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  • 244 weeks
    HOLY SHIT!!!

    I ain't been here since march of 2017?!

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  • 301 weeks
    Been gone.

    For about three weeks now? Idk, it's been a minute, slacking on obligations and such is fun n all. But I'm back with a new one shot and a few updates for a story that I haven't touched since publishing...

    Yep, here is my short burst of creativity for the year.:trixieshiftright:

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  • 316 weeks
    The Zone

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  • 324 weeks
    Well now that's a thing.

    Idk how long it's been a thing though, because I post a story like once a year... But apparently auto-submission has been a thing for some time now, the more you know I guess.:trixieshiftright:

    Oh right, and I got a new little one shot up. Bad Advice

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  • 326 weeks

    it has begun.

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Why do I even try! · 12:28am Apr 10th, 2016

I absolutely hate it when I log in and go to my nice little picture/comic/gif filled user page to find like three or four little X boxes signifying broken links! I mean I sower the deepest recesses of brony media outlets to look for the funnest or coolest little gifs and what not to entertain the poor sod that manages to find there way to my profile. Only to notice that all that minimal effort I put into that crap be spat on, SPAT ON!

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