• Published 3rd Jun 2013
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Spike: The Dragon Assassin - The Soviet Turtle

Spike, banished from Ponyville for a crime he didn't commit, he is'd discover by someone he didn't expected, and sent to somewhere were the beginning of his new adventure and life starts

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Banishment and discovery

Spike was walking through the Everfree forest, with a bag over his shoulder and a face of depression. He had just been banished from Ponyville for a crime he never committed. He said he didn't do it but no one really believed him, except the Cutie Mark Crusaders but due to their age, they were ignored.

His friends turned on him too; Applejack said she never wanted to see him again, Fluttershy used the stare on him, Rainbow Dash wanted nothing to do with him, Rarity went on and on about him being some sort of Ruffian or something. Pinkie called him a meanie and Twilight? Well, she said she couldn't believe him, she sad she had been with him through thick and thin and that she now wished she never hatched him in the first place.

Get outta here varmint! Ah don't wanna see ya face every again!

How dare you! I thought you were a kind baby Dragon, but your a filthy criminal!

Get away from me Spike, your just a stupid baby! Leave me alone!

Meanie pants! You are worst then Gilda, Trixie and the Flim Flam Brothers combined! Go away before I shot you out of my party cannon.

You Ruffin! How dare you! Go away you dirty, filthy swine!

I wish you were never in my life! I wish you were never born! Even If I never became Celestia's student I would still be happy that you weren't here!

Each hurt as much as it hurt the next one, although his crush with Rarity had already ended, it still hurt from what she said. He reminisced about all he had done for his friends, heck all he had done for Ponyville, he had done so much for so little and yet, they immediately turn on him because of one minor incident.

"Why? After all, I did for them! All I did for Twilight and Rarity! And they turn on me like wolves!" He yelled to no one in particular, he was just frustrated; he then fell to the ground crying.

"Please, someone, anyone. I need help, I need a fresh start, I new life."

"Very well then."

Spike immediately jumped up and looked around, he got frightened immediately, he got into a defensive position.

"Whose there? Show yourselves!" He said.

"Don't worry." The voice said.

"Where are you?" Spike said again.

"Be calm little one." The voice said again.

"Little? I'm a big, tough, cool dragon." Spike said being proud, causing the voice to giggle.

"Of course, you are, but you need to be serious here." Her voice said.

Spike then saw something glowing in the bush, he carefully walked over to it and saw what was glowing. A glowing glass sphere.

"Pick it up, then you will understand." The voice said again.

Spike carefully picked it up, and when he did it glowed brighter and brighter, he was soon blinded by light. Once it dimmed down, he couldn't feel the object again and he wasn't in the Everfree forest he was some black limbo where golden pictures moving around and lighting up the floor.

"What the?"

Before he could say anything a light flashed and a new figure was there, she was an Alicorn, her wings were the same colour as the sun, her mane was the same colour as the night sky, as was the bottom of her hooves, with slowly turned the sun orange before turning white. Her tail was the night sky but slowly turned to the colour of the sun, her horn was white at the bottom and slowly changing the colour of the sun. With light pink eyes, and a night coloured spiral for a Cutie mark.

"Hello there Spike." She said, her voice matched the one earlier.

"Who are you?" He asked scared.

"Calm down Spike, I will not hurt you." She said again with a smile.

"Who are you?" He asked slowly calmed down.

"I am Queen Solana, or so you can understand, I am Princess Celestia's and Luna's mother."

Spike started to freak out, he quickly bowed, he then heard her laugh.

"You don't have to worry, I don't want any formalities." She said, Spike quickly got up with a bead of sweat on his head, he then scratched the back of his head.

"Hehe, sorry." He said.

"No problem, but now to the task at hand."

Soon she showed a picture of a weird sign Spike never saw.

"Spike, your banishment was unfair, but was caused by a group of Discord followers, known as the Templars, this group was the reason you were banished." She said, Spikes anger growing slowly.

"But we have always known this, so I secretly set up a group to combat them, called the Assassins, they are very stealthy and have always prevented disasters that threatened Equestria from destruction and chaos." She said.

"So why am I here?" Spike asked.

"To find the ones who caused your banishment, you must seek this symbol, head to the east Coast, once you find it, all your questions will be answered." She said.

Before Spike could reply the entire place was blinded with light; Spike woke up back in the Everfree forest, quickly got up and looked at the sky which had a sunset in the direction of Ponyville.

"Rise in the West and sets in the East right?" He said, he just shrugged and went deeper into the Everfree, over the Mountains and through some plains, all the way he asked the questions.

Who are the Templars? Who are the Assassins? Why did those ponies blame him? And why did Queen Solana talk to him, him especially, a little dragon who didn't seem like someone important?

Or is he?