• Published 3rd Jun 2013
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Spike: The Dragon Assassin - The Soviet Turtle

Spike, banished from Ponyville for a crime he didn't commit, he is'd discover by someone he didn't expected, and sent to somewhere were the beginning of his new adventure and life starts

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The magician

Six months has gone by since Spike finished his training to becoming an Assassin, he still trained the same, but he could soon start taking down the Templars.

Spikes weapons were a tomahawk, which had the Assassin sign as the chopping piece, a bow and arrow, two pistols in there separate holders, a sword, hidden blades were the left one can become separate blade. Also had a range of secondary weapons like trip wires, smoke bombs, and all of that.

It turns out that Soike was a rare dragon which, although lived to the average age of ponies, would gain ultimate strength and advanced senses.

He also grew taller, had a deeper voice, and read the book he stole from the library. The Dragons were just normal native tribes who lived in peace, but once the ones came they were considered monsters, some were hunted. Others slaves, it had been a nightmare for the dragons.

Now, ether the eggs were given to students to use as 'assistants', others just flew around and lived in caves with gems. Things had also gotten worse since Spikes banishment, they dragons were soon captured, killed, sent into slavery, or put in dungeons for false accusations.

Once Spike found this out, he burned down about five books on pony heroes, he now knew he would have to clear all of the dragons names from the crime books, not just this.

He was training in the basement, as usual, but then Dove walked down.

"Spike!" He shouted, Spike stopped training, and walked to him, he was carrying five rope darts.

"What are these?" Spike asked, grabbing one and swinging it around.

"Rope darts, there from the Neoponese order, be careful, there very-"

Spike accidentally let go of it, causing it to fly into a wall, and Dove and Spike to jumped back.

"-dangerous." Dove sighed, then a scream was heard from outside, Spike quickly grabbed the four from Dove and the one he accidentally threw into the wall, and then ran outside through the back door.

He ran into the frontier forest, following the noises of screams and laughs, Spike quickly ran to a tree with broken branches, and climbed it with every snag, once he got to the top, he started jumping from branch to branch.

He then saw three figures standing over another, he jumped a bit more and s
Finally saw them, it was three stallions standing over somepony, he had a closer look. He couldn't believe who it was.

It was Applebloom, she looked different since he last saw her, she still wearied her red bow, but her hair was straight, she was wearing a belt, it had a hatchet on it, and in her flank was a hammer and a screwdriver crossed over.

"Hehe. Well, ain't you a pretty one." One stallion said, Applebloom whimpered and curled into a ball.

Spike wasn't going to let this happen, he jumped to the branch right above the leading stallion, he then flings his rope dart at the stallion, it got lodged on his throat, Spike then jumped back off the brand holding into the end of the rope, which had a stick in it.

Spike slowly lowered himself as the stallion was raised, soon, Spike was on the ground, and the stallion was hanging from a tree branch, the other two were shocked, they then charged at the dragon.

Spike got out his tomahawk and deployable blade, he blocked the first ones attack and then used his tomahawk to hit his neck, causing the stallion to fall down, then second one was hit twice with the tomahawk, making him close his eyes and breath one last breath.

Spike looked at his handiwork, me stallion hanging, another two on the floor with cuts on them, so he put his tomahawk and blade away.


He turned to see Applebloom, standing there, her knees shaking, with a very scared face on her.

"Is...that...you?" She asked stuttering, Spike sighed, he lifted his hood off of his head, revealing his face. Applebloom gasped, she was shocked to see the maturity of the once baby dragon.

"Yeah, it's me." He sighed. He was soon tackled by the filly, once he got his senses straight, he saw her hugging him tight with tears eyes.

"Where in the hay have ya been!?" She asked.

"I can't tell you." He said, getting the filly off of him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked putting his hood back on.

"Well...Trixie came back ta Ponyville...she had a bunch a mercenaries with muskets...I was able to escape but...man sister..." She couldn't continue as she cried, Spike kneeled down and out his claw on he shoulder.

"Applebloom, there a small town just down that way, head there and I'll come get you." Spike said before getting up.

"What are ya gonna do?" She asked.

"Save Ponyville." He said.

"Applebloom, pas me your hatchet." Spike said, she did and spike then hit a tree with it.

"What was that for?" Applebloom asked.

"When dragons go to war, a hatchet in place in a pole, and once it's over it is taken out." Spike said before running off into the frontier.

Meanwhile in Ponyville, it's civilians all in cages, they were going to be held for ransom, except the elements, they were to be held so they couldn't use the elements when Discord gets released.

Trixie was in charge if the operation, she right now was sitting on her carriage, with the six mares in cages behind her, and about two squads of rifleponies.

"Trixie! Let us go!" Twilight said.

"Hmm...no." She said, then a pony in grey armour came up.

"Trixie, most of the ponies are ready to be sent, but some resistance is preventing us from moving." The pony said, the six immediately noticed who that pony was, and was shocked.

"What!? Shielded Spear!? Spike killed you!" Twilight said.

"Umm...Trixie, you should tell them." He said before walking away.

"Ugh, fine. You see, one year ago, we framed the death of Spear and blamed it on your baby dragon." Trixie said.


"Isn't it obvious? We could easily take this town but that dragon was in the way. He was dangerous, so we framed him, and now, he's probably long gone."

Twilight then remembered something, about six months ago.

"Y-you mean?"

"Yep, all of you turned on him when he needed you most!" Trixie said before laughing uncontrollably.

