• Published 21st Nov 2013
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Then We'll Run - maxxxxxx

We'll run. We'll run so we can be together, so we can be safe. We'll run so I dont have to feel that pain in real life.

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Loving moments

“Ahh.” Twilight sighed contently, stretching her lavender wings wide under the warm, late day sun. Their train had come to a scheduled stop about half way to it's destination, giving the couple a chance to stretch their wings and backs. A sudden rustling in the bushes behind her made her flinch mid stretch, cramping her wings. She gasped in pain.

“Twilight, are you alright?” Rainbow Dash stepped out of the bushes, trying halfheartedly to not laugh to which Twilight grumbled and glared at her.

“Dashie, what were you thinking? I thought you were a guard!” She rubbed her sore wing with her hoof.

“Sorry Twi, here let me help.” Fluttering over to her marefriend's side, she gently massaged her wing with her hoof.

“Lay down, this is hard to do with you standing like that.” Twilight complied. Dash straddled her, working her hooves over her shoulders and the base of her wings. Twilight never knew Rainbow Dash was so good with her hooves, she quickly felt plasticity returning to her muscles. She flexed her wing slowly.

“Wow, Thank you Dashie. That felt great.” She didn't stop. She worked her hooves up Twilight's upper back and neck, eliciting sighs of pleasure and a quickly brightening blush. Dash scooted herself further up, practically mounting her. Dash's belly gently resting on her lower back and their tails intertwining. Twilight felt Dash's warm breath on her ear. Her heart was racing, she could feel Dash's body heat all long her back. Dash leaned forward, nuzzling her cheek before kissing it softly before quickly pulling away and floating off her.

“All better.” She giggled barely a foot above twilight. However instead of getting a rise out of her like she had planned, she instead looked disappointed. She could feel the residual heat left from Dash's body leaving her, she already missed it. She had to admit though, she sure knew how to use her hooves. She stood up, Dash landed beside her.

“Thanks Dashie, where did you learn to give a massage like that anyway?”

“Just kind of did most of that on the fly, the first part was from experience though. My wings cramp up all the time, had to learn some way to fix it quick. I- I'm happy you liked it though.” Now Dash was fighting to not blush.

“It was great.” Twilight smiled and returned the favor with kiss.

“By the way, you're calling me Dashie now?”She tried to smile seductively, but Twilight missed the hint. She looked down at the ground and fumbled with her hooves nervously.

“Why? You don't like it?” She raised an eyebrow, she didn't think Rainbow Dash would have a problem using pet names at this point.

“No, that's not it!” She blurted out the moment Twilight had finished her sentence. “I mean, I really like hearing you say it. It makes me...” She trailed off, not wanting to sound overly mushy. It makes me feel special... Thank you Twilight. She was blushing conspicuously just from thinking it. “Anyway, now I need to think of a cute name for you!”

“You call me 'Twi'. Isn't that enough?”

“No way, That's definitely not cute enough for you! Hmmm.... How about Sparky!” She smiled enthusiastically, certain her nickname was perfect.

“No.” Twilight responded immediately, perfectly deadpan. Dash tapped her hoof against her head, trying to concentrate. The fist name she thought of was a much better fit, but she didn't want to bring up bad feelings by using the name her older brother gave her.

“How about Twarkle?”


“What about Twinkle?”

“Where is the 'N' coming from?”

“Ummmm...” She scratched her head, no justification for the letter came to mind.

“Just give up. I'm fine with you calling me Twi, or even Twilight. Why do you need to come up with a name anyway?”

