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    LooneyCon Seminar in 12 hours!

    Hey everypony!
    I just wanted to remind and inform anyone who didn't know that I'm scheduled to give my "5 Steps to Writing Anything" seminar at LooneyCon tomorrow. I'm scheduled for Friday at 8 PM GMT, which is...
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    2 PM US Mountain
    1 PM US Pacific.
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Gonna be at Pony Fest Online this Saturday · 3:45am April 22nd

Dunno when the announcements are going up, but I got the message last night, so I'ma pass it along to y'all.

I will be at Pony Fest Online this Saturday
For info on that, go to https://ponyfest.horse/

I will be doing seminars and panels all afternon.
This is my basic schedule, in US Central Time.
It MAY change.

Noon - 5 Steps to Writing ANYTHING like a Pro
3:00 - Panel: Favorite Fics and how to learn from them (with other writers)
4:30 - Improving non-horror stories through Horror Elements
7:30 - Game Show panel about Improving Headcanons

One other thing...

Nightmare Night in April is STILL going, and you have until the 31st to enter a story!
Rules at... https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214288/the-cult-of-raccoon/thread/433724/nightmare-night-in-april-2020-horror-write-off

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Comments ( 1 )

Enjoyed Horror Elements workshop. At the very least I took away form that is a core of horror is uncomfortable things that make you question.

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