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Percy Jackson has woken up in a place called ponyville. he's a pony now. a blank flank. he's on a search for his cutie mark and a way back to his word

Chapters (2)

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have gone through a lot. They fought the Minotaur, Medusa, a Manticore, the Chimera, Kronos, and even Arachne, the Spider Queen. It was during this last fight that they recovered the Athena Parthenos, a sacred statue that would help secure the demigods' victory over Gaea and the Giants, but the unexpected happened: the floor gave away, and the pair fell all the way down to Tartarus. The first thing they noticed, was that a large mirror, that no monster would approach, not even for some tasty demigod blood. They were trapped, and the only way to save themselves, was through that mirror. What was on the other side, however, was even wilder than they ever thought possible.

(Added romance tag and made story "Teen" for planning on future chapters, and romance mostly in post-story Extras section.)

(Being a big Percy Jackson & The Olympians fan, I couldn't help but notice that Tartarus existed in Equestria, according to Twilight. This story recounts the events of Percy and Annabeth's journey into the other side of the Pit, and beyond.)

Chapters (17)

Percy, and Annabeth stumble into Equestria, meet some friends, and save ponyville, and equestria from Discord.

Chapters (2)

Percy Jackson has been given the task of helping his father. But when he is suddenly transported to the land of Equestria Percy must face new challenges, make new friends, and find a way back home. As he learns about Equestria can he and the mane six face some of Percy's old enemies.

(To those who read Percy Jackson, the story takes place between the Last Olympian and the Lost Hero)


Chapters (8)