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What happened to the first colab?

6239513 Seaponies!

(I mean, I'd like to write about Pinkie visiting seaponies please :)


Globetrotting Pinkie Pie? Worldbuilding? Twilight pointing out what's wrong with the quest before it's even begun? Sold!

As for the species/culture, I'll go for... minotaurs. With phoenixes as a second, if I'm granted the time.

That is an awesome Idea (properly capitalised).

About choosing Species/culture, well, let's see... Diamond Dogs need certainly some love.

Ah, I see. I'll give it some thought :)

Hay I want in on this. I would love to do Zebras.:twilightsmile:

Saddle Arabians need some love. If nobody has any objections to me snagging them, I'd love to give it a whirl.

This looks fun! Shame the first collab never got off the ground.

I could have Pinkie visit the parrots. Would the culture visits include interacting with the characters from the show/movie?

Woah, Nobody's grabbed Changedlings, yet?

I'm in. I'd love to try writing about a species that's new enough that even they aren't quite sure what makes themselves really "tick" "smile," so to speak. After all, nothing's more fun than a mystery where nopony knows the ending in advance.

6239513 Sounds like fun! Count me in!

I would like to send Pinkie to visit the Breezies. They speak to my heart in trilling, vaguely Swedish accents.

Side note: I adore the SkyPie profile pic.

Okay, question time.

1. Is Pinkie heading to these places prepared? (ex. backpack, side-saddle)

2. Do the nations have knowledge of this get together or is Pinkie relaying the message?

3. Is this all about world building? It's just, I have a conflict in mind that would be interesting to explore. It's nothing extravagant, it just involves a nation of one dealing with a personal problem.

Hey there! I'd like to grab my piece too!

I'd like to go with the Sphinx! (or dragons as a back up)

(If I go with the dragons, can I take spike with pinkie as well?)

Okay, it's a bit vague, but I'll try to take on the cyclops (That goat-gorilla species from 'The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone' episode).

If you want to know what I'm planning, I kinda see him (the cyclops) as the last of his kind living like a hermit in the mountains. Pinkie could stumble upon him and try to convince him into coming to the conference if she could somehow get him to overcome his Agoraphobia.

6240442 Very well, then. What species haven't been nabbed yet?


6240552 I see no one has gotten dragons. Dragons it is then! Piece Bot got parrots. I'm assuming that means pirates are out.

Sounds like a blast! — count me in. I think I could try umbras, since those seem to pop up as a species on the show wiki.

I'm also sure I'll have a blast having Pinkie talk to literal shadows.

6240633 Honestly, the pirates were one of the best bits of the movie.

When I meant 'vague', I meant that I can't quite see how the chapter will go down (trying to envision the sculpture within marble kind-of-thing).


Does Pinkie have any permanent companions on her journey? I gather from the discussion so far that Twilight won't be accompanying her, but what about, say, Gummy or Maud or one of the other main characters?

I suppose the time Pinkie will have for each culture will be decided once we know how many she'll have to visit.


Fair enough. I agree that having a Main Six member or family or some such could cause problems of focus. Although if we did have to include one as a complement, then I think Twilight would be the obvious choice, based on the summary and on the diplomatic nature of the quest. (That, and she and Pinkie would make a good comedy pairing).

On the other hand, Gummy would solve several of these problems without being an intrusive presence. He could easily be someone for Pinkie to interact with, or a kind of psychological anchor for her on her travels.

Of course, since there are plenty of travelling characters for Pinkie to bump into (such as Iron Will, the Flim Flam brothers, Trixie, and Cheese Sandwich), there's plenty of scope for mixing it up too. So I think the current arrangement (Pinkie+Gummy) is fine. I mainly wanted to know what material we had to work with.


Pinkie writing letters to them would be a good way of keeping them relevant without letting them take over. And said letters would be a great outlet for laughs, naturally. :pinkiehappy:


I'll do perytons, if that's a thing I am allowed to do.

6239513 i'm definitely interested. i think i'll tackle the most overlooked species yet: Sheep. (Pinkie's going to Fleece!)

If no one’s picked them, I’d like to do kirins.

If canon is preferable, I’ll switch to timberwolves then.

Actually I’ll just do two chapters, kirins and timberwolves.

Oh, I'd like to do Pinkie with Yaks and the Storm Kings species, please.

I would like to reserve the proud race of the Moose!
I also argue that Moose are canon, because if they weren't, then how would Mulia Mild be able to sculpt one out of chocolate?

Also, it seems no one's taken the donkeys yet. I don't want it, just reminding people that it's out there.


Just to clarify: these designations are not set in stone, right? A late-joining participant could request a claimed species if someone who's claimed one is willing to negotiate over it? Not that I intend to make a request myself (obviously, I've maxed out, and in any case I'm happy with my two species), but I would like to check it's possible.

Yes! I got in!
Oh I have so so many wonderful ideas for this, I am absolutely spoiled for choice! I'm going to have to pare it down to avoid being "that one chapter that's three times longer than all the others". Plus, gotta keep it interesting. Can't neglect the Pinkness for the sake of worldbuilding (though I do love worldbuilding). Oh this is going to be delightful!

If I could survive through the 2K words, then I'm in! XD

My species would be somewhat of a hybrid of a polar bear with horse legs.

Though, is there any limits of making a species and making sure how they fit into cannon?

Yeah, sorry. Pirate parrots are plunderingly perfect!

If I could have another chapter to write, I could write about the Sirens along with the Parrots in a separate chapter.

Not so much the EQG world. I was thinking more along the lines of there being other Sirens that were still in the show’s universe.


And on that note, I think I'm minded to close registration for now (though if you are reading this and still desperately want to be a part of the collab, drop me a PM); I'm reading 20 authors with 24 species currently listed, and, whilst it is reasonable to expect that number to diminish somewhat before the fic goes live, I still think it will leave me with a sufficient number to manage for my very first collab!

Good grief, I see what you mean. At this rate, we'll have a Pinkie Lord of the Rings on our hands.

Not that I object to a Pinkie Lord of the Rings, of course. Middle Earth could always do with more parties and cake. But it would pose an organizational difficulty.

I look forward to the new thread. :pinkiesmile: This is going to be great!


I definitely see what you mean, especially since both prologue and epilogue have to cover the major plot points. Much as I'd like to help, though, I sadly must point out that I'm going to have a job as it is with both my chapters and whatever other projects I happen to be carrying over from this year.

I don't suppose there are other admins or contributors you could ask? They could help with the logistics easily, I imagine.

With the way the chapters connect, I guess each author makes sure they have connecting scenes in the beginning and end of their chapter(s), right? Is that how it works?

Registrations are closed, so, do we start throwing ideas at the wand, contemplate the splash with other authors, and see what sticks?

SweetAI Belle
Group Admin

Yeah, I usually do a 150 word Flashfic every month, but don't manage much else, and this month I don't think I'm even gonna manage that.

Unfortunately, I just end up too busy. Otherwise I'd be contributing a cow chapter or something.

--Sweetie Belle

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