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My Harmony-Con Seminars · 10:41pm Dec 17th, 2019

Hey there! For those of you who will be at HarmonyCon 2020, at the beginning of February, these are the seminars I will be taking part in or running. The schedule is not set in stone, nor are they sure if the last two will be on it, but they are as follows...

Raccoon's HarmonyCon 2020 Seminars and Panels
The 5 Steps for Writing ANYTHING - Based on the writing advice blog, the 5 steps I use for doing professional quality writing.

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I will be at Lone Star Game Expo · 12:25am Aug 7th, 2019

I will be doing seminars on Writing and Game Design for an entire afternoon (probably Saturday) at Lone Star Games Expo, which is a smaller Tabletop RPG Convention in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I will not be talking about ponies that much, but if anypony here will be at the con, feel free to come by and listen in!


Harmony Con Final Schedule · 8:33pm January 25th

Hey everypony! Getting excited for HarmonyCon in less than a month!

If you want to go, and still want a badge, you can still purchase them in advance at Remember, Director Jim Miller, Comic Artist Tony Fleecs, and the voices of Zecora, Ocellus, and Starlight Glimmer will all be there!

For those who are attending or watching the streams, these are my seminars...

Worldbuilding 101

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Gonna be at Pony Fest Online this Saturday · 3:45am April 22nd

Dunno when the announcements are going up, but I got the message last night, so I'ma pass it along to y'all.

I will be at Pony Fest Online this Saturday
For info on that, go to

I will be doing seminars and panels all afternon.
This is my basic schedule, in US Central Time.
It MAY change.

Noon - 5 Steps to Writing ANYTHING like a Pro
3:00 - Panel: Favorite Fics and how to learn from them (with other writers)

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HarmonyCon 2020 · 9:53pm Sep 1st, 2019

Just so y'all know, I'm currently slated to give panels at HarmonyCon 2020, and I think y'all should look into going.

Here is the website.
Here is the Discord.

They are doing the first in a series of regular streams right now, that's why I was thinking about it.


PonyFest Online 3 (May 30th) - Raccoon's Seminar Schedule · 11:48pm May 22nd

Hey everypony!
I've been informed that my scheduled events for PonyFest 3.0, an online convention happening next Saturday, has been finalized. Here are the two events I've been scheduled for, though I'll likely get roped into something else.

What Fun is there in Making Sense? A Discussion on Crackfics

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LooneyCon Seminar in 12 hours! · 8:36am May 29th

Hey everypony!
I just wanted to remind and inform anyone who didn't know that I'm scheduled to give my "5 Steps to Writing Anything" seminar at LooneyCon tomorrow. I'm scheduled for Friday at 8 PM GMT, which is...
4 PM US Eastern
3 PM US Central
2 PM US Mountain
1 PM US Pacific.
OR, about 12 hours from this post.

If you want to see it, be sure to get on the LooneyCon Discord, and watch the stream!

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