• Published 21st Nov 2013
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Then We'll Run - maxxxxxx

We'll run. We'll run so we can be together, so we can be safe. We'll run so I dont have to feel that pain in real life.

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Broken heart


Dash buried her face deeper into her pillow, which was damp from her tears. The word resonated in her mind. Each utterance felt like she had been kicked in the stomach, but try as she might she could not stop her mind from replaying the events of the day. She had been in bed for hours now, pleading with her mind to let the peaceful embrace of sleep overtake her, but it never came. She continued to sob pathetically into her pillow, straining her throat. Her voice cracked as she cried.


“Twilight, What are you saying?” She spoke in little more than a whisper.

“Get out Dash! I can't think right now. I don't want to talk to you, just leave!” Dash had never seen Twilight this angry. Dash felt numb, her legs nearly giving out under her weight. She wondered if Twilight could feel her shaking even as far away as she was standing.

“T-Twi, please. Just let me explain.” Tears pooled in her eyes, and she could almost hear her heart shatter. Panic then set in, her body became hot, she wanted to fly away. She forced her instincts down.
'I cant live with myself if I leave things like this. It's too late to tell her it was all a joke! No, what would that accomplish? I would hate myself more if I betrayed both her, and myself in one day.' She once again steeled herself, though all the determination in the world would not quell her trembling body. She gritted her teeth and opened her mouth, having no plan of what to say. Before she could speak however she felt an impact like a bolder hit her, forcing her to loose her breath. She was flung back out the kitchen door, the last thing she saw was Twilight's horn glowing, that along with her mane obscuring her face veiled her expression. Though dash could only imagine it was one of pain and rage. The lavender field that enveloped her sent her though the library door, which Twilight had been kind enough to open before throwing her out. As soon as the field released its grip on her a short distance from the library, Dash flew back towards the door. 'I refuse to let it end like this!' She never made it to the door. She merely bounced off a translucent, violet barrier. Dash slowly sank to the ground in shock, tears streaming down her muzzle.

“Oh Twilight.” She said softly, her voice trembling with pain. She spun around away from library and took off for her home.

“Why?!” She stomped on her pillow in frustration.

“Why do I have to be this way! If I were normal Twilight wouldn’t hate me, we would still be friends and, and...and.” She went into a crying fit, it had happened at least a dozen times since she returned from the library. What's wrong with me? Why cant I be like everypony else? I just want Twilight back, I want her to be my friend again. She sighed, calming the turmoil in her mind she found some clarity. I don't think that's what want. Would I really be okay with things going back to the way they were? I know how I feel about her despite her being another mare. Uhg! Why is this so complicated! If there wasn't something wrong with my head Twilight would still be! She abruptly stopped her train of thought. She had been thinking herself in circles for over an hour and no matter what she did, all she could think of was Twilight. Her body went limp and she collapsed into her bed, praying that sleep would come and take away her pain.

Twi. I-I like you, as more than a friend

Twilight Sparkle paced nervously, her mind desperately trying to work out what had happened earlier.
I can't believe I did that. I cant believe Rainbow Dash likes mares. I can't believe she likes me!

Twilight stared at her friend, who had just confessed to having feelings for her. For once her mind went completely empty. She had no idea what to say. She felt nervous, embarrassed and even scared. She knew she hadn't misheard but she wished that she did. Dash stood before her, eyes shut tight and head looking towards the ground. The silence lingered, it was only a minute but it felt like hours to Twilight, who wished the whole situation would just go away. Her cheeks began to heat up. 'Am I blushing!? Why? Why is she telling me this, oh Celestia I can't think, this is too much!” She saw Dash lift her head, her eyes opened slowly. 'I need to say something!'

“Leave.” Twilight blurted out. The coldness in her tone was almost enough to make her cover her mouth with her hoof. 'No, why did I say it like that?' The look on Dash's face could only be described as broken, Twilight's heart filled with sorrow and rage at the same time at the sight of it. Her mind spinning out of control, the only thing she wanted was to be alone, she knew dash would not leave so easily. She could see Dash's lips move and could almost distinguish some sound but the pegasu's voice had become to quiet and soft.

“Get out Dash! I can't think right now. I don't want to talk to you, just leave!” Twilight almost flinched at how angry she sounded. 'Why isn’t any thing coming out right, why do sound so angry! Oh, I'm so confused. Just leave already Dash, I don't want to hurt you anymore but I feel so angry and confused!' Her face contorted in anger at herself and at the whole situation. She wanted to cry and scream at the same time. 'I need to be alone, Dash I'm sorry'. Her horn ignited in a magical glow. She looked down at the floor, tears streaming down her face. She flung Dash out of the library, but she knew her friend was stubborn, she would try to come back. She used what little concentration she could muster to put a sound proof force field around her library. Once the spell was complete she let out all of her confusion and frustration, crying into her hooves.

After she regain enough of her composure she sent a letter to Spike telling him to stay at Rarity's for the night. When she needed to be alone, she actually needed to be alone. She went upstairs to her room and began pacing back and forth.

Twilight had given it plenty of thought, but no matter what she did she could not dismiss her friend's confession. She even stopped her pacing to try and find a book, anything that mentioned same sex relationships, but she found none. She then pondered sending the princess a letter but she decided against it. The princess doesn’t need to be bothered with my personal problems, besides, they're my problems. With a heavy sigh she gave up on thinking and took to her bed. Why couldn’t she just keep it to herself? With that thought she let sleep overtake her.

The sun was bright and warm and not a cloud was in sight. She walked through the field of soft grass and flowers, they're sweet fragrance brought a smile to her face. She leaned down, bringing her nose to a beautiful rose, taking a deep breath she let it's sweet aroma wash over her. She felt a warm presence in front of her. Looking up from the flower she saw her friend's. Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack and... Her heart sank as she noticed one of them was missing. Slowly she made her way over to her friends, but each step she took seemed to make them go further away. She galloped, only succeeding in making her friends further out of reach, she could barely see them now. She flapped her wings, but her friends simply faded into the horizon. The scene went dark and cold, the lush green ground below her faded into a sea of black. Feeling a strange force pulling her into the void she flapped her wings, desperately trying to fight it. Then she felt an excruciating pain searing the base of her wings. She screamed out in agony, then fell. Her wings were gone, she was helpless. She hit the ground with a bone shattering crash. She felt alone and scared, she looked up, barely able to move but what she saw made her heart soar with hope and relief. A bright rainbow blur zoomed towards her, it was Rainbow Dash!

“Dash!” She called, joyfully. The rainbow pegasus landed nearly on top of her, protectively extending her cyan wings over her.

“Oh Dash.” She smiled, wrapping a hoof lovingly around hers. Suddenly she felt as though she were suffocating, she gasped for air but her throat would not respond. The figure of her savior quickly faded to black.

'Dash!' She thought, trying with all her might to call out, but she could not make a sound. Her body became cold and numb, before convulsing.

“Dash!” Twilight bolted up out of her covers. She panted, her heart still racing and tears flowing down her face.

“Oh Rainbow Dash.” She again cried into her hooves, speaking to the empty room through her sobs.

“What have I done?!”