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Like a Rug · 7:26pm Jan 26th, 2016

Time for another Weekly Wednesday blog post.

I reckon it's time to educate y'all on the flavours and shapes a lie can come in.

Weird subject to talk about, huh? But I bet you're curious.

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CMPC 2015 Con Report – Nine panels up on YouTube · 5:44am Aug 2nd, 2015

TL;DR: I recorded some panels at my local pony convention and put them up on a new channel.
I cover a lot of ground in this blog post, feel free to comment on anything without having read the entire thing.

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All Good Things… Keep It Simple. · 3:08pm June 27th

All Good Things… Keep It Simple.

#Blog #Bloggerstribe #AllGoodThings
26th June 2020

Hello Chaps and Chapettes,

Doing these two back to back because I have a couple of things I wanted to write about in this blog, so rather than stick to my rules I figured it was smarter to get things off of my chest that I will be focusing on when I write a story or anything that includes putting pen to paper really. It’s as simple a rule as this; keep it simple!

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Panel on Learning how to Learn Brony Skills · 3:53am Jun 25th, 2016

Do you ever see the content made by other Bronies and wonder: "How did they do that?"

And then right after asking that, do you ask yourself: "How can I do that?"

Then, this panel is for you!

In this lecture, I'll be going over the initial steps to take when trying out new skills such as writing, drawing, vectoring, audio recording, and video production.

Check it out! It's even subtitled!

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Gonna be at Pony Fest Online this Saturday · 3:45am April 22nd

Dunno when the announcements are going up, but I got the message last night, so I'ma pass it along to y'all.

I will be at Pony Fest Online this Saturday
For info on that, go to

I will be doing seminars and panels all afternon.
This is my basic schedule, in US Central Time.
It MAY change.

Noon - 5 Steps to Writing ANYTHING like a Pro
3:00 - Panel: Favorite Fics and how to learn from them (with other writers)

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Random Ramblings CCCXIX · 1:59am Sep 22nd, 2018

IN WHICH I DISCUSS INSANITY (not mine for once)
Yesterday was Ayano "Nocchi" Ōmoto's 30th birthday. In her honour, here is Perfume's latest video!

At the same time, they uploaded a dance-only version. I'll post that one down the line. But now, please follow me…

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