The girls then felt horrible, Applejack took her hat of and put it against her chest, Fluttershy just cried and cried, rainbow lowered her head on shame, Pinkie's mane deflated even more. Rarity just gasped and fainted, Twilght, she said nothing, she felt nothing, all she could think about, was how much she had betrayed and used Spike, her eyes teared up as she yelled into the sky.

"I'm sorry Spike! I'm sorry!"

She then lowered her head and silently cried.

"Please...if anyone's there, help us, please, and I'll promise to never use Spike again."

As soon as she said that, a bunch of ponies with muskets started to charge at Trixe, the two squads aimed their weapons down at them.

"Aim. Fire!"

As the squads fired, some of the charging ponies fell and the others retreated, Trixie laughed and looked through some binoculars to see them retreating.
Then a eagles screech was heard, they all looked up to see and eagle fly, it flew by the town hall, and someone was on top of it that the girls and Trixie were shocked to see.

It was Spike, wearing white robes with a red and brown belt and some blue bits on the robes, holding a tomahawk. Spike quickly leaped off and landed in a hay bale before emerging and running to the squads of ponies and Trixie.


Spike quickly hid behind a cart.


The cart was filled with cartridges, then Spike got up and ran towards them again.


Spike quickly slid behind a rock.


Most of the cartridges bounced off the rock and Spike ran towards the squads and the officer.

"Take aim!" The officer said quickly hoping to hit the dragon before it got to them, but the squads were still reloading.

But before the first pony could fire, Spike jumped on it and the ponies back, another was preparing to shot him to, but he grabbed it, swung around and hit him in the face with the musket knocking him out. Two more came charging at him but he grabbed the first ones musket and stabbed the pony, he put it al the way through and pulled the trigger, causing the one behind him to fall, but not before Spike grabbed him and used him as a pony shield.

Two more squads of rilfleponies were on the hill, meanwhile the group charging earlier went for it again, and were succeeding, but also they were bringing up a cannon.

Meanwhile Spike got his tomahawk and blade out as they second wave approached, Spike dodged a lot of attacks before knocking one soldiers sword away and using his blade to cut his throat, then knocked a pony who charged at him, then blocking another's sword with his tomahawk and cutting his hip.

By now Trixie and the girls were shocked at Spike's performance, but not only that, the resistance were starting to get into hiding and fire on the remainder ponies. And as Spike got rid of a guard, the remainder of the squads were blown away by the cannon.

Soon as in slow motion, as the debris slowly feel Trixie and Spikes eye's meet, Spike's face was blank as Trixie's was filled with rage. Spike then ran into the smoke and disappeared.

"Spear! Get the elements out of here!" Trixie yelled, Spear nodded as he and others pushed the girls cages away, but then Spike jumped from a cart, with bow and arrow ready, he let go and disappeared again. The arrow, hit Trixie, knocking her off her carriage, she readied her pistol as he approached, tomahawk in hand.

She pulled, the trigger, no cartridge, no bang, no dead dragon. She knew there was nothing she could do, as Spike stood over her, he pulled out her band which had a gold cross with a red orb in the middle.

He then kneeled down, grabbed her throat, and raised his tomahawk before the finishing blow.

Meanwhile Sheilded Spear was taking the girls out of Ponyville to the rendezvous.

"Come on, come on!" He said, but as they turned a corner, they saw a line of Royal guards, and behind them, the ponies in chains who had taken the citizens, and the citizens cheering on and on.

"You are under arrest." One said, Shielded sighed, and raised his hooves.

"We surrender." He said, all the others did to.

Soon, everything was back to normal, the Templars had been taken to jail, and the citizens celebrating there release, but also mourning those who had died in the battle of Ponyville.

Also, Princess Celestial was there to visit, but when she saw her student and her friends, they seemed to be depressed.

"What is wrong?" She asked.

"We just learned that..." Rarity started.

"Spike didn't kill anypony...back then." Twilight said remembering the way Spike dealt with the thugs, she shook her head trying to get the thoughts out.

"Well, then the answer is simple." Celestia said. The girls put on confused faces, then a royal guard came up, carrying a quill and a piece of paper.

"Report: missing dragon, find alive for 2,000 bits, and bring to Canterlot castle." She said, the guard got all that down, then saluted and walked off.

"There, hopefully ponies will bring him to us and we can see him again." Celestia said.

"I wonder were he is right now." Twilight said.

Spike, was in the luggage car on the way to Canterlot, hiding among the packages, he felt tired after all and fell asleep.

A griffon, wearing white robes, stood on a bell tower as some ponies wearing red crosses tried to win the people over, the griffon then seemed to disappear, he appeared at the end of the crowd. He then started to gently push his way through, but the ponies on stage saw him, the first tow got there swords ready, the griffon started to move faster, he pulled out a little crossbow and shot the first one and then used the other as a stepping platform as he jumped into the air.

As he descended, a blade came out of his left claw, which had his middle finger off, he then plunged it into the stallions throat, and closed his eyes.

Now discovered, he ran off into the town before climbing a building dodging a sword throw, he then jumped from building to building, and then killed another stallion, he then ran into the corner where his pursuers thought he was cornered.

The griffon had a smirk as some older ponies walked through the doors, his pursuers kept on searching but never found him.

"Another one? Great." Spike said, waking up shortly before falling asleep.

Author's Note:

Yeah, This the fourth chapter, I will have to finish my tier story first before I fully contribute to this one, but my other one is still over.

Anyway, thanks for liking and please. Keep calm and tomahawk on.

Oh, and if anyone can guess why Spikes first ancestor was a griffon, there will be a surprise, so leave your answers in the comment below.