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From the bottom of my heart Thank you so very much · 12:23am Jul 7th, 2015

It just occurred to me that I've never given out a proper thanks to all of my followers. :twilightsheepish: From my first to my most recent, I just want to give my sincerest forms of gratitude to each and every one of you over this last year. But since I can't physically buy you a pizza or high five you from my computer, I'll settle for the next best thing. A mushy thank you speech dedicated to those who I felt have been the most help over the year. Get ready, it's gonna get a little slippery

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THE AMOEBA SISTERS - Program 4 · 11:31pm Nov 29th, 2017


dreamweaver stuff · 6:46pm Jun 6th, 2019

so glad to say that
1. very glad i decided to publish The Dreamweaver, and even more glad that so many people like it.
2. As of two days after it got published, it has over a thousand view, 116 likes, and yesterday it had the heat/hot symbol. i honestly don't use the site enough to know exactly what that is or how you get it but i assume it just means the story is popular? also:

  • Number of bookshelves: 322
  • Tracking: 101

i'm so happy, honestly.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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