“Because I want you to feel the way I feel when you call me Dashie! Like you're special. Because, well... you are.” She stared at the ground, too nervous from sharing something she would never usually say to meet Twilight's eyes. Twilight brought Dash's chin up with her hoof and leaned towards her. Their lips met, only this time Twilight slipped her tongue into Dash's mouth. Surprised at first, Dash let the warmth of her breath and the softness of her tongue overtake her. Twilight pushed harder against her, rearing up on their hind legs, then, Twilight pushed her to the ground, landing on her back. Her tongue lapping up every surface of her mouth. She let the rest of her body go limp on top of Dash who wrapped her hooves around her. Swaying her body weight Dash reclaimed top position, pinning Twilight to the ground. Her breath smelled like the sweet apples they had eaten on the train and her mouth tasted just as sweet. Dash pulled back, panting she took her hooves off Twilight's shoulders and collapsed beside her, her chest heaving and heart racing. Twilight wrapped her hoof around Dash's and they stared at the clear blue sky, laying side by side in the soft grass. The two watched the few clouds in the sky lazily float along the soft breeze that rustled through the trees and flowed through their manes. Twilight pressed herself up against Dash and broke the peaceful silence.

“No pony could make me feel more special.”

“Well I think we should head back soon, we don't want the train to leave without...” Twilight smiled, shaking her head. Rainbow Dash had fallen asleep. She prodded her marefriend with her hoof.

“Hmm, five more min..” She rolled away and curled tightly into a little blue ball, covering her face with her hoof. Twilight giggled, she was almost too cute to wake. She took a deep breath.

“Ten-Hut! Get in formation private Dash!” She gave her best impression of Spit Fire, which must have been pretty good considering how quickly she bolted out of her sleep. She did an about face in mid air, making her body ridged and bringing her hoof to her forehead in salute.

“Yes Ma’am!” She looked back and forth quickly before realizing what had happened. She blushed, fluttering to the ground. Twilight burst out laughing, collapsing and banging her hoof against the ground in her giggle fit, the more she laughed the funny it seemed.

“Geez, it wasn't that funny.” Her statement did nothing to curb Twilight's laughter, it actually seemed to make it worse. She was now clutching her chest and gasping for air between laughs.

“Y-you're right! It was hilarious!”

“You're mean Twi!” Normally, Dash would play it off or get even, but she knew showing her softer side would guilt Twilight, either way she was getting even. Twilight knowingly played right into it. Her giggles tapered off, but she still had a bright smile.

“I'm sorry Dashie but you had that coming after you teased me.”

“When did I tease you?” She walk beside Twilight, wrapping her tail around hers. Twilight shouldered her playfully.

“Let's just say next time you give me a massage you're finishing what you started.”

“Is that a threat?” Rainbow Dash leaned her head against Twilight who was smiling seductively.

“More like a promise.”

The hum of the trains engine became louder as they drew closer. Then they could hear the muffled voices of other ponies. The couple stopped, Dash looked at Twilight who nodded knowingly in response, her horn began to glow. It's too bad these few minutes couldn’t last forever. I hope someday soon, I can spend every moment with her like that. As she prepared her spell, Dash peered over the bushes.

“Twilight...” She whispered, the gravity of her tone made her diffuse her spell. She joined her at the bushes, It was bad. The station was swamped with the royal guard, at least twenty of them. Panic began to work into Twilight's heart. They crouched low and spoke quietly.

“How did they find us so quickly! Twilight, you don't think...” Fear and sadness filled her gaze, her eyes pleading with Twilight to tell her she was wrong. Twilight knew what Dash's fear was, the only ponies who knew they were on the train were their friends. It either meant they betrayed them by choice, but that was not what Dash feared, they both knew their friends would never betray them. No, in reality the other option was even worse, and more likely. They had been forced to betray them. Twilight tried desperately to come up with a rationalization for Rainbow Dash's sake.

“Don't worry Dashie, they could have used magic to find us. Or somepony saw or heard us on the train. I'm sure our friends are fine.” She hoped she convinced Rainbow Dash more than she convinced her self, though by the look on her face it didn't.

“In any case, I think we have to forget the train. We'll have to go the rest of the way on hoof.” Dash nodded in agreement, burying her concern.

“Let's make sure the coast is clear, then we'll run.” The simultaneously nodded and peered slowly over the bushes. Who they saw stunned them silent for a minute. Dash turned her head to Twilight.

“Twi..” She only stared blankly at the unicorn who stood at the train platform, questioning the conductor. Tears pooled in her eyes and her voice meekly trembled as she spoke her next words.

“Big brother..."