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Percy Jackson has been given the task of helping his father. But when he is suddenly transported to the land of Equestria Percy must face new challenges, make new friends, and find a way back home. As he learns about Equestria can he and the mane six face some of Percy's old enemies.

(To those who read Percy Jackson, the story takes place between the Last Olympian and the Lost Hero)


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Good start but just wondering... why does Poseidon have a mural with the mane six on it in the west wing of his palace? Does this mean he's a closet brony? i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/203/685/conspiracy-keanu.jpg?1321901003
Mother of God...

Excellent! Followed
Also the curse of Achilles would have made it un-feelable. He took hundreds of rifle rounds unscathed with no pain. I want to see where this is going. Keep it up

You have to make sure not to make Percy a Gary Stu, and then this will be good. Be careful with the first interaction between him and the ponies and his status as a demi-god.

Wait.. Posidon created horses.... He created My Little Pony!

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Thank you guys for the comments! They mean so much too me! At first I was nervous because usually for your first written piece people usually try to stay within the MLP universe. After readin your comments I now know this will be fun to write. :twilightsmile:

You will just have to see.:twilightsmile: (Damn....how could he found out?):trixieshiftright:

Whoever edited did a fantastic job...:pinkiehappy:

726008 My god..... POSEIDON THANK YOU! :yay:

I'm a huge fan the Percy Jackson books and I'm liking this so far. Can't wait for the next chapter!

this has a good start.
Why not, I'll favorite it.

I can't tell you how many times I've read Percy Jackson :raritywink:

I posted a blog saying that im studying for exams wgich end this Friday. So be expecting some chapters after that. :twilightsmile:

very well written, you've captured exactly how Percy narrates his story. looking forward to helping you out with it! :yay:

Where is Lyra when you need here :pinkiehappy:

... Derp. I... *Headdesks* I feel horrible for forgetting... again... :twilightblush: Looks like this chapter is pretty good, though, so... :pinkiesmile:
(Though check the first part again. You've got the period for the previous sentence in a paragraph of its own.)

Thank you!:pinkiehappy: I really enjoyed proofreading and editing this chapter.

goddamn cliff hangers! :flutterrage:

Damn you cliffhangers....

Plot? Wait, you mean a crossover story is actually going to HAVE that?! WOAH! SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME PLOT TWIST!

Goddammit Demi, you and your cliffhangers

996789 I am disappoint that you missed my other pun. It has a plot? SSA PLOT twist? (Or was it so bad that you didn't want to bring it up? xD)

998338 I haven't watched it into long unfortunately. Sorry XD

998394 ... The other thing wasn't a reference to anything, it was a pun. This story has a PLOT? (Super special awesome) PLOT twist? Get it?

very good i like it.
except... the curse of Achilles makes the person with the curse invulnerable everywhere but one tiny spot that only they know. in this case the "chink" in his back.

Transformation into pony maybe? he has been a gerbil before. i dunno. just an idea.:applejackconfused:

Yeah I agree with you there, but the curse of Achilles isnt working for him right now. If you read he says he feels pain and fatuige with his muscles. The curse allows him not to feel that. More will be revealed about why it isnt working. :twilightsmile:

You will learn more about why it isnt working when the chapters come out. :trollestia: But I will leave you with one question to think about. If the curse isn't working does that mean his one weak point is gone?

Wait a minute.......his weak point.....no more.....curse of achilles gone.......we must dig........deeper. *Inception noise*


oh my god! well he did create horses so :ajbemused: i guess he would be

percy should use his demigod powers in some epic way to put out the fires :scootangel:

i need more of this story :fluttercry: it's so awesome


I agree percy should use his power's. I hate writer's block! it keeping me from my Favorite story:raritydespair:

1209904 It should be a scene where the mane six try all they can to put out the fire, but it's still alive. So Percy has no choice but to use his awesome powers to put the fire out! :twilightsmile:

Just letting you know that my writers block is over, I finished the next chapter and I'm just waiting for it to be edited. It is my longest chapter yet. Can't wait to post it. :twilightsmile:

So that's how he went missing! He first went to equestria and got back to that rome camp thing!

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