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When Princess Celestia asks Twilight to make an official, royal visit to Romaneia, Twilight dreads the inevitable succession of dry, boring diplomatic events. The charming Lord Bela soon wins her over, but Twilight is about to discover that all is not as it seems in Bela's apparently peaceful castle. (A story inspired by Carmilla, Dracula, and other classic vampire tales.)

Written for the BadassTwilight = Total Domination Twilight's Nightmare Halloween contest.

(Spoilers in comments.)

Chapters (2)

Being a princess is stressful, but your peers and friends can certainly help.

That was what Twilight had in mind when she invited Luna over for tea one afternoon. A relaxing, friendly meeting between two fellow princesses where they can commiserate and share their experiences. An invitation to a stronger friendship than they had before, offered to a pony displaced in time.

What she got was an uncomfortable assertion about her relationship with her number one assistant, Spike. One that she is having difficulty refuting.

Chapters (1)
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