hadn't got used to this, since they've been doing this long as she could remember.

“Sorry, I didn't quite catch that.” she said, letting a small smile form onto her lips.

“...too early... back to sleep...” Twilight was quite sure what Spike had said earlier, but it probably was still close to it.

...must have something to do being a dragon.” Twilight thought. While using her magic to lift Spike up. “Wha... what Twilight?” Spike mumbled. “Why can't I just sleep?” he complained. “There's nothing that you need me to do...” Spike yawned.

“Oh Spike.” Twilight couldn't help but let out big smile. “There's always something going on and we need to be ready for it.” she said, sounding bit amused.

“...something must always go on around you.” Spike grumbled quietly. But Twilight was completely ignoring him, and quickly forgot that she was still holding him with her magic. Soon there was a loud scream which was followed by a loud “THUD”, and soon. “I'm so sorry Spike!” Twilight almost screamed. And so their daily routine began.

Later, on the other side of Ponyville, but still bit close to library, Rainbow Dash was once again practicing her stunts, or as she liked to call them: “20% Cooler Super Awesome Rainbow Move”. She quickly picked up the speed which was from half away of Sonic Rainbow. As she raced forward she made couple rolls, she then suddenly took hard turn upwards, going even faster. She then dropped her altitude and started spinning.

“And now for the cooler part!” Rainbow Dash then started spinning faster and faster, while slowing her descent, until her descent halted completely, but she was still spinning. And she was spinning fast. Soon there was a small “vortex” made out of rainbow colors on the sky. “Just little more...”

But all of her concentration was were interrupted when a sudden flash of bright light and, what sounded like explosion made her loose her concentration and she was quickly spinning out of control.

“Nononononono!” Dash screamed, while also trying to keep her cool. But it was already too late, she was already spinning out of control and soon she found herself flying into a random direction and she couldn't control her flight as the speed was too fast for her wings to adapt.

“There you go.” Fluttershy said, giving her pet rabbit Angel his usual breakfast which was big bowl of salad and other vegetables. The small rabbit seemed to consider what his owner was presenting to him. Fluttershy couldn't help but sigh inwardly. Angel was always so strict about these kinds of things. But she had to sometimes show him that she was in charge of this house and not him.

After maybe thirty seconds of inspecting the food, the rabbit started eating with satisfied expression. “Good boy.” Fluttershy smiled.

Suddenly the rabbit stopped eating and started looking around with bit worried expression. As if he could sense or hear something that Fluttershy couldn't “What is it?” Fluttershy asked. Of course Angle didn't say anything as he couldn't speak. He simply started jumping around Fluttershy's living room, looking out of the windows.

“What is-” Fluttershy was about to ask again, but was interrupted by what sounded like a small explosion. “AH!” she screamed as she jumped up, her wings carrying her all the way to the sealing of the room. Luckily she didn't fly high enough to hit her head.

After she was able to collect herself, she quickly got outside. For a moment she was worried about what she might witness, but after getting outside, much to relieve everything seemed to be quite normal. Except purple smoke on the sky. And it seemed like it was coming from the library.

“Twilight!” Fluttershy screamed, if you could really call that a scream. “Angel, you stay here!” Fluttershy said, even if it was quite obvious. The rabbit gave a salute and then slammed to door loudly shut. Fluttershy on the other hand started flying towards the library fast as her wings could carry her.

“Alrighty!” a familiar voice said behind the door, making both Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake little excited. Aunty Pie (as they started calling her couple weeks ago) waited behind the curtains, ready to jump at the foals and entertain them like many other times. In in a way, it had become Pinkie's second meaning in her live than just throwing around parties, and so she's been trying to give the little foals the best laughs.

“Here comes the Great, Wonderful AND Cheerful Pinkie!” Pinkie Pie jumped behind the curtains, dressed in pink colored cloak with various pictures of sweets and balloons around it. But same couldn't be said about the hat. Which looked like a magicians hat, but unlike the cloak, the hat had various stars around it and in the middle of the hat was a picture of crescent moon. Just like usually, the fillies looked at Pinkie Pie with confused and amused looks.

“Thank you, thank you.!” Pinkie bowed which made little Pumpkin and Pound giggle at the way she did it. “I've got them now.” Pinkie thought cheerfully.

“Now be amazed as Wonderful AND Cheerful Pinkie will-!” Pinkie wasn't able to finish her impression of certain pony as there was a large sounding explosion and the next thing Pinkie knew, a full bag of flour had fallen all over her and she couldn't help but make, rather funny looking, frown on her face.

But at least it had helped a bit since that explosion really scared the young foals and now the pure white Pinkie Pie with a funny looking expression had calmed them somewhat down. Pinkie quickly got off of the stage and ran outside to see what was going on while dusting off the flour.

