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Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have gone through a lot. They fought the Minotaur, Medusa, a Manticore, the Chimera, Kronos, and even Arachne, the Spider Queen. It was during this last fight that they recovered the Athena Parthenos, a sacred statue that would help secure the demigods' victory over Gaea and the Giants, but the unexpected happened: the floor gave away, and the pair fell all the way down to Tartarus. The first thing they noticed, was that a large mirror, that no monster would approach, not even for some tasty demigod blood. They were trapped, and the only way to save themselves, was through that mirror. What was on the other side, however, was even wilder than they ever thought possible.

(Added romance tag and made story "Teen" for planning on future chapters, and romance mostly in post-story Extras section.)

(Being a big Percy Jackson & The Olympians fan, I couldn't help but notice that Tartarus existed in Equestria, according to Twilight. This story recounts the events of Percy and Annabeth's journey into the other side of the Pit, and beyond.)

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Nice writing, I look forward to seeing where this goes, especially now that they've been turned into ponies!

(Before reading)

I don't care if it turns out to be the crappiest story ever, I'm uvoting solely because of the brilliant concept.

Nice designs.

Screw it, faving this.



House of Hades! And Calypso/Leo! ALL IN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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this is awesome, little thing that bugged me about this chapter is that it seemed to have too many full stops at the starting paragraphs

I'm liking this so far.
And I think I'm a bit behind in thinking that Percy should have also been a unicorn. 'Cause Zeus made Pegasus, right? idk, it's been a while.
But Poseidon and horses, too.
whatever. Write on author, I'd like to see how this goes.

This is getting exciting!

Um... Can I say one thing?

Okay, I will anyway.

I would suggest you capitalize your I's and watch the tense-switching.

Otherwise, this is really good! I cannot WAIT to see what happens next!

MORE CHAPTERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


3541269 As it happens, I originally planned to have Percy as a unicorn and Annabeth as an Earth Pony, but then I remembered Percy's connection to his pegasus friend, Blackjack. Also, because Annabeth is so similar to Twilight, I just had to make her a unicorn.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. The only thing I'm wonder is that if Percy will still have his powers
(and if ponies are equine can Percy read their minds :rainbowhuh:)

Edit: also what happened to Riptide?

This is the best thing you could have possibly done.
Thank you!


As it happens, Riptide is still there, it's in Annabeth's saddlebags. Percy will find it in Chapter 4. And yes, it was Grover's fault. Speaking of Grover, the empathy link will play a small part in plot development during Chapter 4 as well. Percy will also discover that he's got his water powers. You'll see it all in Chapter 4. :twilightsmile:

The wristwatch/shield that Tyson made got lost in the book Battle of the Labyrinth

lets do this keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppp rrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg:twilightsmile:

3545351 and isn't that mark on all the laptops of Daedalus so uh what does it mean:raritydespair:

um Percy can talk to anything equestrian but now that he is a pony and can already talk can he hear pony's thoughts:pinkiegasp: or make them do stuff:raritywink: or love him:heart: ok i don't know anyway great chapter and brony on:rainbowdetermined2:

Most of these Percy Jackson fic are cancelled NOT YOU

Just an update I'd like to toss out for everypony :twilightblush:

I've been really busy with IRL work and stuff, and it's been slowing me down in writing. Then again I've been a little distracted with TF2 and other games as well. I'm trying to finish Chapter 4 today and start on Chapter 5. Also I'm planning on adding a little "Extras" section after the story is finished. These Extras would take place with the main crew in a variety of perspectives, form both worlds, all in third-person. Ideas include Percy and Annabeth's wedding, Nico coming to Equestria, The group visiting the Equestria Girls universe for a few days, and much, much more.

this is refreshing, personally there is too many sad stories lately.


Correction: Rarity when she uncaps Riptide for Percy: IDEEEEAAAAAA!!!! :raritystarry:

Annabeth seemed to realize what I was up to, because she didn't even ask when I approached Rarity.

