• Published 21st Nov 2013
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Then We'll Run - maxxxxxx

We'll run. We'll run so we can be together, so we can be safe. We'll run so I dont have to feel that pain in real life.

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Then we'll run

The couple managed to silently escape Canterlot prison. Many questions went unsaid due to the implication of Twilight's spell. Rainbow Dash had the hardest time of keeping quiet, stress worry and panic ran through her mind. Canterlot was swarmed with royal guards despite the time of night. Twilight wondered if they're escape had already been noticed or if the princess placed them preemptively. I wonder if my brother knows what's going on. If we could find him we may be able to sort this out, at the very least he could give us a place ti hide. She knew however that her brother was in the Crystal Kingdom with Princess Cadance. What would he think of me though? What if he hates me or tells me to leave Rainbow Dash like Princess Celestia did? No, he's my brother and he loves me. I know he would support me no matter what! They continued to run, side by side match each other's steps perfectly.

I wonder who would help us now? Pinkie Pie is the most likely, I doubt Fluttershy would help especially after what she told Twilight. A pang of sadness hit Rainbow Dash. Many a time she had thought of confiding to her kindest friend about how she was, how she liked mares. She never did work up the courage though. I guess it was for the best though, no pony can understand. Even after everything Twi had done for Celestia let alone everything she's done for Equestria she still not allowed to follow her heart. What if this is all a mistake?! I can't let Twilight get dragged down with me because I'm a freak who can't keep her mouth shut, She could be a princess again, or she could go back to Ponyville and be a librarian again. Her heart sank, she forced back tears knowing that a single sob or whimper could get them caught. They came to a stop at the edge of Canterlot. Far beneath them, the dim glow of a small town could be seen in the darkness. It was they're home, Ponyville. Rainbow Dash's sadness had not gone unnoticed by her marefriend. Twilight rubbed her muzzle against her warm cheek, Dash in turn pressed herself against her. Taking hold of each other's hooves they leapt off the edge of the outcropping, silently gliding towards Ponyville.

Once they felt they were far enough away Twilight dropped her spell, allowing both to sigh in relief.

“I'm sorry Twilight.” Dash withdrew her hoof from hers.

“Sorry? For what?” She raised an eyebrow at her, though she could make an educated guess at why she was feeling sorry.

“This is all my fault. If I had never opened my big mouth you wouldn’t be on the run like this. Twilight, I- I was so happy when you said you wanted to be my special somepony. And I was even happier when you told Princess Luna that you wouldn’t betray me, but this isn't how it should be for you. You're smart, lots of ponies care about you and you could become whatever you want, you could even be a princess again. I want to be with you, I really do, but I want you to be happy more than that.”

“Rainbow Dash, do you remember? At Sweet Apple Acres. I had realized how much I hurt you, I finally found you and when I tried to apologize I fell apart. Despite everything I had done to you, you still wrapped your wing around me and held me tight. You let me cry on you and then, even though I did such a terrible thing to you, you forgave me. At that moment I knew, I knew how I felt about you. I never want to lose you again. I don't care what we have to face from now on, all that matters is that we face it together.” The sincerity and love in her voice crushed any worry that Dash may have held, she could feel tears of joy building in her eyes.

“Twilight... Thank you.”

They were close enough to the quaint town, they quietly descended landing on the edge of White Tail Woods. The glow of street lamps could been seen from where they were. Sunrise was fast approaching, they needed to find they're friend that Princess Luna mentioned before the town woke up. It won't be long before the princess notices that we escaped if she hasn’t already. Twilight looked up to the sky, she knew the first place the royal guards would look for them was Ponyville.

“Um, Twi.”

“What is it Rainbow Dash?”

“Princess Luna never told us who was helping us, and she also didn't say where we would find them. So... What do we do now?” Twilight nearly face-hoofed. Pony feathers! With all that was going on I never even thought about it. What do we do now? Twilight opened her mouth, hoping she would come up with a plan on the fly, but then...

“Y’all look'n fer me?” Twilight jumped back in surprise and Rainbow Dash leapt in front of her, flaring her wings threateningly, but quickly relaxed as she recognized the drawl.

“Applejack?!” Both exclaimed simultaneously, mouths agape, Twilight came out from behind Dash. The farm pony walked forward out of the shadows of the trees with a satisfied grin.