“Just what in the name of-!” Pinkie interrupted herself when she saw Twilight's library. And there was dark purple smoke coming from windows and the door. Pinkie let out a panicked gaps. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” she rambled. For a short moment her brain went into complete overload and she didn't know what do.

“PINKIE!” Mrs. Cake suddenly yelled from the shop. “Get hold of yourself and go check on Twilight!” that seemed to snap the young pony from her shock

“OH RIGHT!” she pretty much screamed. “DON'T WORRY TWILIGHT! PINKIE PIE IS COMMING TO THE RESCUE!!” she screamed while running through small crowd of ponies that went to see what had just happened.

“Steady... steady...” Rarity mumbled to herself. “It's almost done. Just couple more lines and it's done!” she said, getting more exited. She had been working hours and hours on a new sketch for her newest and probably the best dresses of all of Equestria!

She had already started working on the drawing really early in the morning, bit before the sun was even fully up, and now after hour of delicate work and careful use of magic, she was almost ready. And then she could finally start making the dress and it would be just perfect.

“Oh Rarity you've out done yourself this time!” Rarity said to herself, with a wide smile on her lips.

But her joys quickly disappeared when there was loud sound, ears breaking, and with it ground shook a bit, which wasn't much, but enough for spook Rarity which made her lost control of her horn and it looked like a lightning was striking at the sketch.

Rarity stared at the drawing in disbelieve her eyes growing quite large from the shock. How this could have happened?! She had been so, so careful! She had spent so many hours to make this sketch perfect! Now all that hard work, wasted.

“...!” for a moment Rarity wasn't able to say or think anything, expect the fact that her work was ruined. But suddenly in her brain clicked and another thought appeared in her mind. “SWEETY BELLE!” she screamed at the first name that came to her mind. “IS THIS ANOTHER OF YOUR CUTIE MARK TRICKS?!”

“It wasn't me!” she could hear her younger sister yelled from outside. “Rarity! It's coming from the library!” that stopped Rarity from doing what she was about to do. “WHAT!?” she suddenly sprinted from her room. “My goodness...!” she gasped, while looking at libraries direction. Before she knew it, she was running towards the library.

“That's the last of 'em.” Applejack was quite pleased with herself. Behind her were many apple buckets, full of apples of course. She couldn't believe she was able to fill all those buckets and the day hadn't been full. Although Big Mac did gave her little help.

But her good mood was interrupted by ground shaking and somewhat bright explosion. But that wasn't all as something that was flying quite fast, was heading towards her direction. And Applejack did the only thing that came to her mind. “DUCK!” there was a loud crash when, whatever it was, crashed quite loudly.

“What in tarnation?” she said loudly while looking at the carnage before her. Then suddenly the pile started moving and beneath the piles of apples and broken buckets, and Rainbow Dash emerged. ”Listen Applejack.” Dash said, sounding bit startled. ”I... I can explain!” she said raising her hooves in defense.

”Well you better start explaining fast Rainbow Dash.” Applejack said, much to Rainbow Dash's she sounded quite calm. ”Before you are about to fly without help of your wings!” Applejacks said, raising angrily her voice with every sentence.

That seemed to make Rainbow Dash panic. And that caused her to talk like Pinkie Pie. ”I was practicing my ” I was out there practicing my ”20% Cooler Super Awesome Rainbow Move” and-”

“I knew it!” Applejack interrupted in frustration.

“No! Listening to me!” now it was Dash interrupted Applejack. “I was practicing with enough distance from your farm, like we agreed!” she said. “But then there was this, like really big explosion, and the next thing I knew, I'm loosing control and... you know the rest.” she said. Lowering her head.

“What's with you and my farm...?” Applejack thought out loud. “Don't answer that!” she quickly added. “So, if you weren't behind that racket, then who or what?” she asked, sounding bit skeptical. Applejack wasn't able to hear any answer when Rainbow Dash suddenly sprinted from the mess, while also picking her up.

“WHAT IN THE HAY DASHY!?” she screamed. “Slow down there! What's the hurry all of sudden!?”

“It came from Twilight's library! That explosion!” for a moment Applejack's brains didn't register what Rainbow Dash had exactly meant, but she quickly figured it out when she saw purple smoke coming from the library's direction. “Oh hay.” she whispered. “What you've done now Twilight.”

“Spike!” Twilight coughed. “Spike! Where are you? Are you OK!” Twilight let out another cough as her lungs tried to get rid of the smoke. The only answer Twilight received was more heavy coughing than her own. “Ye- *cough* Yeah I guess.” Spike said. “Sheesh Twilight, just what were you trying to do?” he asked. Coughing again, little loudly this time. “You didn't try to make food out of nothing again did you?”

“No!” Twilight coughed. “I was trying this new spell.” she said.

“Never knew *cough* that spells could produce this much smoke.” Spike said, while letting out another series of coughing.

