• Published 3rd Jun 2013
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Spike: The Dragon Assassin - The Soviet Turtle

Spike, banished from Ponyville for a crime he didn't commit, he is'd discover by someone he didn't expected, and sent to somewhere were the beginning of his new adventure and life starts

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A message

"Spike!" Dove shouted.

"Yes mentor?" Spike asked coming down the staircase.

It had been six months since Spike had agreed to become an Assassin, he had grown to, three times he's regular height, and had taken of his baby fat, and also had darker eyes and a deeper voice.

He was taught more and more everyday, about the history of them, the legendary Gardon, how to climb buildings, how to used different weapons l,e the hidden blade, the tomahawk, and a bow and arrow, and also how to shoot a pistol.

He also learned that his fire could only burn paper, but when he uses it on wood, it only leaves a black mark, but it can also burn skin. He also learned to use the other weapons, smoke bombs, poison darts, etc. and also learned that the mansion was on a cliff overlooking a dock with a ship wreck in it and a house.

"Spike, I have a mission for you." Dove said.

"You are to sneak into Ponyville library and take the book 'Equestrian dragons: history." Dove said. Spike soon had a look of regret.

"But mentor-"

"I know of your troubled past there but it is vitally important that you know about this." Dove said, he then walked out the door.

"I have to talk to a friend, now go, get to the library and find those books. Oh."

Spike, who was about to go, heard what he said and waited for him to reply.

"Perhaps you should leave a message for your 'friends'." He said right before walking out.

Spike thought about this, sure he could just sneak in, take the books and get back by sunrise, but maybe he should see how his friends were, maybe he should see if they've change, and what happened to his property. And the memories he had with Twilight, well, the good ones.

He then left the mansion and headed through the forest and plains, over the mountains into the Everfree. He walked, passed Zecora's hut and walked down the pathway. But along the way he heard growling, he looked around and saw three timber wolves appear from the bushes.

Spike was trained to deal with any problem, these wolves wouldn't be one soon. They charged at Spike but he punched the leading one in the face, then kicked another and punched the last one, they were all splinters and pieces in a few seconds.

Spike proceeded on, that was until he came near the exit of the Everfree, but he saw a certain yellow Pegasus still out tending to some animals, he knew how to distract her. He grabbed some bait, and threw it as hard as he could, and it landed over the fence of the animals, causing them to run out from their sleep and charge at it. This caused the Pegasus to yelp and fly over to help.

Spike then quickly ran past and into the main part of Ponyville, he knew some ponies would still be up, so he quickly climbed a nearby building and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

He soon saw the familiar tree, he looked around to see if there were any ponies around, he found none, so he leaped from the roof into a pile of hay, got out of it and quickly ran towards the building.

He then climbed the tree branches until he reached the balcony, there, he lifted himself up to we if Twilight was there. Once he did, he saw all of his remaining 'friends' sleeping in sleeping bags.

"Hmph." Spike grunted before climbing back down and opening the first floor window and squeezing through, he looked around, the place seemed a bit messier then the last time he saw it, but shrugged it off.

He quietly snuck into the kitchen were he saw nothing changed, he then went back into the main lobby, he quickly ran over to the animal section and looked through it. He searched them until he found the book he thought he was looking for, It was called 'Equestrian dragons: history', he picked it up and put it at the front door before heading back into the study.

He light a candle with his fire and looked around to see a pice of paper and a quill with ink. He quickly sat down and started to write, it took him five minutes until he was done, he then put the candle out with his fingers in case the light woke up anypony.
He then went back into the kitchen and got out a sharp knife, he then walked to a shelf, carefully lowered it down and out it on the ground, he then out the paper in place and stabbed it in the wall with a knife.

He then noticed something, there was something's big in the bin, he walked over it and picked it up, it was heavy! He then carried it to the study, lit the candle again and saw what the object was.

He couldn't believe it, he knew this book, it was a picture book of all his times in Ponyville he put together, it had the title 'memories' on it, he opened it, everything was there, from his young life to the times were there usually wasn't any work needed.

Why was this in the trash? Did Twilght throw this out? after all she was the only one who knew about it, he then turned to the last on and got is answer.
A picture with him and all of his friends in it, spike had been crossed out, and there was a message on the end of it as well pointing to the crossed out Spike saying 'lying stupid dragon'.

Spike was dealt to handle this emotions over the months but he was going to leave a message for Twilight and her friends, sure the Templars tricked them, but- wait! There also were the three fillies that actually believed him, one in particular, he grew a smile, got another quill, ink and paper and started writing.

Once he finished again, he out the candle out and put his memory book on the history book, he then walked to the wall were the note was, he then breath some fire on the wall in a line, once he was done, there was a black marking looking like an 'I'.

A grin grew in his face, he then breathed another time and another until it spelled a simple sentence, he then heard some noises upstairs, crap, they woke up!

Spike quickly ran, grabbed the books, the extra note and silently walked through the door before hiding in some bushes, he then quickly ran to a gap between two houses, he wedged himself in it.

He then saw a figure with a hat run by, he knew it was Applejack, he looked at the library and saw no more ponies coming out of there, he quickly popped out and ran to another bush, looked around to we if It was clear, when he was sure of it, he ran to the next piece of cover.

This continued until he was running towards the gate of Sweet Apple Acres, he saw a small light in the top of the farmhouse, he sighed some relief knowing he wouldn't have to deal with any ponies.

He jumped the gate and ran towards the orchards, he ran and ran until he saw a familiar building, the CMC clubhouse, he climbed the ladder, jumped through the window and planted the note on the table.

