• Published 21st Nov 2013
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Then We'll Run - maxxxxxx

We'll run. We'll run so we can be together, so we can be safe. We'll run so I dont have to feel that pain in real life.

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“I'm sorry Rainbow Dash.”

So many thoughts and feelings ran through her mind when she heard those words. She wanted to lash out at her, but another part of her wanted to cry on her shoulder. Emotions swelled up inside of Rainbow Dash, she stood silent as she tried to sort them out.

“Dash, I'm so sorry I hurt you. I know I have no right to ask this of you but can you ever forgive me. I-I don't know, I just panicked. I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to hurt...” She strained her voice trying to get her words out but they were chocked out as she sobbed uncontrollably, She broke down in front of Dash, tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t bare to meet her eyes, all Twilight could do was look at ground and try in vain to hide her tears.

Dash padded over to Twilight, any anger she had for her melted away. All she could think to do now was make her closest friend stop crying. She sat herself close beside Twilight, she never looked up, too lost in her sadness to notice Dash's approach. She was trembling. Dash looked down to her, the sight of one of the strongest ponies she had ever met, crying like a foal, nearly brought Rainbow Dash to tears.
She betrayed me. She literally threw me out of her house. She broke my heart when I confessed to having feelings for her. She hurt me more than any pony ever has. She extended her wing over Twilight and pulled her in close to her. Her warm, soft fur brushed against Dash's and her trembling at once stopped. Twilight looked up from her misery, staring wide eyed at her. Her eyes red and puffy from all the tears she had shed. Dash smiled at her, not her usual brash smile, but one full of warmth and caring.
But, in spite of all that, I think... I love her.

“I forgive you, Twilight.”

Her heart skipped a beat. She... She forgave me? Drops once again flowed, she buried her face in Dash's shoulder. She whimper into Dashes fur, all the stress, worry and heartbreak poured forth.

“Dash!... Dash!... Dash!” She wailed, having no idea what else to do or say. Dash just pulled her closer and let her get it all out, she could feel her hot tears soaking her fur. Dash wanted to cry right along with her but remained strong for Twilight's sake. After a minute of crying she began to regain her composure. Wiping away her tears, she gave a small laugh.

“Thank you Rainbow Dash, I think I'm better now.” Seeing that she was okay, she decided to retract her wing and take a step back.

“Glad to hear it, and, well. Look, I'm really sorry for putting you through all of this. Can we get past this and be friends again?” She said cautiously hopeful. Twilight shook her head, Dash's heart sank. She still doesn't want anything to do with me. Why did I ever have to tell her how I feel? now I've lost the most important pony in my life! Feeling dejected and downcast, she began to walk away.

“Wait!” Twilight's sudden exclamation made Dash stop in her tracks, though she did not turn around.

“I thought long and hard about all of this. After going over everything, I came to an important realization.” Dash's curiosity piqued, she tuned her head slightly, so that Twilight rested just withing her peripheral vision.

“Dash, I don't want to be you're friend.” As she spoke a crushing depression overtook Dash, but something kept her from flying away. A faint hope, to her, a one in a million chance.
“After all of this, I don't think I would be satisfied just being friends.” Dash's ear twitched at the word 'just'. She said “just” right? That's what she just said right? Hope quickly grew inside Rainbow Dash.

“Rainbow Dash, I-I... Would you.. I mean, I would be happy if... I could be your special somepony.”

She just said... She...My special somepony.

“Do you really mean that Twilight?” Her voice shook with fear, this whole ordeal had left her more fragile than usual. Twilight stood beside her, tenderly placing her hoof over Rainbow Dash's. They simultaneously broke out into a blush, Dash nervously looking away.

“I do.”

She soared through the air, every muscle in her body burned with energy and excitement. She felt weightless. She felt like she could do ten sonic rainbooms and still have enough energy to fly ghastly gorge in record time. The sun hung low in the sky, after leaving Sweet Apple Acres She had spent the rest of the day with Twilight. They talked for hours, smiling, laughing and just being happy being with each other. It was the best time dash had had in a long time, she hadn't felt this happy even after the Best Young Fliers competition. Dash hummed a happy, familiar tune as she ran her hoof through a cloud.

“I still can't believe it! She said yes!” She shouted excitedly, looping through the air with the happiest smile on her face. Today was perfect! I woke up this morning thinking she hated me and never wanting to see me again. Now she's my marefriend! Her heart raced and a happy warmth radiated through her body causing her to giggle excitedly. Best day ever!

They talked about telling they're friends about their new relationships but Twilight had warned against it. I'm still surprised Fluttershy feels that way. I guess the idea of two mares being together is really strange, but still. And I definitely don't want to hear what Applejack has to say, If I thought Twilight's reaction was bad I can't imagine how she would respond. On the other hoof maybe we just aren't giving our friends enough credit. Well if Twilight wants to keep it between us for now I don't mind. Her cloud home came into view, she glided to her door landing perfectly. It can be our little secret. With that she went into her home, ready for a good night's sleep.

Dear Princess Celestia.

Something incredible has happened to me over the last couple of days. I leaned that, just because something is different doesn't mean it's bad and to think before you say something that might hurt some pony. My friend Rainbow Dash told me that she likes mares, and that she had a crush on me! I really didn't handle it well at first but that was just because I was confused, I know it's no excuse but I felt really bad afterward. Then I began really thinking and I realized that, I had feelings for her as well! After allot of misunderstandings I am overjoyed to say that Rainbow Dash is my marefriend! I hope to hear from you soon.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight release the quill from her magic. Spike had not returned yet, apparently Applejack needed his help with something. So she had to write the letter herself. After giving it one final revision she rolled the parchment up and engulfed it in green flame from her horn. It evaporated into ash then disappeared. The sun had gone down and after the eventful day she shared with Rainbow Dash she was ready to hit the hay. Getting into bed she snuffed out the candles. Bundling up in her warm blankets she drifted happily to sleep, an image of her marefriend smiling at her was the last image she had before sleep overtook her.

Knock Knock Knock!” A loud banging jolted Twilight out of her peaceful sleep. She shot up out of bed and looked at the clock. It's two in the morning! Who could it be at this hour? She sleepily made her way down stairs, yawning deeply once she got to the door. Her horn lit up, opening the door.
Two large pegasi in royal guard armor stood at her door.

“Can I help you?” She looked at them quizzically.

“Twilight Sparkle?”


"By order of Princess Celestia, you are under arrest!”