Twilight let out her own series of cough before answering. “Probably just some side-effect.”

“I've had enough with this much smoke!” she thought frustrated. She then started consecrating the magic in her horn and tried to clear the room from smoke. But as she tried to reach her magics, a sudden pain coursed through her head, like someone had opened a floodgate and the pain was, literally pouring in her head which made her cry in pain and made her fall on the floor.

“Twilight” Spike yelled. Getting quickly to Twilight's side. “Are you alright?” he asked. “What just happened?”

“I'm... I'm not sure.” Twilight said confused. Why this sudden head ache? It almost felt like her head would split in half! But then the pain all of suddenly disappeared. Like it wasn't there couple seconds ago.

“DON'T WORRY TWILIGHT!!” sudden scream came from the door. “Oh no...!” was all Twilight was able to say before a pink blur grabbed her. “PINKIE IS HERE!!!” and the next thing she knew, she was carried outside, while Pinkie Pie was holding her in a tight bear hug.

“P... Pinkie...” Twilight gasped whatever air she could breath. “Yo... you are... crus... crushing... me!

“Oh! Ooops! Sorry Twilight.” Pinkie giggled as she dropped Twilight who was now heavily gasping air.

“Wha... what are you doing here?” Twilight asked, while her lungs were finally filling up. But that question was rather unnecessary since no doubt that the whole Poniville heard and saw that.

“I was like entertaining little Cakes and then there was this big bang and then I was covered in flour!” Pinkie Pie explained and Twilight was having trouble of keeping up what Pinkie was saying. “And then I went outside to see what was going on and then-!”

“Twilight!” both Rainbow and Applejack yelled as they reached the library. “What in the hay happened?” Applejack asked.

“Just one of her spells gone wrong.” Spike said, joining with the other ponies. “And no need to ask, I'm OK.” he said, small bit of sarcasm in his voice.

“A spell gone wrong?” Rainbow asked. “Just “a spell gone wrong”? You probably mean “a spell gone disastrously and horribly wrong”, am I right?” Rainbow said.

“Well... I guess so...” Twilight mumbled.

“Oh Twilight, it's good to see that you are OK.” a quite voice said, slightly above her.

“Fluttershy!” Twilight said, sounding bit shocked. “How long have you been there?” she asked. The shy Pegasus was quiet for a while as if embarrassed to answer. ”Aaah... about, couple minutes.” she said. ”Are... are you sure that you are alright Twilight?” she then asked. ”I mean your mane and coat don't look that good.” she said, while pointing at Twilight.

Then all of suddenly Rainbow Dash started snickering, which quickly turned into a full laughter. “What's so funny Rainbow Dash?” Twilight asked, sounding both confused and irritated.

“HAHAHAAA! Man you should see yourself Twilight! HAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!” Rainbow laughed.

“Rainbow Dash, stop that.” Applejack then said. “That ain't that funny.” then as if from the cue Pinkie Pie started laughing almost hard as Rainbow Dash. “Oh it is!” she laughed.

Applejack changed her gaze between two laughing ponies and Twilight whose mane was in complete mess, which reminded her about the “incident” couple weeks ago but this time it was even more messier. And her coat was now darker shade of purple and also a bit mess, like her mane.

Slowly Applejack's lips started twitching and soon everypony could hear small snickering coming from her. And soon Spike and even Fluttershy were joining them also. “Thanks a lot.” Twilight said, with big frown on her face.

“Oh lighten up Twilight.” Pinkie Pie said. “You should see yourself!” she then continued laughing. Twilight seemed to think for a moment, before her face twisted into a humorous smile and soon she joined with her friends.

“Oh Twilight darling! Are you alright? I can't believe that...” Rarity stopped herself when she noticed everypony laughing. “What's so funny? I myself don't find anything funny about this situati-!” Rarity then let out a gasp that was almost able rival Pinkie's own. That seemed to make the laughter stop.

“Oh darling! What happened to your mane? Oh my goodness look at your coat!” she then started circling around Twilight with wide eyes. “How can you laugh at something like this? Oh, this looks just dreadful! Don't worry Twilight I have just the proper things for this kind of mess!” everypony just stared at Rarity. “What?”

And then the laughter began again. “What? What did I say?” but the only answer she got was slightly louder laughter. “This isn't laughing matter!” Rarity yelled. But soon even she joined with her friends even though she didn't know why. While other ponies looked at them like they were crazy.

And maybe they were.

Well, here is the first chapter and sorry if it sucked. And since I sucked writing Applejack's accent (I tried), I'm going to write her dialog like everybody's. And don't worry, Nightmare Moon will make an appearance (small one) in the next chapter. After that her part will only get bigger.

So, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will also enjoy the future chapters. And don't forget to comment! And constructive criticism is always welcome!

Till next time, THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT!!!