“Who were y'all expecting? The Easter pony?” She quipped.

“H-how did you know? How much do you know?!” Rainbow Dash added nervously, stepping slightly between her marefriend and Applejack.

“I know just about everything, and dont'chu worry none sugar cube. I knew since yesterday. After I left you two alone, I heard Twilight cry'n so I went to check it out, then I saw you two all cuddled up and our former princess here asking you to be her special somepony.” Twilight and Rainbow Dash stared dumbfounded at her for almost a minute.

“Um... Anyhow. Last night I called Spike over to ask him if her knew anything about all that, Then I saw Rainbow Dash being carried away by the royal guard. Princess Luna sent me a letter through Spike filling me in on the rest. She even knew this was where y'all would land!”

“So Spike knows about me then.” Twilight look sadly at the ground. Oh Spike. Please don't hate me to. I don't want to lose you as well. But, how can I expect him to understand when even the princess doesn't?

“Yeah, and he was mighty worried about you to, so cheer up.”

“What about the other girls?” Dash asked, though the fact that none of them were there made her afraid to ask. Also where is Spike?

“I told the girls everything, I figured we would need as much help as we could get, I'm sorry.” She bowed her head solemnly.

“I guess they didn't take it well.” Dash chuckled spitefully.

“Fluttershy just cried and told me to leave. Pinkie Pie actually didn't mind, she's wait'n in town for us. Rarity... Well She'll come around eventually, I think.”

“Why are you helping us? You don't hate us?” Twilight's voice choked with tears, the pain of losing her friends was almost too much to bear, and definitely too much to bear alone. She leaned on Rainbow Dash for moral and physical support, her muscles worn from their escape.

“What? Just cause I'm a simple farm pony? I thought y'all would know me better that that, though I can't really blame you after what y'all have been through. I'm helping you because you're both my friends. Both of you have help me and my family more times than I can count. It don't matter to me who you love, just cause I don't understand it none doesn't mean I would hate you for it.”

“Oh Applejack!” Twilight walked over to her and embraced, Rainbow Dash followed suit.

“Aww, that's sweet girls but I ain't into mares, sorry.” She laughed in good nature, hugging her friends. The couple laughed right along with her as they separated from her.

“Thank you AJ.” Rainbow Dash gave a grateful smile.

“No problem. Not lets get. The guards will be all over us soon. Follow me.” She began walking towards town with Dash and Twilight in toe.

“Apple Jack, would it be possible to stop at the library? I want to collect some things.” The group made they're way through the back streets of the town. The sky had begun to turn a dull, light blue, morning was creeping up on them.

“What do ya need to get?”

“If I had to guess I would say it's a book on running away.” Dash's tease was successful at eliciting an annoyed glare from Twilight.

“First off, it's a book on outdoor survival and secondly that's not the only thing I wanted to do.”

“Don't you worry sugar cube, we have some time still and it ain’t far to the library.”

“Thank you Applejack.” She stuck her tongue out at Dash as soon as Applejack turned away, to which Dash reciprocated. After a short bout of giggles on both parts they followed their friend.

The branches of the library came into view, barely illuminated by the soft early morning light. As they drew closer Twilight saw her bedroom light was still on. She wondered if Spike was there. The princess wouldn’t implicate Spike in this would she? He's a baby dragon, he had nothing to do with this. She sighed. She knew that the young dragon had helped, he was the one who gave the message from Princess Luna to Applejack, he was already involved.

“Hold up y'all. Look over there.” They came to a stop behind a building right next to the library, Applejack poked her head out from behind it, then brought it back. Twilight did the same. A guard was stationed in front of her door. Looking closely she could see two shadows in her room as well.

“Sorry Twilight, I don't think we'll be making it in there.” Applejack peeked out once more and then withdrew. “Back to plan A, we got to get you two to the train station. There's a cart of apples from Sweet Apple Acres going south to Appleloosa, stowaway on there then get off and head south.” They both nodded in agreement, and made they're way to the train station.