He looked around, he remembered when he helped them, they were really the only ponies that understood him, he really did have some fun times with them.

He then jumped out the other window and made a run for the Everfree.

Twilight woke up hearing a crackling sound, she looked around and saw her other friends waking up.

"What's that noise?" Dash asked.

"Yes, please, I need my beauty sleep." Rarity said.

Then the crackling noise stopped, there was silence, the group of ponies walked down the staircase, they couldn't see a thing.

"Twilight, turn the light on!" Dash said.

So Twilight did, and then they all gasped.

The library was a mess, the books on the floor, but something else was shocking, a book shelf was on the floor, and also, were it once was, was a note stabbed with a knife, and also, writing that looked like it had been burned in.

It spelled 'I thought you were my friends'.

Twilight then levitated the note from the wall and started to announce it as she read it.

"You guys were some friends, I worked my hind off for all of you for years, especially Twilight and Rarity, but when I needed you guys most you turned on my with no regret, so, don't come apologizing, you had your chance, you've failed."

Once she finished she threw it in the bin.

"That was weird." Dash said.

"Guys...I think Spike did this." Twilight said, the others gasped.

"I'd couldn't be, could it?" Rarity said.

"Ah'll go and get Fluttershy." Applejack said as she ran outside.

Once Applejack returned with Fluttershy, the group tolled Fluttershy what had happened.

"Oh...my." She said as she looked around.

"How could Spike do this!? He's just a little dragon! And how could he have survived for six months!?" Dans said confused.

"Spike's or some ponies are messing with us. Spike killed somepony and there's strong proof that he did." Twilight said.

"Ya know...ya kinda right." Applejack said.

"Yeah! That meanie did it fair and square!" Pinkie said.

"Well, lets just go to sleep, we'll discuss this later in the morning." Twilight said, the others nodded, give a spare sleeping bag for Fluttershy and went to sleep, but instead if there regular dreams, they had nightmares. Who about? You guess.

The next morning Applebloom was walking through the orchards towards her clubhouse, she usually spent most day's in it remembering, not crusading for her cutie mark. She remember what it was like six months ago, when everything was fine and happy. And most important, when Spike was there.

She missed him greatly, she knew he could never do something disgusting like that, she cried for days and yelled at her sister for what she did. Applejack responded by saying he still did it, she gave up the battle with her sister because she knew her sister well, she could be a bit stubborn.

As she arrived, she sighed and climbed the ladder (screw physics), and walked through the door. But something was different, there was a note there, she walked up to it and read it, she couldn't believe what she was reading.

Cutie mark crusaders, you guys were more friends to me then your sisters or idol ever were. Scootaloo, your tricks were so slick and cool, keep at it and who know? Maybe you'll become Equestria's top scooter.

Sweetie Belle, your singing Is epic, you should really get into the singing business, you'd become a legend for Celestia's sake!

And Applebloom, you were the first crusader I met, one that day I saw you, you were already likeable, and thanks for using your puppy dog eyes on Twilight. But anyway, your great and you should maybe go into forging, who know? You could be good at it.

But anyway, once you find this note, ether tear it up, burn it or keep it secret but do not let Twilight or the others know.

From, your favourite dragon, Spike.

Once Applebloom finished it, she smiled the biggest smile she smiled in six months.

"Ah gotta get Scoots and Sweetie Belle!"

And she then ran off to find the fellow crusaders, while carrying the note in her hand.

Spike had arrived back at the mansion, were he entered, out the books on the table and shouted for White Dove.


There was no reply, Spike walked outside and looked at the cliff to see two figures, possibly talking, on he knew was White dove, the other, he didn't, so he walked down the pathway to the dock.

Once he got there he was able to see the other figure, who was a black Earth pony with a white mane, and a jacket, like a pirate jacket. Soon Dove noticed hai student approach.

"Ah Spike. I'd like to introduce you to captain Lenny Pegleg." Dove said, mentioning the other pony.

"Ah, this the lad eh?" The pony asked called Lenny Pegleg.

"Yes sir." Spike said.

"Ah no need to call me that, just Lenny or Peg will do." Peg said.


The three turned to see a white earth pony with brown spots and a brown mane run up holding a wooded sword, wearing a eye patch and a pirate hat.

"Check it out! I'm the dreaded Pipsqueak the pirate!" The colt said pretend fighting until he fell down.

"You alright son?" Peg asked?

"Yeah dad, when are you coming back in?" Pipsqueak asked.

"Tell mommy I'll come in soon." He said, as the colt ran back into the house.

"Cute." Spike said.

"Yeah, his a nice colt but anyway. Dove, do you think we could get the Atalanta back up?" Peg asked mentioning to the shipwreck.

"Well, with time and effort, yes." Dove simply said.

"Alright, I gotta go, but hey, once she's up, how about the dragon here comes and helps us get some gunners for her?" Peg asked.

"Sure, I can do that." Spike said.

"Alright, see ya." Peg said before walking home, Dove walked back up the hill followed by Spike. Once they arrived they headed for the basement but kept conversation up.
"So did you retrieve the book?" Dove asked.

"Yes mentor." Spike replied.



"I think it's time." He said as they reached the basement, wear he walked over to the robes.

"You are tall enough now, I have put you through the test's, and you have done them successfully, this one was the last."

"Spike, you are now an Assassin now, welcome to the order, the robes are yours." Dove said, spike said nothing but walked over and out them on.

After all the training, all the wait, all the time, he was ready, to fight back against the Templars, and clear his name. Once and for all.

Spike, was now the new Equestrian Assassin, the Dragon Assassin.

Author's Note:

Next chapter, enjoy.