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Hey yall guess what I revamped my userpage for the first time in a long time so check it out and stuff · 4:24am Oct 21st, 2019

I even yeeted out the old "About me" contents and replaced them with fun-ny fun-ny stuffs.

Also I split my active stories shelf in half so that I don't have to pressure myself to give all my active stories an equal number of updates in my usual update rotation.

Most of the page is for the most part still the same.


Why do I even try! · 12:28am Apr 10th, 2016

I absolutely hate it when I log in and go to my nice little picture/comic/gif filled user page to find like three or four little X boxes signifying broken links! I mean I sower the deepest recesses of brony media outlets to look for the funnest or coolest little gifs and what not to entertain the poor sod that manages to find there way to my profile. Only to notice that all that minimal effort I put into that crap be spat on, SPAT ON!

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Added a new thingy to my userpage · 5:21am Jul 17th, 2020

'cause it seems like y'all don't know that I've got a Patreon :V


Userpage Redesign is Starting! · 9:53am Jun 26th, 2019

In the coming hours, I will completely redesign my userpage from the ground up in preparation for the launch of my Patreon account. This has been a long time coming, even before my Patreon plans, and is overdue because my userpage looks rather generic for a long time now.

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When You Say An Opinion On The Internet: · 5:24pm Aug 16th, 2015


Userpage Redesign is Finished! Check out the Foal Author and Wasteland Dweller Fluttercheer! · 9:07pm Jul 1st, 2019

Wow, this took a long time! In total, I needed six days to completely re-design my userpage, make it unique and remove all the clutter that covered it (minus bathroom breaks, food breaks and, worse, sleep breaks and all those time-wasting necessities that the body demands). Much more time than I thought it would take me. The result is astounding and beautiful and it prepares me and my userpage greatly for the launch of my

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Update of my Upcoming Stories List + I redesigned my userpage! · 1:39am May 24th, 2018

Here are some updates for my List of Upcoming Stories! As you noticed, the schedule has been a bit shaky there ("a bit", as in, I'm almost two months behind on it :twilightblush:), but now, there are new, final release dates for my Tempest Shadow one-shot and the first chapter of my multi-chapter fic for Tempest Shadow! Tempest Shadow's

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When Family Cannot Be Here, Having Journeyed Far and Wide · 7:45pm Oct 23rd, 2017

It was my birthday this past Wednesday -- woo I'm 23 give me stuff woo -- but I had no ways to come in here and post anything.

There was a guy supposed to come to my house and install a router on Monday, true. But, the dude came in, looked around, said "Hahah wow I have no idea how to deal with this," and immediately left.

So no Internet till today, and no birthday blog. Instead, have a birthday story.

EPetty Please
The good thing about dating Rarity is that you get to talk to her. The bad thing about dating Rarity is that you have to talk to her.
Aragon · 3.5k words  ·  373  15 · 4.1k views

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