"Rarity, see this pen here?" I started.

"Yes, what about it?" she asked, a little puzzled.

"Could you uncap it with your magic? I cant get it open with my hooves."

The white unicorn nodded, and with a wisp of blue energy, Riptide's cap popped off, instantly turning the pen into a sword.

That means all her friends will die of age while she stays alive.


Spoiler alert:

Post-story, I'll be adding an "Extras" section, with bits and pieces from everypony. One of the Extras will be Percy and Annabeth's wedding in Canterlot. (they get engaged at the very end of the story) Poseidon and Athena will immortalize them as their wedding gift on behalf of Olympus. So Twilight still has Percy and Annabeth, and their kids.

Imho, Twilight is just an alicorn with normal pony lifetime. Much more convenient.
And less bloody depressing. :eeyup:


I could possibly arrange something. The gods of Olympus are not ingrates. After all, the entire Mane 6 helped Percy and Annabeth close the Doors of Death.

Yay! The plot is finally going to start and there will actually be stakes and a conflict involved!


The gods still have their powers. As it happens, gods take the form of alicorns in the pony world. While Celestia and Apollo occupy a similar role, as do Artemis and Luna, the two Greek gods also have many other roles to fill, Apollo is also the god of music, poetry, healing, and prophecies, and Artemis is also the goddess of the hunt, and of eternal maidenhood. In my post-story Extras section, only two Olympians will come to Equestria: Poseidon and Athena, to attend Percy and Annabeth's wedding, so there isn't any need to worry about the other gods, they're too preoccupied with Gaea and the Roman-Greek split anyway.

Okay, first off gotta say love that you are doing a Percy Jackson/MLP crossover. Its just so great to see more of these. :pinkiehappy:
Second love the story so far. Very interested to see where it will go seeing as Percy and Annabeth are going to be staying there for awhile. :ajsmug:
Third is that even though I love the story, I find it too fast paced after the first chapter. I'm sure you just wanted to get to the main bulk of your story but don't be afraid to extend your chapters. Also I find everyone in the story too....accepting. They accept everything without looking more into why it happened. I'm guessing you'll get more into this later in the story.
That's about the end of my critiquing. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

If Nico came to EQUESTRIA ( auto correct keeps it in all caps for no reason) wouldn't he be a bat pony? I would love to see his reaction to a dimension all about love and friendship. :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Really, Percy mentioning DBZ, being a brony and ponifying him and Annabelle suddenly with no clear reason at all the moment they step foot on Equestria. Really? :ajbemused:


The Percy Jackson title intuiged me, but the content...ughh, I didn't liked it at all. Ponifying him just nailed the coffin for me.

Shouldn't Percy be having panic attacks being up high in the sky?


It was actually explained in the books that Pegasus flight was the exception to the rule. And besides, Percy is in a completely different dimension from Zeus, so he can do whatever he wants. :rainbowdetermined2:

long ago, pony nations lived in harmony. Then everything changed when discord attacked. Only an alicorn master of all magic can stop him, then all of a sudden she vanished.

a few millennia has past and me and my sister found a new alicorn. a unicorn named twilight. while she has got a lot to learn before she is ready to save anyone, i beleive twilight can save the world

(just thought ill pop this here)


I'm honestly really tempted to give Jetstream a larger role in the story, but the thing is, this story revolves around Percy, Annabeth, and Twilight, not my personal OC.

3699371 i agree, just use her in passing and write another story about her so you can mess around with your oc


although accurate, by that reasoning you could place Aphrodite and Cadence together, and Twilight and Hecate together. I'm not the biggest expert on greek mythology, but the books told me enough to know that the only one of the gods mentioned here to even closely resemble one of the Princesses personality-wise was Artemis. I don't think I'll make them all one and the same (I.E. pony counterparts), but simply as filling the same funcitons. Besides, the Olympians are too busy with Gaea to go to Equestria at the present time.

I enjoy this story very much (literally said that out loud in a sing-song voice). More chapters please!

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