• Published 21st Nov 2013
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Then We'll Run - maxxxxxx

We'll run. We'll run so we can be together, so we can be safe. We'll run so I dont have to feel that pain in real life.

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Broken hope

“Big brother...” She stared wide eyed over the bush at her older brother, Dash's heart began racing with panic.

“Twi, I know what you're thinking but we can't risk it. We have to get out of here.” Twilight looked into Dash's eyes, tears building as she gave a broken smile. Dash knew if Twilight lost her brother, it would break her.

“He's my brother Dashie. If we just explain the situation I know he'll understand. He can clear everything up with the princess and we can be together without worrying.” Dash couldn’t tell if the stress had driven her to denial or if she actually believed what she had just said. Either way, it was too dangerous. She took Twilight's hoof, holding it with both of hers. Twilight could feel Dash's heart racing through her hooves.

“Twilight, please. I know he's your brother and this is hard for you but we just can't take that risk. If something goes wrong... I- I can't loose you again alright. Twi, I need you to use that amazing logic of yours that I love so much and think through this with me okay.” The sincere, pleading tone of her voice began to snap Twilight out of her denial. She nodded, Rainbow Dash continued.

“Thank you Twi. Now if your brother had come to help us would he have brought all those armed guards?” Twilight knew Dash was right, she didn't want to accept it but the only pony she could trust right now was the one holding her hoof, the one that had been holding her together this entire ordeal. If Dash thought it wasn't safe to trust her... her brother, then that's what she had to do.

“You're right. I'm sorry Dashie. Thank you.”

“Don't worry about it. We'll get through this together.” She wrapped her hooves around Twilight and pulled her close. Twilight rested her head on Dash's shoulder, her ear pressed against her neck, she felt a strange calm overcome her sorrow as she listened to her rhythmic heart beat.

“It's time to go.” Dash whispered. Twilight's horn glowed softly enveloping the couple in a violet aura before they disappeared. They separated and walked stealthily around bushes, keeping one eye on Shining Armor all the while. One of the guards approached him and whispered something into his ear, though they could not hear what the guard said to him they heard Shining Armor's next words loud and clear.

“Are you sure they weren't on the train?” The guard nodded.

“Rarity was sure they left on this train, and her story corroborates with Fluttershy's and Applejack's. They must be around here. Find them and arrest them, my former sister and her friend must face justice!” Twilight stopped, her breathing became shallow and fast. Dash could only watch helplessly, unable to say a word as her marefriend's heart shattered in front of her. Twilight don't! She screamed in her mind, though her thoughts couldn’t make a difference. The pain of losing her friends and her brother at once overwhelmed her.


It was barely a whisper but the spell dissolved, exposing them to the guards and Twilight's brother who stood smirking triumphantly at them. Twilight collapsed on the ground, her legs giving out under the weight of her heart break.

“Why? Why? Why... Big brother, why...” Twilight felt nauseous and flushed, she whispered at the ground repeating the words over and over.

“Guards seize them!” The royal guards swarmed around them and horror swept over Rainbow Dash as visions of her dream flooded her mind. Twilight on the ground, broken. Dash standing over her. Faceless ponies surrounding them. No! No!

“No!” Dash screamed, exploding forward into a blur of rainbow she grabbed Twilight. She glared at Shining Armor, her gaze filled with animosity before she unfurled her wings and with one powerful flap she rocketed into the sky, carrying a limp, shocked Twilight. The force of her take off knocked the guards closest to her off their hooves, impeding their ability to peruse them, though not for as long as Dash hoped. Within another moment the majority of the guards were airborne and gaining fast. If she were alone she could easily out fly any pony. She was the fastest flier in Equestria! But none of that mattered to her now, she would not abandon Twilight. She could hear the guards wing beats now, they were close. Her wings were getting sore and protesting each flap. Come on wings, don't fail me now! Faster! Faster! Faster!

“Faster!” She shot forwards, her skin dragging against the intense winds. The air around her became opaque as the sound waves from her body compacted closer and closer together until..


The air behind her exploded into a prismatic shock wave, the sheer force of the explosion knocked all the royal guards out of the sky. She had once again performed the sonic rainboom! All Shining Armor could do was watch them disappear leaving only a rainbow in their wake.

“You can't run forever Twilight.” He looked back to the ground to regroup his defeated forces.

We have to find a place to stop. Rainbow Dash looked around, though there was very little in the way of hiding places. They had been flying for about twenty minutes, Twilight had, at some point, passed out. Rainbow Dash couldn’t blame her. 'I can't believe her own brother would do that. He knew we were near by so he toyed with Twi's emotions just to get her to drop her guard. If I ever see him again he's going to pay for hurting Twi! Her forelegs and wings burned from the extra weight, she needed to land soon. Suddenly she spotted a cave dug into the side of a mountain. Please oh please don't let a dragon be living there! She banked steeply towards the caves mouth. Flapping her wings with the last of her strength she gently places the unconscious Twilight on the cool cave floor, as soon as she was Dash's wings gave out and she landed with a thud on the hard rock.

“Ouch..” She grumbled rubbing her back. She padded over to Twilight who showed no signs of waking any time soon.

“You look so peaceful.” Dash lay down beside her, pressing herself as close as she could. She then wrapped her tail around hers covered her with her wings and held her tight. She began to cry silently.
The floor's pretty cold, I can't let you get sick on my watch. What kind of marefriend would I be if I let you get sick or hurt. Dash curled herself around Twilight, crying into her soft coat.

“Twilight, I'm so sorry I couldn’t protect you... I love you Twilight.” She fell asleep crying into her lovers shoulder.