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Twilight, the princess of friendship and former student of Princess Celestia was tampering with Star Swirls mirror, a mirror that took her to another world where everypony there where two legged creatures called humans. As her friends came over to visit her, Twilight make a crucial error while tampering with a battery attached to the mirror, causing the battery to go into a magical overload and explode, causing a monster to appear, attack and drag Twilight and her friends into the mirror. When Twilight wakes up she notices that she and her friends where in a different world, one that she hasn't seen before. She also notices that her body looked like it was made of ink as she still had her pony body as she and her friends seemed next to be some sort of massive box like machine that had a big bottle that labeled ink. She sees a human also looking at them too, before said human running away in fear. Can she and her friends find a way back to Equestria or will they be stuck in a world of ink?

A Bendy and the Ink Machine/ My Little Pony Crossover

Rated Teen for language

Chapters (1)

In 2045, humankind declared a war that would nearly eradicate them. For 20 years, mankind engaged in the self-inflicted suicide of nuclear war. It is now 2087, and humanity has looked past its differences and have united under the banner of "The Survivors". But the Earth is dying, and humanity is only a little over 50,000 strong. However when a portal shows them the realm of Equestria and its endless prosperity, the last of humanity chooses to take up arms, and invade the peaceful country in the name of survival. But many can't help but feel that something else is at work, and that they might be fighting for the wrong reasons.

First featured on 11/15/15

Chapters (35)
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