I guess they know we escaped. I hope Princess Luna is going to be okay. If they were searching my place that means they must also be at Rainbow Dash's as well. If they don't find us there the next thing they'll do is question our friends, I hope the princess doesn’t order a lock down on all of Ponyville. Every possible bad outcome ran through her mind, she knew the odds. Even if they made it to the train station without being caught getting on the train was another long shot, and soon everypony would be awake, at that point it would be all over. They would know soon enough, Twilight could hear the hum of the train engine. Suddenly Applejack stopped, extending her front leg out. Twilight and Rainbow Dash stopped right behind her. Dash flapped her wings as quietly as she could, hovering just above Applejack. She almost gasped. The train station was full of guards, at least ten of them. One was questioning a certain pink earth pony. She floated back to Twilight.

“Twi, there are guards all over the place. Can you use that spell that you used to get us out of
Canterlot?” Twilight nodded and her horn began to glow.

“Wait, they're all leaving!” Her horn dimmed from her broken concentration. Flying to the edge of the building they were behind Dash took a look.

“She's right, They're all gone.”

“Yep, your welcome!” They all jumped in surprise.

“Pinkie! You nearly gave me a heart attack! How did you even get here? You were just standing over there?” Twilight looked back and forth from her friend to the station she had been only moments ago, wracking her brain trying to figure out how she got behind them so quickly.

“Nice job Pinkie Pie, how'd ya get them to leave?” Dash had learned a while ago not to over think anything Pinkie Pie did. “Just go with it” was the best attitude to have around her.

“I told them you came by just a bit ago for a sleepover at Sugar Cube Corner. Oh, and don't worry about the Cakes, they're on vacation for the week. Come on! The trains not going to stand there all day! Or is it laying? Sitting?” She mused, trying to think of what to call it then presumably giving up as she shrugged and bounced over to the station. The trio followed, Twilight scratching her head as she was still trying to figure Pinkie out in vain.

“Pinkie Pie, you don't know how relived I am that you're still our friend. If you hated us to well, lets just say I want to go to one of your awesome parties again sometime.” Pinkie Pie gasped.

“I could never hate you girls! Your my best-est gay friends in the whole wide world! Actually your my only gay friends in the world. But that only make you more special!” She stretched her forelegs out engulfing Twilight and Rainbow Dash in a bone crushing hug.

“Thanks Pinkie, that means a lot can we breath now?!” Twilight said gasping for air.

“Oops, sorry!” She released the pair who promptly stumbled about, dizzy from the lack of air. After regaining their composure they returned the hug, albeit much more gently.

“Come on Twi, we don't have long.” Twilight nodded and they followed AJ to the side of the train.

“There's a hatch on top of this cart, open it up and hide inside. This train's going to take about a day to get to Appaloosa, so try to get comfortable, also feel free to eat as many as you want.”

“Thank you Applejack, and you to Pinkie Pie. We'll see you again soon. I know it.” Rainbow Dash took Twilight's hoof into hers.

“Ready?” Twilight smiled, when Dash held her hoof she could feel it, everything would be okay. She leaned in, pressing her lips against Dash's, catching her off guard. Closing her eyes she took in every detail she could, all the warmth and softness in Twilight's lips. It lasted only for a couple seconds but Dash would remember it forever.

They withdrew they're lips but they're eyes remained fixed on each others.

“I'm ready.” Still holding hooves they flapped they're wings, landing quietly on the steel frame of the train's cart. Twilight's horn illuminated in a light purple, engulfing the lock on the hatch and snapped it off as though it were made of Styrofoam. The train whistled loudly and lurched forward. Twilight jumped into the dim cart quickly followed by Rainbow Dash who slammed the hatch shut behind her. They laid down beside each other, bodies and minds exhausted from the lack of sleep and the mental and physical stress. They tried to get comfortable but apples did not make the best bed.

“Twilight, scoot over for a second.” At first she was going to protest but her tiredness got the better of her, she rolled away from Dash. She heard a shuffling sound and could just make out a silhouette of her figure.

“Okay, now come back.” To tired to argue or question she rolled back, apple stems jabbing into her fur, then she couldn’t feel any apples. It felt like she had rolled on to a downy blanket, It was warm and familiar.

“Thank you Dashie.” She pressed her side to Dash's wrapping her forelegs around her. Her heart beat was calming, she just lay quietly against her marefriend, listening her her heart and her breaths a content slime spread across her face.

“Good night Dashie.” Giving a soft peck on her cheek she closed her eyes, her muzzle resting against Dash's neck. She felt her powerful wing wrap around her, pulling her as close as she could be.

“Good night Twilight.” The two happily drifted off to sleep in each other's embrace.